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Getting an HTTP 500 error when trying to access any file php in this folder on my server. My website and all other folders (eg, other folders that are on my server, not including this Stripe Terminal file) are accessible.

Only php files which are in this folder give an http 500 error

HI, fixed. Curl needs to be installed for php files to work

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i install this script but i got error stripe no longer supports api request made with tls 1.0 please initiated https connections with TLS 1.2 or later

{status could not be completed, please try again.”}

Presales questions – Is there a way to add input field where customers/users can enter custom amount than prefixed amount as shown in the demo?

Presales questions – Can I have different subscription intervals, For example: $10/month or $100/year?

I have seen that script owner is not present

Who bought this script, can answer this question, Thank you


I’m wondering if it is easy (with html and css) to update the design of the page? Are we able to set a success URL redirect after payment to a thank you page?

I’m wanting to also send the user a success email. Are we able to edit these email templates?

I have problem with Paypal…it doesn’t create new rows on Table payments after successful payment

I don’t know what’s happened but paypal sent me hours later the correct response. It seems ok