Discussion on Stripe ACH module for Perfex CRM

Discussion on Stripe ACH module for Perfex CRM

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Do you plan on updating this module in the future? ( if needed )

Do I need to get the verification stripe deposit amount from customer for the first time ACH charge?

Does this module work on subscription? I would like to charge the subscription with ACH.

Hi there! Yes, it works

I am interested in purchasing. Is this still being maintained? Last update was 2020.

Hi there! Yes, it just works so no bugs to fix & update :)

Seems incredibly overpriced when the GoCardless addon for Perfex is $39. For anyone looking that’s a better option (link below). Volgot, if you’re not happy with the 40% of profit from sales, either find a new line of work, or find a new marketplace. We’ve bought countless scripts from Codecanyon over the years. Its always relevant who the delusional developers are, and believe me, they are extremely rare. Most are down to earth. We applaud you for finding another delusional douchebag with the overpriced WooCommerce script. Congrats on the 14 sales by the way! Enjoy your ramen noodles!

Jackson Pollock is overpriced, I think (link below). Maybe, you bought it already – and now no money left for the module :)

Thank you for the public proof! Absolutely insane and simple minded. Some advice: get back to reality and make a name for yourself before comparing yourself to Mercedes. Charging astronomically more and comparing yourself to those who have already paid-their-dues and formed a respectable reputation is an obvious and pathetic lose on your behalf. Right now you are a NOBODY with zero reputation. None. Nada. Zilch. Talk about delusions of grandeur! Lol!! Do you honestly think that anyone here reading this believes you don’t do this for the money? After complaining about Codecanyons seller fees? After this ridiculous (and delusionally “greedy” – your words not mine lol) overpricing? You’re living in your head and we all can easily see it! The only one who doesn’t see it is you. Good luck, you’re gonna need it. I’ve got a feeling you’ve been failing like this for a long time. I’m done here – you’ve been outed.

Thank you for your opinion! Those, who made already reputations, not in need to prove something publicly. Cheers!

I wanted to buy this but why is it over priced? It’s a single module but priced almost 3 times the price of the CRM itself :)

Thanks for your interested in this module! That is, the Stripe ACH Gateway for Woocommerce even more expencive and costs 237$ today ->

So, this module is in fact not “overpriced” but ‘discounted’ In comparison with others ;)

Maybe, one of the the reasons is that authors receive only about 40% of selling price after all fees, taxes, etc. You can always use contact form for any questions

Best regards!

Will this work with subscriptions?

Hi! Yes, it will work with everything, inc. subscriptions. It only depend on your Perfex CRM settings

The payments don’t post to the invoice. It does transmit data to Stripe and that is working but once the payment is made, the invoice is not updated to reflect the payment.

I will refund you support fee if all of these conditions will meets:

1. You provide me with the date you sent me a message via message system about help needed 2. You provide me with amount you paid for support (there is no one such exist, 149 is the price of the module, and support is included free of charge as my good will) 3. You send me your Paypal account via message system here 4. You remove unreasonable 1 star you rated

Otherwise, I would like to ask you stop spamming here. It looks rather silly, considering that the other buyers did not make any claims and are happy with everything

Sometime around December 11 was when the problems were noticed. We sent a message via CodeCanyon. Unfortunately, there’s no history they provide for when you do so. However, I will PM you our PayPal details. Thank you.

I can only see that one month ago you posted a comment, which I don’t have a time to read, and you never used support message system provided by Codecanyon here, otherwise I would receive your message by email, which never came

I don’t understand, can the customer self-enroll and self pay?

If you need more special support please use our contact form

Thank you for clarifying.

You welcome!

Where do I need to create 4 custom field?

Hi, and thanks for purchasing! Custom fields is feature in Perfex CRM. Please, follow this instructions

Thanks for the support. Can you explain how to generate Webhook key?

Please, use our contact form for all questions related to this ACH module. Thank you!

So does the customer first have to verify the bank account? They would have to wait for deposits to confirm in the bank account before they can make a payment by ACH?

Hi, thanks for your question! Yes, you have to verify the bank account

Hi, We have a payment gateway that we would like to integrate with perfex crm. this is the payment gateway documentation would you able to do it? and how much please.

Hi, thanks for your interest! Please, use our contact form for any questions not related to this ACH module. Thank you!

Hi. The plugin looks good, but I agree with others, the price point is too high for Perfex CRM.

The Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway costs 197$ and has 337 sales already, true, but that plugin was created 13 April 2017. So, 337 sales in 3 years, eh. You can beat that in 6 months or less by charging half. My opinion of course.

Best of luck!

Thank you very much for your interest to Stripe ACH module for Perfex CRM!

Unfortunately, right now we don’t need neither free business adviser nor free counter, we have already that in our team. But, if you are experiencing some financial difficulties we can make you en special discount – just contact us via contact form with a proposal of a suitable price for you.

Best regards!

I appreciate the offer, but we’re good. Thank you. Not trying to be your business advisor or anything, just opening up conversation, my opinion like I stated, besides you brought up the numbers in your earlier post 5 months ago, which haven’t moves since. Just commenting on that. I’m sure others will take you on this offer though.

Anyways, best of luck in what’s left of 2020!

Thank you very much! Will try our best. I wish you all the best during this difficult time for all of us..

Please let me know when you drop price :)

Thanks for your interest! of course we will let you know!

Looks good although I don’t think You will have any sales at that price. Good luck to you though

Thanks for your opinion! Woocommerce Stripe ACH Gateway costs 197$ and have 337 sales already. Best regards!

Hey, we like it but it is too expensive. Do you have any coupon ? :)

Thank you for your opinion! Unfortunately we don’t provide any coupons right now.

Congrats guys Good Luck

Thank you, guys!

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Congratulations, Nice Work, GLWS :)

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