Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

Stripe Connect for WooCommerce Product Vendors

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Important Update (17/November/2022): We are transitioning this plugin to simply become a plugin that will make transfers to your vendors, and allow them to connect their Stripe account (either through Express or Standard methods). The goal here is to be able to use the default Stripe for WooCommerce plugin to take payments, and then send funds to your vendors through transfers, based on the commissions they generated.

WooCommerce Stripe Connect is a payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce Product Vendors and it allows you to accept credit card payments directly from your WooCommerce online store. Accepts most credit cards brands (See Stripe for details.)

New (Version 1.5.0)

Vendors can now connect using their Stripe Express accounts

Added support for CVC field on saved cards

Version 1.5.0

You may disable automatic transfers by enabling the “Disable Automatic transfers” option under the plugin settings.

This new feature prevents vendors from receiving the funds right away, allowing you to transfer the funds at a later date, through “Bulk Actions” on the Commissions page, by selecting “Transfer with Stripe Connect”.

Please note:

  • WooCommerce Stripe Connect is a payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce and it is an add-on of WooCommerce Product Vendors.
  • Your Stripe account will be in charge of paying the Stripe transactions fees. Please take this into consideration when deciding vendor commissions.


  • Uses Stripe Connect with the PaymentIntent API.
  • Pays commissions instantly through the Transfers API.
  • Commissions are marked as paid automatically.
  • Customers don’t have to leave the site to finalize the checkout process.
  • Accepts major credit card brands.
  • Is compatible with Per Product Shipping, integrated with WooCommerce Product Vendors. This is the only way to pass the shipping amount to vendors.
  • Issue refunds automatically through the order page ( but transfers to vendors associated with a refunded order must be reversed manually on your Stripe Dashboard)
  • NEW : Supports Tokenization
  • NEW : Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • NEW : Supports SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

Create a multi vendor WooCommerce store

With WooCommerce Product Vendors and Stripe Connect you have everything you need to start building an online marketplace with multiple vendors


2020-06-28 – 1.6.0
New: Added ability for vendors to connect wiith Stripe Express accounts.
New: Added option to enable CVC field on saved cards.
Fix: Issues when changing subscription payment method.

2020-11-19 – 1.5.0
New: Automatic Commission transfers can be disabled and switched to manual transfers.
New: Ability to pay vendors directly from commissions page using “Transfer with Stripe Connect”.

2020-11-03 – 1.4.0
Fix: wasn’t accounting for new taxes settings from WC Product Vendors 2.1.21 and above.

2020-06-20 – 1.3.0
Added: Support SCA (Strong Customer Authentication)

2020-06-20 – 1.2.0
Added: Support for tokenization
Added: Support for WC Subscriptions

2020-05-14 – 1.0.1
Fix: Removed is_woocommerce_active() and replaced with class_exists(‘WooCommerce’)

2020-05-02 – 1.0.0
Plugin Created.


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