Discussion on Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

Discussion on Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

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I am trying to find something like this for Easy Digital Downloads to payout vendors instantly. Would you be interested in making a plugin like this for Easy Digital Downloads?

Do you do custom work? Is your IG account _feliperinaldi? Maybe we can talk?


wolf35 Purchased

Would it be possible to have Direct charges for vendors?


chvtech Purchased

Hello, can you confirm that this will work for our region in Australia and WC 7.0+? – any version compatibility with WC Product Vendors and WC Subscriptions or minimum versions? We use vendors and subscriptions for the marketplace and looking to use this plugin to auto pay the commissions.

Thanks! Matt

Hi Chvtech,

We are working on a update that will segregate the payment gateway, so you will be able to use the default Stripe for WooCommerce plugin, and our plugin will only be used to connect vendors to your Stripe account and transfer funds to them via the WooCommerce Product Vendors dashboard.


chvtech Purchased

Totally looking forward to that! Thank you for your reply, but it will still work with Stripe for auto payouts as is? Thank you.

Hi I added this plugin to my site and it crashed. Looks like its not compatible with php 8.0. Can you please fix this?

We are working on it. Will be released within the next couple of days.


kodeks Purchased


We have followed you installation guide, but are having some trouble with connection our client’s Stripe accounts.

First we got a fatal error, which seemed to be related to the stripe-php dependency being dated. After updating stripe-php to version 9 we get the following message after being redirected back to the site: Please finish connecting your Stripe account. (

Can you please update stripe-php in your plugin and debug this?

Thank you! :)

Best Regards Morten

it takes debit and credit card correct?

Is this still working?

Hi there,

I’ve run into 2 problems with this plugin. The first related to an error found on this page:

I was able to update the stripe library within the plugin to unblock this issue. I suspect some of the other folks in this thread have been hitting this problem with PHP 8.

Separately, I’ve configured my WooCommerce site to only auth and not capture transactions, but it seems like this plugin does not honor that setting. Can this feature be added?

Thanks, Steve

I bought your plugins but unfortunately it does not work on wordpress 6.0 do you think you can update your plugins?

Hello Nonel. We have tested the plugin with WordPress 6 and it works fine. If you can tell us what issues you’re facing, we can provide support.

i just purchase this item, and i see the instruction for woocommerce vender plugin only, i am using regular woocommerce, the plugin not work with base woocommerce, can i please have refund, i just purchase 5min ago.

is itr working for wp6?

Hi Felipe,

Hope you are well.

Could you please advise me how I can enable other payments methods than credit card on my Stripe Connect plugin?

I`ll be grateful for your support.

Thank you.

Best Regards Michał

Hi there devopsmentalworld,

This particular plugin only supports credit cards, but there’s potential for you to use the default Stripe plugin, and only use our plugin for paying commissions through the bulk actions menu on the Commissions page.

That`s great! Can you share with me some manual, how it can be achieved? I`ll be grateful for your support. Thank you.

Hi Felipe,

We have a new issue with your Woocommerce Stripe connect plugin. What happens is that when a payment is made with Stripe, it doesn’t trigger the order on Woocommerce.

The order get stuck in « Payment in progress » mode (in French it’s « Paiement en attente » ), so we need to manually change the status of the order to « en cours » so that it triggers the email notification to vendors, to the customer and to us, the admin.

Do you have any idea of how to solve this issue?

Best regards,

Maud Blanchard de La Brosse

Hi, it actually get stuck in “PENDING PAYMENT” until I manually change it to “PROCESSING” I’m not using a seperate plugin to manage order status. Customers are checking out with the Stripe connect plugin.

Hi Maud,

That’s weird. Would you be able to provide the report available on your WooCommerce > Status page? There’s a button there that allows you to generate a report. You may send the report from my contact page:

Sure, I just sent it to you


wolf35 Purchased

Hi feliperinaldi, I have the plugin half working just can’t seem to get the commission payouts to work automatic or manual.

Money goes to stripe main account then stays and not splitting commission to the connected accounts.

Just a little stuck

Thank you

Regards, Matthew


wolf35 Purchased

Hi feliperinaldi,

I have had issues with the users connecting through “Vendor Dashboard” It takes them through making the account and just loops taking them back to the stripe settings menu option so I sent them the one time use onboarding link which works I think that might be where I’m getting the issue.

Thank you


wolf35 Purchased

Is there a way to check if the stripe account has been connected correctly to the Vendor Dashboard

Not at this point, but we may add that in future updates.

I need the vendors being paid directly and not my company. The vendor is the one emiting the invoice and then is the one responsible legally for any potential dispute. My company is taking a commission on the vendor and not the contrary… It means multiple Stripe accounts spliting a commision with one company. Is it possible with your addon? If yes does your solution is compatible with a multilingual plugin like polylang? Thanks a lot

hi! i want to know if my custommer can pay with SEPA

Hello, I am interested to have Stripe Connect functionality like to split a payment. I am using WordPress and WooCommerce. I have some code logic in wp theme (in functions.php) to find a new stripe Ids based on customer zip. Is it possible with your plugin(maybe some modifications) to go to stripe and to pay(split a payment) with custom stripeIds? Best regards, Sergej.

Hello Felipe

thank you for this plugin “Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors” that I started to test and which for the moment works very well!

I saw that for Stripe Connect, in the vendor Dashboard, the “Stripe settings” link appears only if I am logged in as “vendor admin” and not with “vendor manager” my questions are: - why does this not appear for the “vendor manager” role? What are the constraints for this role that make this impossible? - is it possible to do it for the “vendor manager” role? - if yes, do you plan to do it, because this role was sufficient for my vendors?

thank you have a great day! :)

Hello Felipe just a little reminder so as not to forget my question! :) thank you

Hi memoriog,

We figured we would give permissions only to admins, since connecting to Stripe requires access to the Stripe Account.

We will look into adding the manager role in there as well. Possibly in the next update.

yes indeed it interests me a lot, I’m waiting for the next update then, because I think it’s interesting very useful and I don’t see the problem of granting them this right?!! Thank you Felipe :)

Hi, I can’t find the Stripe Settings on the dashboard’s left panel where you authorize Stripe. It shows on here codecanyon plugin screenshots (the 4th one). Is this area still visible with the current version? I’m trying to use connect as a vendor (non admin) in order to authorize a Stripe Express account. I only see PayPal payouts which I can’t use for now. Thanks.

Hi Phelionyx,

To view the Stripe Settings page you must login as a vendor, with the user role “Vendor Admin”. And make sure that user is assigned to a vendor under the “Products > Vendors” section.

XD, Thanks! I tried only with “Vendor Manager” and “Shop Manager”. Now I saw the option.

Hello Feliperinaldi,

we bought the plugin – lichtbrücke-kurse – few days ago. The Payment with stripe works perfect, but we can’t pay the commission to our vendors. We cannot connect the Vendors with stripe express. We added an Vendor in Wordpress and Stripe but we cannot connect the account. We expectedt that we can linked in Wordpress the Vendor with the stripe Express Account… can be sure, that we are so dummy to find it. Can you give as an hint?

Cheers, Ramona and Olli.

We found the Stripe Settings in the Vendor Dashboard, but we are not able to connect the Keys. We were forwarded to the reg-page from stripe and all the posts were successfully – but the settings won’t displayed in our Wordpress Dashboard.

Hi Ramona and Olli,

I think I got an email from you as well.

The only thing that comes to mind is that there’s an error with your Redirect URI configuration on your Stripe Connect Settings.

Please make sure you follow the plugin documentation ( and use the Redirect URI as shown below:

Just replace with the URL of your WordPress installation.

If you could record a video of the problem you’re facing, as you’re going through the process, that would be very helpful.


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