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Hi Sir,

I am very new to this e-commerce stuff. I saw there is a Stripe free plugin for WooCommerce. How is your different from the free one?



Hi Jose, I have not used the free plugin myself so I can’t really say.

Hello, ithis plugin can support the new european gateway? I’m interest on sepa and sofort

I believe this should be possible because all that is handled by Stripe. You could try this out and if you’re unhappy just ask for a refund.

Hi ! Is it possible to test it with a sofort account ? (you just have to create a sofort account and activate the sofort option in stripe dashboard) Thank you by advance Regards, Nico

Please go ahead and test this. I don’t see why that would not work but if it doesn’t you can ask for a refund from CodeCanyon.

So does this plugin not do recurring payments even with woo commerces subscriptions?

It does not support recurring payments.

hi we are making a website where we will take the credit card information for making an order, we never take the payment on our website. The customer has to give their credit card information before making their order and if there credit card information ok then they can make the order. Can your plugin give is that kind of functionality by customization?

I’m seeking an alternative to the official WooCommerce Stripe plugin. This is because when someone pays for an order through stripe modal with a debit card that doesn’t have enough funds, the Stripe modal window will close, and reveal a “card declined” message on the checkout page. WooCommerce unfortunately also creates an order with a status of “payment pending”. Within the order notes there is a message of “the card was declined”.

When someone pays with a bad credit card, the Stripe modal responds immediately with a message in the modal, and does not create an “pending payment” order. You can see this discussion here:

If I buy your plugin, will it achieve what I’m after, which is that declined debit cards do not create “pending payment” orders?

I believe this extension will set the order status to pending payment when a bad credit card is used. The key difference between this extension and the official Stripe plugin is the mode of performing transactions – the former uses payment gateway APIs from WooCommerce to complete a payment while the latter uses Stripes JS integration which does not involve the gateway APIs until Stipe JS has succeeded.

I suggest you give this extension a try and if you’re not satisfied, you could always ask for a refund from CodeCanyon.

Hi, A few weeks ago half the orders coming into my store went immediately from the status processing to completed without my doing anything. I hadn’t even seen the new order yet and its sent out an email to the customer saying the order is done? Ive since realised this is only happening to Stripe orders not Paypal. Can you tell me why?

hmm this is a tricky problem. You should think about if WooCommerce was updated in that time and what that update has introduced into the mix. Also do you have a purchase license?

This is a pre-purchase question.

I have a Woocommerce site and we sell a lot of pre-order products.

As you know, I cannot charge my customers until the item is shipped.

Sometimes, it takes over 60 days for the order to be fulfilled (and customers are aware of this)

However, based on my understanding, STRIPE authorization is only for 30 days and this means I cannot go back and ‘capture’ the amount if it goes beyond that.

I was told that I need a STRIPE plugin that will allow me to capture a small amount and ‘tokenize’ this customer.

Then I can charge them whenever I want after that, even beyond the 30-days authorization period.

I am wondering if your plugin will meet my requirements.

Please advise. Thank you.


I just bought this plugin for my subscriptions with woocommerce. Doesnt it support subscriptions? If not, please refund :)

Hi DenonStudio, I have a few questions. Love the product, I purchased the WooSubcription Package and the Stripe was in it. I set up all Products, then all the Subscriptions in Woo, but was wondering why I have to re-set them all up again in the Stripe system? There is no cost reflection from Woo to the Stripe system, does that mean the cost and details are on Woo Side and the Stripe side mentions them just for formality, right?

Next Question: I noted that in the Woo Side for Products and Subscriptions they are separate, but on the Stripe Side both of those products go into products. But there is a Subscription section, does the Woo Subscription automatically get reflected here?

Next Question is, where or is there a re-direct after purchase?

Thank you so very much


maalik Purchased

Hi There, I have just purchased and installed this plugin and it works perfectly fine, just I am wondering if you can add store card feature in stripe account, As this feature is beneficial to increase sales as users don’t have to enter their all credit card details again, Please also let me know if you have any future update plan. Thanks again and best regards

Does this plugin support e-check or ach?


na_dev Purchased

Having installed the extension the Stripe payment option now appears in the checkout but the card entry fields do not appear (radio button is there to select Credit Card payment but nothing else appears even though the card details fields appear to be in the source code – they are hidden on the page?). Have you come across this issue before? Please can you advise.

Hi there. This extension makes use of WooCommerce’s own credit card form so there are no styles that come with it. Given the HTML for the payment form is rendered (as you say) the most likely problem is probably the WordPress theme that you’re using – it may contain styles that unintentionally hide the payment form.

You can use the Chrome Dev tools to inspect the rendered HTML elements in order to spot the culprit CSS.


we need stripe as we offer e learning courses,

Our question is can you plugin, once payment has been taken link to a third party API to load the e learning course??

We are using Woocommerce to display all the courses and costs, descriptions of course etc.

Is this compatible with the latest Woocommerce?


dmendez Purchased

hi. I got this plugin long time ago, but I didn’t see on that time that Stripe is not available in Mexico so I never used it. Now, I’m checking and it looks like Stripe doesn’t accept payments in mexico yet, but some pages in has information about mexico’s fees. So I’m confused. So my question is: is Stripe available in Mexico? I don’t see in you country list, however, if you could answer my question I’ll appreciate it?

or maybe, if there’s a way to register my account in other country it would be very helpful too. thank you.

Hi there. I think Mexico is currently under an invite only preview and that’s as far as I can read by reading I suggest you get in touch with Stripe directly.

hallo, i am interested to buy your plugin. but iam not sure if it works with my site. i tried the original plugin and it didnt work. so my question is, its possible that i can get my money back if it doesnt work with my site?