Stream Play | Movies, Live Tv Streaming, Videos, Web Series, In-app purchase, OTT Platform.

Stream Play | Movies, Live Tv Streaming, Videos, Web Series, In-app purchase, OTT Platform.

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Stream Play | Movies, Live Tv Streaming, Videos, Web Series, In-app purchase, OTT Platform. - CodeCanyon Item for Sale

Stream Play will be one of the best on-demand video-sharing networks for live tv, movies, kids’ videos, sports videos, Web series, funny videos, video news, documentary videos. Stream Play is a powerful video-sharing platform with lots of functionality and a beautiful User interface.

We have implemented a super-strong video streaming player with lots of customized functionality to achieve smooth streaming. This video player support:
EMBEDED videos

Muxer and H264 video codecs are supported.

Our application is full of the coolest animations, transitions, material design, and nice and super cool UI that will give your application users the best experience when they will use your application.

We have designed an in-app purchase system from the server so that you can easily create a product on the google play developer console and update that in your admin panel.

Google AdMob, Facebook Audience Network, Start App, Appnext, and Adcolony are implemented into this application, and also we implemented fan meditation, you just need to configure those.

Admin Panel Login Access:

Username: admin@admins
Password: admin

Download Our Photo & Video Editor Application From Google Play store

Download Our QR Code Scanner Application From Google Play store

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Features List

    This application was created by Android studio’s latest version for the client side and then Laravel(Php/MySQL) for the Admin side.

    By purchasing our application you can easily customize this application and save your 200+ working hours plus tons of money.

    Manage stream It (Videos, Youtube, Posts)
    Manage Categories
    Manage Details
    Manage Notifications
    Manage Versions
    Manage Languages
    Manage Comments
    Manage Support messages
    Manage Users

    Android Side

    • Most Viewed, Latest, and Featured date list
    • Video Playback Support HLS, HTTP, Https, RTSP, RTMP, MP4, H264
    • Supports mp3 and aac type streams
    • Check Network Availability
    • Latest UI with Material Design
    • Easy Admin Panel with Latest Material Design
    • Facebook Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
    • Admob Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
    • UNITY Ads (Banner/Interstitial)
    • Ironsource Ads (Banner/Interstitial)
    • Startapp Ads (Banner/Interstitial)
    • Facebook Ads Mediation with Admob (Banner/Interstitial)
    • Unity Ads Mediation with Admob (Banner/Interstitial)
    • Android Studio Code (Recommended Android Studio Version – 4.0)
    • Bookmark your favorite radios
    • App comply with GDPR
    • OneSignal Push Notification
    • Firebase Analytics
    • All Device Compatibility
    • Easily Navigate With Navigation View and tabs

What You Can Get :
Full Android Source Code.
Full Admin Panel Source Code.
Documentation with proper guideline support for helping out if you are stuck.

Support Policy:

1. We value our client’s belief and that GREAT SUPPORT is key to success.

2. But we face fraud sometimes & many buyers with ZERO or HALF KNOWLEDGE or want many things FREE which were not included in free support.

3. So, first of all, we follow the verification process for each client, kindly cooperate in the verification process.

4. We provide support through Skype, Email, or Whatsapp.

Email: Skype: D-bug Station Limited Whatapp: +8801703825017

5. We may not respond to comments or provide support during holidays and weekends (Friday) Working Days: Saturday to Thursday

Business Hours: 10.00am-6.00 pm (+6.00)

6. As per Evanto policy installation/setup and customization/modifications are not included in free support. Free supports are only for any bugs/errors in original source code. We do not provide installation and customization in FREE SUPPORT.

7. Kindly read all the information about the product on the product description page and check what is included and what is not included in the product. Try to check all features and functions in DEMO.

8. If you want more features or need any kind of changes in the product, it will not be included in free support, we do custom work but you have to pay extra fees for customization.

9. We do not provide any kind of data and hosting/live server(we have added sample data for each product).

10. We are flexible for any additional customization or changes on products with additional cost.

Extended License:

As per evanto rules, you must purchase this item under an extended license if :

You plan to publish your own version of this template as a PAID app on the app store.

You plan to add IN-App Purchase to your own version of this template(which means that your users will stilling charged money)

You plan to sell your own version of this app on flippa or similar markets.

We are always here to help you. Customer happiness is the most important thing for us. Before you ask for help or support, please read the documentation (included with the downloaded item) and any additional information available on the item’s support tab to see if that answers your question. Also, see frequently asked questions. If you still need help, just send us a message via comments. Please keep in mind that customization, modification, and installation services are not included in item support.

See Item Support Policy for more info.
Version 3 
Ads logic changed
Series options added
tv player changed
improved performance
bug fixed

Version 2 
Ads Logic Fixed
Ads Network Issue Fixed
Player Issue Solved

Version 1 
Initial Release
Bug Fixed