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Hi, i purchased your plugin months ago, but now my client noticed a really anoying thing. I can’t make the links of the images to be _self. They open in a new tab, and in the options i can’t change this. Please send me instructions for how to do this.

Other question, is there any solution to make this plugin a little responsive?

Thank you!

Hi. i think i can help you. please email me to and i will try to solve your problem.

hi just purchased love the function adds exactly what i need to the website. but at first the gallery doesn’t reach full length.( theres blank white space to the right) but when i hover over the images stretch then the gallery stretches and stays at full width. how can i make it stay at full width before hovering over it? thank you

Hi Jeremy. i can help you, but i need to see your page with gallery. can you send me a link to please.

Still no mobile support? Android 6.0.1

i have updates, need your mail. send it here please:

sent you an email

Hi! This plugin is compatible with php7?

Hi! I have not tested it yet with php7.

I have a problem installing this plugin, Plugin Fancy Product Designed gives me error , it stops working

If I turn off when you plug the problem is solved

ok i have an update to test. i need your email to send it.

Is this still supported? Can it be set to full screen?


Is it possible to have the text appear in the middle of the picture not the foot?

yes you can change “Text block bottom” value for example to 160 to rise text

Hello, is there any way to set it so that each picture opens at a smaller size than default? Thinking instead of it going full and making the other image strips really small, that it goes around 50%. IS this doable?

So if the images were of smaller width they would open less?

Could you tell me how to add the maximum width parameter to tryout?

I have just send you update with instructions to solve your problem

Sorry another quick question, popped it in a separate comment for ease of answering. The slides don’t seem to be clickable on mobile devices, is this correct?

i have an update to solve this. i can send it to you. send me your mail to

email sent.

Hi just bought the plugin , but i miss a few things like 100% height on the images also in mobile the capton and the animation is not working not responsiv

Hi! Please contact me via email.

hi agin the demo there is what i need. the plugin should work like this

but with full height

Hi is this still supported?

I am trying to get it working on wordpress but the text cuts off and does not alow me to set the width of the text even if i set it, it stays the same? Using it in a divi block could this be the problem?

Hello…. quick questions…. Can the slider be made full width, like this example:

Can the images be linked to pages? or is it only used as a gallery?

images have urls, also you can set gallery to 100% width.


Stacked layout At ipad or iphone sizes can the slides be stacked vertically(top to bottom) instead of horizontally?

Pagination Is it possible to paginate the slides to show the first 5 slides then click to show the next 5 slides, especially when at mobile sizes.


Hi, i just bought this extension and wp 4.9.8 does’nt want to install it, why?

Hi! can you contact me via email: and make a screenshot with error message pls.

Hi, is it possible to add button and caption visible first? Thanks in advance

hello, sorry but i still waiting a support for the chrome browser problem?? Thanks