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Hello, do you return any flag for the successful or failed payment? basically, I am planning to use your application for my SaaS product where user will make a payment, once payment is confirmed – my online PHP application will enable user to login and perform other actions in my app.

Hy, how can I translate the text of the “Thank you” – Pop up – Window?

Hi, I have few pre-sale questions please?

1- Can this be intergraded with any email provider/crm platofrom like Mailchimp that every-time someone pays, all the info (name, email, address) goes to Mailchimp. 2-In the Admin dashboard, is there a way you can export all the data 3-In the Admin dashboard, can you view the order information (shipping detail, subscription detail etc) 4- Can all the orders be viewed in Stripe and Paypal dashboard as well?

Thanks a lot

I would like you to answer the messages I sent, I have been waiting more than two weeks for a response to my messages. How can I fix this message displayed? {“Status”: false, “message”: “Payment Could not be completed, please try again.”}

I wrote an Email – over one week no answer – BAD SUPPORT!!!

when you add BTC payment?

This looked so promising. I will ask my question and see if I get an answer. I am also interested in answers to previous poster’s questions. My question is can this work like a cart and allow the buyer to add more than one item to purchase. For instance a subscription product and a one time purchase product. Also after looking at the demo there should be a way in the subscriptions to create multiple subscription type products. And there should be options for setting an initial cost value (like a setup charge) and then a different price for the remainder of the monthly billings. i.e. Setup & First Month’s Billing $127 and then $27 per month after. When do you think you could add something like these features?

Hey – does this plugin support the option to renew all subscribers on the same date each month (i.e 15th) no matter when they sign up?

hi in your Stripe Advanced Payment Terminal in the admin i see it has stripe and paypal both but on the index page i only see stripe why don’t i see the other and is this easy to install on a website and if i buy this if i have any trouble setting this up will you help and or do you have a you tube video on setting this up with a voice some one talking let me know and does any one know of a hosting website i dont want boxbilling or WHMCS i dont want to have to pay every month i want to own my script my email is let me know

Can we set a fix amount on the price? I want all clients to pay $12 recurring. thanks

A time ago I have purchased this item:


In your documentation you nicely stated that if we will have any problem we should sent you an email to the provided email address.

I did that also very nicely, not one time but several times.

If you are busy or you don’t have time at the moment you receive the buyers emails you should at least have the good manners to reply. Pushing money in your wallet isn’t so difficult but giving support for your sold product is not your strong side.

I hope you understand that if you don’t solve the script lacks This application don’t satisfies the requirements and features you describe as selling stunt.

I am really disappointed about your behavior, but my problem is still there while my money is still in your pocket.

Additionally reading the other comments I can clearly see that this is what you do best.

I wish you a nice day


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Billing info:

How do we make this more international?

So, instead of just concentrating on the US/Canada, have different county dropdowns when UK is selected (instead of state) and placeholder etc change ‘ZIP’ to ‘post code’ / ‘postal/zip’

hey can you help me to install this plug after buy ?

can you please help me to install this script please answer !!


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HI, Can you please add SMTP function for sending (invoice) mail.


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How can we enable a shipping address for the customer?

Does he respond here? Is this supported?

Hi, I need the .htaccess file code . It’s missing. I need to use the mod_rewrite in .htaccess file. Thanks.


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Hi Devin – Love the plugin, I just have one issue I can’t figure out. I built my client’s landing page at I used your code and just built it on the index.php file. My question is; how do I turn the autofocus on the form off? It jumps from the top of the site down to the form immeadiately. Thank you for all your help and the awesome plugin.

Hi, does it support recurring payments (subscriptions) for Paypal? or only Stripe?