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A customer purchased your plugin and they are receiving an Error: Token value was empty after checkout. What could be the cause and how can this be fixed?

does it work with Stripe Connect?

Is there a way to include a “name on card” field for Stripe?

Hi there, interested in using this plugin do you have a trial still?

Hi, is this plugin compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce, version 2.6.1?

I have just updated this to a new version (3.0.2) and the templates folder which contained saved-cards.php; which I used to translate all the phrases on the front end for checkout is now in a legacy folder. why would you remove the templating ability? How can I get it back; it is quite inconviniant and I need those terms translated through a template so they do not vanish on update.

I bought this plugin and it gives me no setup options in Woocommerce > Checkout > Stripe

Hi there, After upgrading woocommerce I am getting for the following error:

PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of WC_Gateway_Stripe::credit_card_form() should be compatible with WC_Payment_Gateway::credit_card_form($args = Array, $fields = Array) in /wp-content/plugins/wc-gateway-stripe/classes/class-wc-gateway-stripe.php on line 0

Running the latest version of your plugin. Please can you advise.

Many thanks

Hello I wonder if it is updated and works with the latest version of Woocommerce

Is there an update yet for this plugin to process over 1.2 TLS instead of 1.0? The article Stripe provides on this is

Also, how about PCI compliance with this gateway?

Is there a way to use your plugin to force the Woocommerce Stripe to only ever send through the charge in specific currency, for example SGD?

I need to have have the Store base currency display as USD, and then using a currency switcher plugin (for example WooCommerce Currency Switcher) to allow users to select whichever currency they want the store to display in… but from the actual payment processing point, I need a Stripe plugin that would convert the USD total amount into the SGD.

Is something this possible? If so, can your plugin do this, and if not could it be customised to perform this task, and what would be the custom code to do this? Many thanks in advance Barnaby

Hi there,

Really interested in your product, before bying I have a few questions :

- Does your plugin uses the STRIPE Api for recurring billing or your own system ?

- So basicaly i can sell à 100$ online course and let the customer have the choice to pay 100$ right now or pay it in multiples times : 4 month at 25$, right ?

- So how do a user can cancel his subscription ? I don’t want him to have like paypal, a cancel subscriptions button anywhere. I need to be paid fully even if it’s a 4 times payment.

- Can i test the plugin for 4 hours max, and ask for a refund if it’s not fitting my needs ?

Thx a lot


ftirado Purchased

I did send you a email last week did you get it?

Hi, I plan to have my site in both English and Mandarin…how difficult will it be for a non-programmer to integrate Stripe into both sides of my site? I would also like to set up Alipay on the Mandarin side, will this affect Stripe? Thanks.


ULN Purchased

Hello I keep recieving an error stating : Please try again or try an alternate form of payment. Any suggestions? Ive tried In Test mode.

When will 3D Secure be added? This is a must today, many customers cant buy without 3D Secure Gateway!

Hello there. I bought a lot of plugins and most of them did not fit. Or not what I want. Please share the demo version?

Does this version support WooCommerce 3.x as well, means the latest WooCommerce version because WooCommerce subscription is supported, great, but I need it for the latest WooCommerce too?

Does this plugin support e-check or ach?