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A great company to work with. What a pleasure. Thank-you.

Do i need to install SSL certificate?

SSL is not mandatory for this plugin to work. It works without the SSL also. Plugin follows all guidelines by Reseller Club and Stripe.For additional security you can install SSL.

Hi there, any chance of screenshot demo’s please?

You can download the screenshots here


Excelent work!!!

I need translate to spanish… Is possible?

Thank you

Please send us a email on we can translate this to Spanish using Google translate and send it back to you.

ok, thank you


Is possible in your next update this:

Amount Charged to your Card : XX Stripe Fee deducted : XX Amount Credited to your Account : XX

Thank you

As the transaction amount is passed on from Reseller Club to the gateway it cannot be changed, If its changed it will result in checksum error. Any additional charges/taxes that needs to be added have to be done from Reseller Club side before the amount is passed to the gateway

FYI this gateway software should work with other “Logic Box” resellers eg. NetEarthOne ,

Yes it should, we will mention this in the description also. Thank You.

Good day We have a resellerclub account. What is the advanatges of usgin this script please ?

Thank you

if you need to accept payments on your store front from your customer you can use stripe for the same. Reseller Club by default doesn’t have option to accept payments via stripe. Our plugins add this functionality & helps you accept payment on your supersite via stripe.

Does that means that the payment go directly to Reseller club or to us ?

The payment comes to you.

we required gateway integration for resellerclub…. when will you launch it at codecanyon…

Please email us the documentation of the gateway on, we can launch is next week

hi, i see in the documentation of resellerclub integration you need paymentpage.php and postpayment.php, i can’t see those files on your script

never mind, it is a sample only, thank you

Waiting on Feedback from support ticket? ACIH-1567-0001567

Does this save CC card for subscription / recurring billing?

No. We can help you customise and add this feature. mail us on

Also I require this function to save the CC. Please include this feature and I will purchase.

Is it possible to fully customize the design? I would like my own page layouts, loaders, form fields, and remove the ladybug “powered by”.

Thanks so much! I look forward to working with you!

Yes we can customise it, email us on

Not compatible with PHP 7, and your support website wont let me open a ticket. I want a full refund!

Code that is written in PHP 5.4 will still execute in PHP7. The issue lies within the stripe payment gateway having been updated, and the resellerclub payment gateway having been updated since you published this plugin.

Is there any update on this, as it has been 5 days

There is no change in Reseller Club nor stripe, many people are using this code without any issues. This code works very well. As replied earlier. We will look into this code and test it on PHP 7, it might take us another 1-3 days to review the code and respond with the exact issue and fix.

Ok many thanks, I cant use your own internal support site it keeps crashing.

Hello, I have sent many emails to with no response for days. I just purchased the plugin a few days ago, and am getting a ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN when trying to demo the payment gateway. Please help!

This is not hostgator hosting, it is cloud hosting from

Did you see the ftp info I sent? Verify the files / dirs have correct permissions?

Also, I would like to be able to store credit card info for customers who use the stripe payment gateway, you mentioned you could create a patch for this feature to work. How might I integrate this feature?

Reseller Club & Host Gator are part of the same company called Endurance group. The cloud hosting is actually part of Host Gator, you can open their website and see this same offering and is now being sold by Reseller Club. Currently we don’t have credit card storage option in our plugin, we will have to study Stripe API and check this feature. We didn’t see your files, we have seen this issue occur in the past and the steps mentioned in that url solves the issue.

They said everything is setup correctly. So I started messing with the URL generated and discovered if this parameter is removed it works fine “&” any thoughts on this? Also, would like to add bitcoin payment option can you help with this as well? Thanks.

Your not the only one, i have now installed this script on a server with php 5.4 and it still doesnt work. This is a failed plugin & is deprecated and shouldnt be allowed to be on general sale!


you already know the error that i am getting, you have failed to reply to my support ticket or even give me an update. But i am happy to provide them again on here so everyone can see. I have escalated this to Envanto, as you are not providing the support you promised. – storefront URL

and here is the error payment page, completely configured correctly running on PHP 5.4,2,3&debitnoteids=4,5,6&description=Test+Transaction+Payment&sellingcurrencyamount=100.0&accountingcurrencyamount=100.0&

Notice: Undefined variable: stripeEmail in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 32

Notice: Undefined variable: token in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 34

Notice: Undefined variable: transId in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 67

Notice: Undefined variable: sellingCurrencyAmount in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 67

Notice: Undefined variable: accountingCurrencyAmount in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 67

Exactly the same issue on PHP 7, but you refused to refund that order stating that it only works with PHP 5.4, so i have installed it on a dedicated PHP 5.4 server instance, yet it still fails.

Everything is configured correctly, the plugin is out of date with reseller club and also stripe.

Please provide a full refund

Also unable to get onto your support site to send you FTP details. I am not happy with the quality of this product, you should provide both myself and the other recent purchaser with a full refund immediately this is extremely poor.

I will escalate this to PayPal if needs be

As described in plugin description this plugin has not been tested on PHP 7 and it’s stated clearly that it works and has been tested on PHP 5.4. Just because it didn’t work on PHP 7 and now you want refund because you didn’t read the plugin description and now you are trying to create false case that this plugin doesn’t work on PHP 5.4 either. As told to you earlier, we will test and make this plugin work on PHP7, our development team is caught up with other things right now and we will release new version in he future which will work with PHP 7 but we state clearly again this plugin doesn’t work on PHP 7 and has been tested upto PHP 5.4 and works very well, many people are using this plugin without issues

Any resolution to the above? I have 5.4 but after reading above I don’t have confidence that it still works.

Hi, problem is I looked up @ladybirdweb’s website. And their subdomain is running the following version: PHP/5.4.16. I don’t think they are lying, why so many undefined variable errors? I didn’t see any 403 errors that you speak of.

It is showing undefined variable, because none of these variable are getting(able to read) values from passed URL for some reason. There can be various reasons for these variable not being read, PHP mis configuration, get/post method failing, session not working. Anyways we will be working on this plugin and making a release for PHP 7, might take us few days but plugin definitely works on PHP 5.4 and many active users are using it

I’m fine with PHP 5.4 as my production server is just that. As long as it works, I’ll be happy. I will pull my hair out if I see errors above though :)

I am sorry but i have not falsely claimed that it doesn’t work on PHP 5.4 i get exactly the same issue as i do on PHP 7. The plugin has serious flaws with Stripe and reseller club interface.

I have escalated this to Envanto now, as your own support site doesnt work. I will open a PayPal dispute if needs be. I am highly frustrated and annoyed.

I will happily provide all relevant for my server setup, and will give this to Envanto. Your own support site has dozens of issues with the scripts not working, which has been echoed above.

A very furstrated and annoyed customer, who has wasted money!

We have tested again our code till PHP 5.6 and it works. Today we have put a fix for PHP 7 and will upload it on your server via FTP details. Please change your server version to PHP 7 to test the updated code. Once you confirm it is working, we will make this release on Code Canyon. New Stripe API’s doesn’t work without SSL anymore. So SSL will be required.

My site was already SSL enabled, and i had stated above that the Stripe API you were using in this plugin was deprecated.

Can you make this available on code canyon please, and i will then upload. I am unable to provide you my FTP details as my FTP is a global server wide FTP. I am running my own dedicated server for all my web sites and email requirements, and for my many many customers.

Thanks in advance.

We have pushed the update. Once approved you can download. We don’t have a PHP 7 based server yet, so we didn’t get to test, but we are purchasing one PHP 7 server today for testing

I can now confirm that this code is complaint with the latest Stripe standards, and is working fine.

Thank you for your help in getting this code updated.

Hello, after payment complete, popup window – show: Transaction is being processed Please wait while your transaction is being processed …

(Please do not use “Refresh” or “Back” button) and nothing change. But payments successful, how to resolve it?

Great company to work with and seems to be a great plugin, I am going to buy this plugin for my website Hosting Raja hope it will work perfectly for me.