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So I have to re-enter the Stripe API info for each new form? And I have to create fields for credit card info? Is that against Stripe terms, or are you suggesting we need an SSL? Are there any links to the front-end of this form that show it working (the demo does not)?

yes you need to enter api details and create fields. but rest i do not understand please explain. also demo will not show frontend.

Hello does this also support donations? For example the user enters the amount they would like to contribute? Thanks


you can give textbox where user can input his desired amout.


Awesome thank you! Hey have you thought of possibly adding support for pmpro (paidmembershipspro) I am currently using their account features with your forms and profile features it works quite well I just wish there was a way to completely link them.

will give it a thought. thanks for the suggestions :)


I bought your Arforms-Plugin and the Add-ons Stripe and PayPal. I like the plugin but I´m unable to put up a form where I offer both, Stripe AND PayPal. It´s only possible EITHER PayPal OR Stripe.

Can you help me?


yes got it, plz let me know which parts you did not understand. reply on that mail with some detail like where exactly you are stuck.

Oh, I tried it again and now it´s working!! Thanks a lot! Nice Plugin!!

Glad to know that our suggestions helped :)

I do follow your instruction, enable TEST MODE, but not working, the button is loading, Even I tried Live Mode but still freezing , please help


please open support ticket and tech support team will assist you.


Hello, Can you please look at ticket Ticket No. : 001838 . My stripe addon and AR form are not working. Thanks

yes no need to put reminder here, it will not help speedup the process. tech support staff is doing their best to assist every ticket quickly as possible :)

Will all forms have “Powered by Arforms” at the bottom like they do in the demo?

its something if you want to display and put your affiliate code. but if you dont want then you can simply remove it.


Hi I wanted to know if this plugin you can enter the selection fields with prices preset option type 1 10euro option2 15 € Option 3 20 EUR

yes, you can put different price and upon selection of option transaction will happen with that selected amount.

however, stripe for arforms is just an addon to main plugin ARForms. so, you need to have arforms and stripe adodn


It might be kind enough to show me quelloche I have to purchase according to the following parameters? Set different totals as explained above, and insert the form a choice ilpagamento applicant with a credit card, or bank iban thanks Marco

i could not understand your last message. please explain.

Urgentissimo the form it does not work do not find it after installing it, I try to ask for support but the purchase code does not recognize him ask urgently support


while opening support ticket please enter purchase code of ARforms and not sripe for arforms


Ok I tried both codes but nothing unfortunately I was forced to buy another product because your form will not work, what should I do?

well, if support is not expired then it must work. please provide your purchase code in private. Through message box on our profile page here at codecanyon.


Hi, does it still require SSL? Also – is there possible to integrate one click upsale?

does it work with Stripe Connect?

No. It does not supported.

Thank you.


can you please send me documentation for the plugin. thanks

we are already providing Documentation along with bundle.



When i make a test with 1€, Stripe take 100€...

And i can read 1€ in stripe form on my contrats.


Please open support ticket. Our technical staff will assist you there.

Will you be updating this plugin and including the newer integration option of ACH payment with

This new Plaid/Stripe integration launched in 1/2016. This plugin is only 1/2 of payment capabilities as is. Is their an update on the Horizon? (Thanks ahead of time!)




thanks for sharing your requirement. At the moment its not certain whether to give any such facility or not. so, i cant see possibility for near future. But yes its found to be useful features and other buyers also need that then surely will add it.

5/5, a very good plug in and a great after sales service. Dimple from reputeinfosystems has helped me to the end and has always met my needs, his help was very usefull ! Thanks again !

Thank you. for your kind words. :)


I bought ARForms Stripe for 10 minutes ago and i can’t find currency of Norwegian Krone (NOK). If it’s not supports Norwegian krone (NOK) i want a refound om my money.

I tried to open a ticket, but i get “invalid” purchase code” when i paste it in. Can you please help me?


let me clear that Stripe for arforms is arforms addon so, while opening ticket you need to use purchase code of arforms itself.

Regarding norweign krone support in stripe will check and if stripe supports that currency then we will be able to assist you regarding that.

Thanks alot :)

Hello I unfortuanlty cant find a guide how to add pricing and total pricing for stripe

yes in that case please open support ticket.

How do I configure for payment?

kindly open support ticket to get support assistance.


Does you Stripe implementation support all payment methods available in Germany?

stripe standard method is used so, not have knowledge about what payment method stripe has in gernany.

Do I need to buy any pre-requisite plugin to use this one; or I can just buy this alone to get the job done? Thanks.

This is addon to main plugin arforms. which can be found here

so, first kindly buy arforms and then buy any addon.