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FAQ: I just purchased and installed your stripe email receips for recurring payments. I was wondering, is there any way to test the system to make sure it works?

ANSWER: As far as we know, the test webhooks within Stripe won’t actually activate the emails notifications.

Here’s what we recommend doing to ensure the files are installed properly on your server:

1. Create a customer in your account that’s attached to your credit card and email address;

2. Create a recurring subscription called”Test Plan”. Make it a small fee, like $1/mo;

3. Add this subscription to the customer account that you created for yourself.

You should instantly see an email receipt when the subscription gets added to your customer account.

Then, simply “refund” the money to your card to void out the charge completely.

This was exactly what I needed! Thanks! :)

Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Arlen. Greatly appreciate it and glad to hear that these files suited your needs!

I will be selling some codes, will I be able to do it with this Stripe Email Receipts For Recurring Payments? Like, the receipt will have different codes for each buy. Can this also be linked towards an PayPal API or something?

Yes, I believe you could. You’ll have to setup a rule on your server that would generate the code, and then ensure that the output code is inserted into the receipt file(s).

I sell one-time payment products and also one-time consulting gigs online, does your plugin just work for recurring payments or can it also work with one-time payments?

i have followed all the instructions but no receipts are being sent. can you clarify structure of php application folder as i suspect this may be where i’ve gone wrong. Structures i have is

/stripe/stripe-php-1.15.0 with two subfolders “lib” and “test”

will this work for one time payments as well?