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I see this supports subscriptions. What happens if a payment fails? Can I force start it to try again and continue the subscription?

I need dates to start on the 1st of every month regardless of when a customer buys. Can I adjust the start date?

Does this support woocommerce coupons for subscriptions (not just the first month but every month)?

Hi, I seen a previous comment: Hi Browsepress,

“Is it possible to make the user add their billing address and zip code to the Stripe form in your plugin? If so, how?

Thanks, Josh

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over 2 years ago Hi I just completed a fix version, could you give your email, i will send it for you, my email: Cheers!”

My questions is, if I purchase the plugin, can I also have this? Just to clarify, I would like the customer to be asked for ZIP code on the stripe hosted checkout page. I don’t want to ask for it on my woocommerce page, only if they choose to pay by stripe.

Kind Regards Kieran