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A pre-purchase question, does this Plug-In requires my site to have an SSL Security Certificate (https:) for me to be able to use it on my site? Or can use my (http:) without a problem? I have read the WooCommerce Plug-In docs that Stripe may require SSL to be able use their API keys.

It is highly recommended for ecommerce sites to make use of HTTPS protocol with a valid SSL certificate. All I can say is you will be taking on unnecessary risk which can be avoided if you choose to ignore this advice and process customer payments. In addition, many internet customers simply avoid purchasing goods from websites which don’t make use of the HTTPS protocol.


map85 Purchased

does this work with new ios apply pay component of stripe api now?

Live Preview doesn’t work on Safari, i add cart and when i click cart it says “the cart is empty”

What is the benefit of this plugin over a free version ?

@quinnfive, I actually don’t know because I didn’t know there is a free version. This extension has been around since Jan 2012.


Suddenly the plugin is not working anymore with the latest version of wordpress. I paid for this plugin a few months ago. And now it is not working anymore during a few weeks already.

What are your plans with the plugin? Do you provide further updates?

Thank you. Kind regard, Bart.

Is it possible to provide name and surname during the payment with credit card? Is it contemplated? Thanks.

That is done by WooCommerce on the checkout page. Although the extension appears to take only the credit card fields, it gets the name, address and other order details from WooCommerce and passes it along to Stripe. Could you clarify what exactly you are seeking?

Ok, that’s what I wanted to know, now it’s clear. Thanks!

Hi I’ve been using the plugin for a couple of weeks to set up but suddenly the content of the plugin settings page in woocommerce/settings/checkout/checkout options has disappeared although the plugin is still operating in test mode on checkout. I’ve de-activated the one plugin I’ve installed since I last had settings page content and that doesn’t seem to be the problem; clicking save settings saves something but there is no content to see. Click this link for a screenshot Thanks Nick Garnett NB. I need to make this site live but can’t access the plugin to put live keys

I’m waiting to make a client site live and still no support…

Still waiting and about to complain and get refund from Envato

Hi there. Please accept my apology as I’m currently away and unable to ship a fix. I will honor a refund if you request it.

Hi, We purchased your plugin yesterday. we installed it but configuration option not coming.

please suggest what to do ?


we have same issue thanks

Please approve refund request. this plugin not working anymore.


Same issue here. Configuration page for the plugin is empty now. I’m angry cause I recently purchased another copy of this plugin for another website and it’s totally useless. I’ll ask refunds for both since it’s not working.


cziege Purchased

I get empty option striper with your plugin. I need to install sooner

I bought your plugin and I installed as every other plugin..i check active the part but when I get to Stripe there is NO FIELDS to input the Stripe Information. I have my two keys…one for testing and one for live…where do I input that? The Plugin was activated from the beginning. Thanks for your help in advance. Mario

Yes a new update has been released to fix this issue.

Hi – I just upgraded my plugins today and am now getting an Internal Server Error upon hitting “Place Order” in checkout. Specifically: write(7, “[11-Nov-2016 15:56:24 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::add_error() in /home/godiaper/public_html/wp-content/plugins/woogatewaystripe.v1.6.0/class.stripeextension.php on line 253\n”, 206) = 206 <0.000023>

Do you have any other reports of this error or how to fix it?

Sorry no reports. Did you find a root cause?

Hi I installed the plugin, there is no plugin in the Woocommerce version I am running. Is there a way I can just hardcode the stripe keys? If so what is the name of the file and location?

I’m sorry. I can not understand the question. This is an extension for WooCommerce and If you need an extension for WooCommerce take a look my other plugin here:

Still supported?

Last Update 24 February 15

Yes a new update has been applied.

It looks like the plugin is no longer functioning? Bummer.

A new fix has been released. Sorry for the delay.

This plugin does not work on my site, please arrange a refund

Apologies, this is an item on my list that keeps getting away. I’ve now released a fixed version and submitted it to CodeCanyon for review. if you need a fix urgent please contact me directly via the form on my profile.

thank you…I have added a further comment (see below)...does your fix resolve that issue?

Yes my fix resolves the blank screen screen problem.

buyers get the error “You did not provide an API key, though you did set your Authorization header to “Bearer”. Using Bearer auth, your Authorization header should look something like ‘Authorization: Bearer YOUR_SECRET_KEY’. See for details, or we can help at" but I have no fields to complete regarding settings etc…the Stripe tab is completly blank within WooCommerce. HELP!!!

Yes I just released a fix for the blank page. It might take a little time for CodeCanyon to approve the change.


I am really unhappy with this plugin. I have installed it, but the stripe page is blank!

Please reply if you can resolve ASAP. I need to buy and install something else to keep my business alive.

No reply in 24 hours? Terrible! DO NOT BUY!

Hi there, for some reason codecanyon is taking a long time to approve the fix. Please email me via my profile and I will send you a fix directly.

Is there a way to use your plugin to force the Woocommerce Stripe to only ever send through the charge in specific currency, for example SGD?

I need to have have the Store base currency display as USD, and then using a currency switcher plugin (for example WooCommerce Currency Switcher) to allow users to select whichever currency they want the store to display in… but from the actual payment processing point, I need a Stripe plugin that would convert the USD total amount into the SGD.

Is something this possible? If so, can your plugin do this, and if not could it be customised to perform this task, and what would be the custom code to do this?

I also presume your plugin works with Woocommerce Vendors, Woocommerce Bookings and Woocommerce Subscriptions/Memberships?

Many thanks in advance Barnaby

Hi there. It’s a good thing to asked your questions. Unfortunately the features you ask for are not supported by this extension. Nor it supports Woocommerce Vendors, Woocommerce Bookings and Woocommerce Subscriptions/Memberships. It can be customised but I will not have the time to do it myself. Thanks for you question.