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Hello good morning I like your product but before buying I would like to know if it works in Sub Domino;) Thank you

How do you create a subscription? How can I have reoccurring payment the default?

When I try to test reoccurring option I get an OH SNAP with a name error popup… How do I fix this?

Hi I have some problem to set the Sfr currency. By adding the variable in “functions”: case ‘SFr.’: return ‘(SFr.)’; break; } } Under _currency Suffix;_currency symbol; _currency font awesome and also addinf the option value in “admin” file for the backend, the symbol does not appear in frontend..

Thanks for the support

is it protected from SQL Injection?

How to change admin pasword?

Hi. Does this code allow for payments via Stripe Elements? Regards Dave


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I’m UK based so want to change the STATE drop down list or remove it & change ZIP to POST CODE? – anyone done this? – all suggestions welcome – Thanks

Hi, I need a stripe payment gateway which could produce and send a bill/invoice (pdf format) as email attachment automatically, after payment completed. Does this script do it? Thank you.

how can i enable payment by mastercard and visa with paypal ?


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Real shame no support for this script – It’s really good, but no support is an issue!!

How do you set up custom variables with this script as i am finding the problem with using it comes from the fact there are no custom variables (like the site username or id) being sent to the sub so it can’t repeat as it doesn’t have the userid?

how to change page title? i have changed from admin but it doesnt work


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On the front end page, in the Payment Details, the Amount and Description fields are empty and does not show information set by the administrator.

How do I fix it

hi, i have a 2 question: I can add multi admin? And Can you add customization near the field of each “note for admin” client so that we can write a note for each customer?


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Hello, this software is simple and very good! I bought and use this terminal but few days ago facing big trouble with spammer fraudulent nature of card testing, it is thousands request per minute. Prevent it only disable terminal. I would like ask author make improvement for software with using ReCaptcha or other way protection, maybe same IP limit requests in some time or make timeout between send form action. I will be glad to hear from you soon.