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Hi, l’d like to purchase this plugin. I have a question. Can the required address be disabled so it’s just requesting minimum information? Like WP Simple pay does it? Screenshot here

Thanks! JC

Hi JC,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, you can hide the address fields and remove Javascript validation from them. We can assist with it after your purchase through our support forum –

Hi, I’m invited to partecipate to Stripe’s Switzerland private beta. Your plugin can work also with this not public version? Thanks

Hi metrosur,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, it does support Stripe beta countries.


Hi webcoach,

Not sure I understand your request – could you clarify please ?

Does the plugin require setting a webhook in Stripe?

Hi webcoach,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

No, you don’t need to change anything in stripe, including webhooks. It will work out of the box without any changes/additions.

Hi. How do we activate SSL for use with the payment pages (with or without lightbox)? We have a valid SSL certificate on the site. We are able to use a Force SSL plugin for normal pages but naturally the plugin uses a specific link to redirect customers to pay. Once the page is redirected it is not possible for us to specific that the page should be SSL.

Many thanks,

Hi cardiffexecutivetravel,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please use support forum – – we’ll be happy to help with any support related questions through there.

Great. I have just opened a ticket. Any help would be great. Many thanks.

Hi guys:

This is a previous question before the purchase. This plugin get the order amount automatically from woocommerce? I mean, I bought Full Stripe Payments Plugin but that plugin doesn’t get the order amount from Woocommerce, It needs that you enter a custom amount from Setting page or Create a amount list. But I need the plugin get the order amount automatically. Thanks

Hi Roman,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

This is not a woocommerce product, it’s a standalone plugin for wordpress. So, no, it will not automatically work with your woocommerce.


Is this plugin still working and supported with the latest Wordpress version?

Kind Regards,


Hi no10design,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

It’s still working and is supported by us – and works with latest wordpress version.

Hi – a pre-sales question: Is it possible to use recurring payments, where the product (I’m selling virtual + downloadable products and courses) are still accessible after the last payment? There’s high price courses and I wish for ppl to be able to pay over i.e. 2-3 times, but have access immediately to their downloads/courses, as well as keep the acces after the payments are finished… :)

Hi designlabcph,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Our product does not handle any accesses to any virtual/non virtual products. It is just a payment terminal where customers can pay any amount, or subscribe to recurring subscription – but nothing beyond that, there is no integration with any downloadable products or extra functionality which would grant customers access to some secured are with the product access, unfortunately.

Hello, will buy this plugin but want to know if it only works if an SSL certificate is installed? Thank you.

1. You can, but you’d need to edit the code for that.

2. You can if you’ll use iframe (if you’re ok to use iframe..) – other than that, unfortunately, no.

3. You can create a button with all services, or you can create separate button for each service, up to you –

1. Will you be able to show me what code to change if I buy?

We can explain which file to edit and what to change, but you have to have at least basic PHP/CSS knowledge. If you’ll get stuck with the changes – we can help through custom development. If you will have any further questions – please open support ticket at – we’ll be happy to help!

Hi I tried this plugin and I enable ACH payment mode in Stripe but its not showing that option in the payment screen?

Hi jvinnovations,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

There is no support for ACH payments in current version of the product – it can only be custom developed at this time. If you’d like to get a quote – please contact us through profile page form:


Is there a possibility to automatically assign a payment to a user when they’ve logged in as a contributor?

Thanks, Akila

Hi Akilaliyanage

Thank you for your interest in our product.

There is no integration with the wordpress users at all. Any visitor can make a donation or a payment, without logging in. What you’re requesting would have to be custom developed.

Hi…not sure if I am setting this up incorrectly, but when I add the shortcode to a page, all I see is the text of the shortcode on the page, not an actual button eg [spt_paybutton lightbox=”true” text=”Pay Now” comment=”true” service=”false” amount=”10.99? design=”26? ] I use Visual Composer, is that what causes the issue maybe.

I have opened a support ticket; as even though it works or shows in the widget; it isn’t processing payments

Hi rockondigital,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

We’ve replied to your support ticket. Please use support system for any other inquiries – we’ll be happy to help.

excellent and prompt support

PRESALE QUESTION: One of our clients is a property management company (real estate) and needs to take rental payments on their website. We have set up Stripe to do this for one apartment complex but are running into the problem where we can only take a payment for one Stripe account. We have four other apartment complexes/accounts that we need to take payments for. Can we accomplish this with your plugin? If, so, can you tell me how? Will need to create a separate form per account or can we create one form with a drop down where they select an account to pay into?

(FYI, we tried looking through comments but the majority of questions are answered with a “go create a support ticket” that makes it very hard to find answers.)

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, you can’t have more than 1 account with our plugin without custom development. If you would like us to custom develop this solution for you – we can do it both ways, either let customer select the account they are paying to, or create option to have form associated with particular account, based on parameters in the url/button. If you’d like to get a quote – please contact us through profile form –

Hey – does this plugin support the option to renew all subscribers on the same date each month (i.e 15th) no matter when they sign up?

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Unfortunately, there is no such functionality, would have to be custom developed

[Pre-sale Questions]

1. I love the Sync from Stripe option, Does this create Wordpress users for each customer?

2. With this plugin are my customers with subscriptions able to change their CC information, or change their subscriptions (cancel, switch to another subscription etc)

Thanks and I hope the answer is yes (to both), if so you will have saved me a ton of time and development!

Hi namtrok

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1. Unfortunately, no, it does not create wordpress users for each customer.

2. There is no backend for the customers to manage their subscriptions/cards. Customers can only cancel their subscription using the link they receive in the email when subscribing.

We can custom tailor this product for your needs though. If you’re interested please contact us here:

So sad to purchase this plugin and to find out there is no stripe coupon management. I use stripe to charge anual service but the first year i always give 50% off. Without the coupon i wont be able to use the plugin.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Coupons are on our list for next update, unfortunately, I can’t provide accurate ETA at the moment.

Does my site NEED an SSL certificate to make this plugin work?

Hi Loinim,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Yes, you will need SSL to do live transactions – this is requirement from Stripe.

Ahhh I’ve set something up before without the need of the SSL and payment went through okay… No worries, thanks anyway guys :)

prepurchase question – is it possible with your plugin to have an initial payment and then recurring? For example: a $50 setup fee, then $20/mo thereafter?

Hi SpeakeasyMedia,

Unfortunately, not at the moment. We do have plans to add such functionality though.

ok thanks for your quick reply!

Where is the coupon section in the setting ?

Hi Michael,

There is no such functionality.

Hey Team,

Submitted a ticket (7092) early this week and haven’t heard back.

I’ve made the system ‘live’, but every time we try to put a transaction through they get declined.

Any ideas?


Hi Jon,

For some reason your ticket was assigned to support user which is not active. We’ve reassigned your ticket and will reply today. Sorry for the delay