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Hi I am looking at buying the plugin. Three questions:

1. Is it still being supported/updated? 2. For recurring payments/subscriptions, can they be set at weekly, monthly/yearly? 3. Can a customer have more than one recurring subscription ie annual registration fee and weekly subscription fee?

Hi Ggericke,

Thank you for your interest in our product. 1. Yes, it does! 2. Yes, they can 3. Yes, but it has to be 2 different subscriptions. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Does your plugin accept recurring SEPA/iDeal payments? I cannot find any documentation on that.

Hi Krieling, thank you for your interest. No, recurring SEPA/iDeal payments are not supported by this plugin.

Does this plugin have a user area where the user can login and see there payment history?

Hi Aidendoyle1981, thank you for your interest. No such option at the moment.

I went to test a fake payment and when I enter all the information it tells me No Such Plan: 1 . I do not know what to do because in the back-end I created the subscription and it is telling me no such plan, so I am very confused. I contacted support and no answer

Hi MichaelJacob. The support team was on vacation, what was mentioned on the page where you have created the ticket. Your ticket will be answered in 2 business days. Sorry for the inconvenience.


jfn99 Purchased

Hello, how can I remove fields (Address, City, State, Zipcode and Country) from payment form?

Hello jfn99 Here is what you need to do:

1. You will need to edit stripe_payment_terminal/terminal/index.php. Billing information is located on lines starting from 194 to 495. You can remove any fields you want. We would not recommend removing email field and customer’s first/last names, as those fields are used to send confirmation to customer.

2. You will also need to edit stripe_payment_terminal/terminal/stripe/form.processing.php and change line 67 – remove the variables $address $state and $city – if you will remove those fields from Billing Information. Delete || empty($address) || empty($state) || empty($city)

3. Final step is to adjust javascript validation in stripe_payment_terminal/terminal/stripe/javascript.validation.php – edit lines 25 to 32 – remove the variables for which you’ve deleted fields from billing information block. ( example: if you’re leaving just customer’s name and email $reqFields should look like this: $reqFields=array(“fname”,”lname”,”email”); )

Here is the FAQ list you might find helpful

The buttons are nice but is it possible to skip the buttons and simply add the form on a chosen page?

Hi Lukerichardson09, sorry for the delay in reply. You need to generate button (with many different options/settings available to select from) and then you can place it anywhere on your wordpress site, in page or in post. We’ve also included a widget area, which accepts button code too, so you can use widget to place same button.

Hey, I’m trying to get support on this item. It’s been…maybe five days.

Hi Daeuslamb, As per our records, we have no open tickets from you. Could you please open support ticket here and we will be happy to assist.

just submitted a ticket #11154 I need assistance with. Plugin not working correctly. No way to create payment buttons.

Hello Perkiekat, as per our records, we don’t have any tickets from you. Could you please open support ticket here and we will be happy to assist.

Is Apple or Google Pay incorporated via the Payment Request Button?

Hello Mrdigital, thank you for your interest. No such functionality at the moment.


sp0okz Purchased

This plugin is not working shows 404 page on click of button also icons missing button selector doesnt show demo post a fix i dont wish to be posting tickets about a new plugin if thats the case ill opt for a refund.

Hello Sp0okz, The plugin is working. Could you please open support ticket here and we will be happy to assist.

Hi, Does this plugin allow ‘INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS” using Stripe? By that I mean, if I’m charging $2000, can I break up the payments into 4 $500 payments using stripe? This is not something Stripe does; they only have subscriptions.

Looking for payments for a set time, then they stop. I don’t want to have to manually cancel the payments.

Also, is there an option to add “Agree to Terms and Conditions” tick box?

Guess there is zero support for this plugin. Moving on.

Hello Mibtp, Sorry for the delay in the answer. No such features in this plugin at the moment. But we can certainly custom develop it for you. Please open a support ticket here if you are interested or if you have any other questions and we will be happy to assist.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question: does your plugin support filters / actions? I’m interested if I can run a custom code once a payment is done (you know, like adding / updating user custom fields).

Thank you!

Hi Alexspataru, Thank you for your interest. The current version does not have such features. We are working on the new version which has administration area. It does have some filters/actions, not sure if that is what you need. Here is an example of payments section.


Thank you. No, by action / filters I mean in codding. Check this out:

Thank you, Alex

No such functionality at the moment, sorry


ajindal Purchased

Is it possible to add a custom field to capture phone number?

Hi Ajindal,

In short- yes, it is possible. You have full source code of the plugin so you can edit it per your needs. If you need help with custom development – please open a support ticket at

We need to talk to someone in sales before we buy. Who can we talk with? Just a have a few questions and we cannot delay in response time.

Hi Vegaspro,

We don’t have phone support/sales at this time. The best way to contact us is by email through codecanyon profile form or through website support form at

Thank you

Hi,able to add in digital download link after customer done the payment? Thank you

Hi 6ixty8percent,

Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment – there is no such functionality. Can be custom developed only, at this time.


I need to collect & pass through to Stripe the following:

a. customer’s name b. billing address (with 2 letter ISO-3166 country code) c. an order description

These fields need to go to stripe for each transaction.

Can these be added to the checkout? How difficult is it?

I can make some code changes. If it can be done via code please let me know where I need to add these fields.


Hi SevenSona,

Thank you for purchasing our product

Please open support ticket at

i purchase the pluggin i have the message error “no such plan” when i want to pay the service plan recurring?

Hi Gulraiz,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We have replied to your support ticket.

Is this still working ?

Hi designer313

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, it is working and it is supported. We’re working on a new release for the product which will happen in Q4 2020.

Hi, great plugin! Thank you! I purchased the plugin and was looking for a way to edit the CSS file (without having to hard code the file itself) at: /wp-content/plugins/stripe_payment_terminal/terminal/style.css – Please advise & thank you.

Hi Colourstone,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We will be happy to answer any questions through support tickets at

Thank you!