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love the streaming functionality but the skin/design you have chosen for the video player makes me want to gouge my eyes out (no offence) :)

any chance you can demo it with a more normal looking skin/design?

hehe I get ya…

but I doubt my business clients would be overjoyed.

I suggest you make at least 1 skin that’s “boring” so the people who buy it have an easy alternative option available, instead of having to fiddle around with css and javascript.

That is a good idea. I will see to do it. :)

I took your advice and added another skin. I’ll upload the changes soon. Thanks! :D

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks! :D

nice job.. but is possible to send a temporary link stream to others players?

like a ” rmtp webservice”

Point player to url http://www.wordpressbeta.com/files/video.mp4

i have a (best) player with preroll and ads, etc,... i can use this link video in my player?

Yes, it is indeed possible. You can stream any content from the content directory while the plugin is activated. It will likely be able to stream audio content as well.

I tried your demo page on my Mac and it worked with Google Chrome but it failed to play with FireFox 31 and Safari 6.1.1.

Also, I don’t know what skin you guys were referring to in the first comment but on my computer all I see is a grey box with no preview on any of the browsers that I mentioned.

Here is a screen capture: \\

I modified the skin as ‘pleiadene’ suggested. This is why you’re seeing the gray box. You can take a look at the screenshots to see the other “happy” skin. I will upload the modifications soon. There will be two skins available: a brightly colored one, and this simple one.

I will check for incompatibilities with the browsers you mentioned.

Thank you. :)

i have a question …

can i steam any video from the internet in it ? .. i want to be able to steam all kind of videos on my website without uploading them to my site or use much cpu/data from my server

You should be able to stream any MP4 format video. However, I cannot make a guarantee that you will be able to stream “all kinds of videos”. Since you want to stream from different sources, you might need to consider that some browsers may have a setting that does not allow this (regardless of the player). This should work for MP4 videos, for standard browsers.

Hi,Do you know about LiveU? (http://www.liveu.tv/) will I be able to stream using my LiveU server to this plugin using my LiveU Iphone app?

This is WordPress plugin. You might be able to catch an MP4 stream from a different server with this player. However, I haven’t tested this plugin with liveu.tv.

For more custom functionality, you might want to check out my Seekable and Streamable PHP Video Player.

is better for you to remove this infected content demo

Thanks. I removed the link (I did not update the WordPress version where I hosted the demo). The plugin itself should be safe.