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Nice work!!! Can one save card details and charge customers recurring?

Thank. No. there is no such option.

is there a stand alone script without wordpress for this? if not i want to pay you to modify it for me

No. I don’t have non-WordPress version. And currently I don’t have plans to create one.

Hi, I need to put a download/thankyou page url in the add file section. At the moment there is only the option to ‘browse’ and select a file. Would you be able to update so we also have the option of adding a url as well as uploading a file?

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have plan to add this option.

Why not? This is an essential feature, most people will not want to send the customer directly to the file but to a download page instead. Please consider adding this, if you can do it and it won’t take long why not?

Currently, I don’t have time for that.

Can I let users to download movie files?

Yes. But your hosting provider must not terminate PHP-script if it is executed long time (very cheap hosting-provider can do it).

Are you able to update this plugin to work with AUD. I am currently beta testing Stripe Australia, and obviously need to be able transact in $AUD.


Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin and letting me know about new currency. I’ll update it inext release. For now, please edit sid.php, line #18 which is:
var $currency_list = array("USD", "CAD");
Add "AUD", to be like that:
var $currency_list = array("USD", "CAD", "AUD");

I really like the simplicity of this checkout process and the instant download button. Is there a way to serve up the files via Amazon S3? Can I enter a hyperlink for the file location instead of uploading it thru the media manager?

Unfortunately, there is no such option.

installed the plugin and it does not seem to work.

All charges just say “processing” and it never connects to Stripe and charges the cards.

I see POST logs in Stripe but something with the plugin and API does nto finish the transaction.

After you submit payment info it just says “processing” and hangs. nothing happens.

Fixed it, it ws conflicting with another plugin that used the same class name “stripe”

Hello. I have a couple of questions when one uses the plugin:

1. Is the checkout page a HTTPS page, so that the hosting plan needs a Shared SSL Certificate?

2. All credit card info is stored at STRIPE’s servers right?

Hi. Thanks for interest in the plugin.

1. You don’t need SSL certificate. Payment form is opened in iframe directly from Stripe website using their SSL certificate.

2. Correctly.

I just bought your plugin and would like to use it with a Norwegian Stripe account. I have added NOK (Norwegian kroner) to the sid.php file, but the dollar sign still appears on my buttons. How can I change this?

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Please edit sid.php. Find line #930. This long line contains the follwing substring:
__('Buy now:', 'sid').' $'

Hi, does this plugin supports Stripe preauth payments feature?

Hi. Nope.

Hello, great plugin! How do I change the shortcode so it doesnt display the currency or value amount?

Hi. Unfortunately, at that moment there is no such feature. But thank you for idea. I’ll add this feature in next release.

Hi.. I am getting a “Invalid download link” appear upon payment completion.

I also get a ‘file not found’ error when I try to download the file from inside the ‘Stripe Instant Downloads – Files’ section of WP-Admin

Any ideas what would be causing this?


Please provide access to WP dashboard and FTP-access to wp-uploads folder. I’ll check what’s wrong.

What’s the best way to get you those details, without posting them here publicly ?


This seems to be perfect for us. Any way to use Amazon AWS?

If that’s not possible, is there a way to have the file live on an external URL?

Our files are rather large and external URL’s is a must for us.

Thank you in advance.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But thank you for idea. I’ll include it into todo list.

Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. I’ve bookmarked it, will pick it up anyway – it’s beautifully minimalistic (if that’s a word…), hopefully that feature makes the cut.

Best regards.

does this plugin work with Amazon AWS?

HI. Nope.

One of the best plugins I’ve seen. Please make an html version!!

Thanks for idea.

Im getting an error – Stripe Checkout can’t communicate with our payment processor because the API key is invalid. Please contact the website owner or support@stripe.com. (I have this API functioning and tested on another site) what can I do here to fix this?

Hi. Make sure that you put correct Stripe credentials. Also please provide access to WP dashbaord. I’ll check.

Looks ideal for us. Does it come with a button styler or is CSS needed?

From admin panel you can configure: button color, font color, font size, border color, border width and border radius.

I’ve a photo gallery that has 30, 40 images in single post. Is it possible to add buy button on each photo. Archive all photos and sell as a package is easy, but If I wanted to sell them one buy one? does your plugin will help?

Yes. You can add many buttons into one page.

Can additional fields be added to the payment form, such as First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Address?

Hi. Nope. Payment form goes from Stripe. It has what it has. ;-)

Hi. This is exactly what I was looking for but… I do have one question: can the user download a second time the same item without paying it again? And an observation: the “thanks message” would be polite – an option would be to allow a simple redirect to a page. Kind regards.

Thanks you. :-)

Good morning. :) Quick question: is there a way to send the customer his transaction ID in the email without having to change the code? Like a parameter {trans..id}? It’s rather easy to do it (by accessing the database), but if there’s an automatic update from you, I would have to reinsert the modified code all over again… Kind regards.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.