Discussion on Stripe Green Downloads - Standalone Script

Discussion on Stripe Green Downloads - Standalone Script

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Payments for status on the admin page are not working.

I don’t undersand what you mean unfortunately.

Is it possible to get the scripts stripe and PayPal in one script? I don’t want to create all products 2 times in 2 scripts.

Yes. You can combine 2 scripts into one installation.

Hi, I performed all the steps as you explained but I can’t get the script to work. Can you help me with an html page so i can understand. Thank you Best regards

You didn’t include shortcode for button. Please go to Files page in admin panel and take shortcode there.

Hi, he works now thank you

can you add paypal provider? pay with paypal and downlad picture…thanks

Will you be updating the script to work with php 8.0 and php 8.1?

It works with php 8.x


I sent an email to support 3 days ago because Stripe generates the payment but does not display anything on the user/web side… I still have no answer to this day.

Thanks in advance, François

Please provide access to script’s admin panel and FTP-access to folder where scrip installed. I’ll check.

I sent this information through the platform. Thanks in advance

I just disable “Download files through X-Sendfile module” This work perfectly now… Strange cause everything works 5 days ago… The important thing is that everything works.

Thanks a lot for the code. Great job.

Is there a way to have download links not expire? I want my purchased product to not have a time-limit for its customers.

No. There is no such feature.

Does this script send email notifications by SMTP connection so we can hit the buyers inbox?

2 options: standard mail() finction or your smtp.

is this script support latest version of php ?


saas, it’s possible?

Hi, I have sent you a message through your email, kindly reply. thanks.

I have replied to your email and provided the requested URL over 5 hours back, I know you may be busy but your assistance will be highly appreciated. thanks.

Oops. I found your message in spam. Your site uses slim version of jQuery. It means that all functionality related to AJAX is removed. Please disable jquery slim and everything will work. Remove this line:
<script src="" integrity="sha384-J6qa4849blE2+poT4WnyKhv5vZF5SrPo0iEjwBvKU7imGFAV0wwj1yYfoRSJoZ+n" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

Many thanks for your help, that works. Thanks for the great after sales customer support.

Hello, The product I am selling is like email accounts with a password.
“test1 @, pass: 123456”
“test2 @, pass: 111254”
“test3 @, pass: 325461”

Now I want to ask you, can I sell with every new payment so that the buyer only get the email on the next line only?
If you have another product that supports this one, please let me know

Hi. No.

Hi I purchased and working well however, the script is not sending emails to the buyer and me when a sale is made. How can I troubleshoot and fix this?

Hover mouse over your email at top-right corner, click Settings and configure mailing parameters.

For Stripe and card payments European regulation mandates Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) , which means many card payments now require a form of two-factor authentication including 3D secure, this also falls under the GDPR Card privacy. When I you going to make the needed changes?

It was added 2 months ago.

It doesn’t say it does that on the description, Stripe will suspend any account which does not comply with E.U law or the UK.

But it has this feature.

Does this script support Subscription Payments?

Great script. But what about the new Stripe checkout due in September 2019?

I’ll update the script to match new EU requirements.

Any date for this release, please?

I think it will be ready in 2-3 days.

1) Can this also be used for non product payments, such as payments for consulting with no download? 2) Can this offer PayPal payment option too?

Unfortunately, there are no such features.

Hey there,

I’m wondering if you could modify this script for me? I like the way it works, but would it be possible to generate a random string (like a serial number) which is then inserted into a database and displayed to the buyer, instead of the download?

The idea is to generate a serial number after the purchase, no download.

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature and I’m not available for customization work.

Too bad.. I’d pay you obviously. Thanks anyway :)

Probably this script does what you need:

Great item. Can direct download links (mediafire) be used in place of storing the files on my server? Also, can the buy button be customized?

Hi. 1. Unfortunately, files are uploaded through script. 2. Yes, you can customize button colors.

What about editing the code after uploading through the script. Just changing the download link manually?

Hello, Do you have this script as is? No admin panel, no wordpress. Thanks.

No. How are you going to manage it without admin panel…


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