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how can i change the streaming mp3

i got it tks

integrated with admob or not ?

yes integrated with admob

Hi, Do you have this same for iOS too? Thanks

No sorry

Is there anything different in full version compared to demo.apk?

hi i dont find where is the xml feed in project ? and your video of help is not complete :( , where to set xml of external files? can you send me example of xml file? thank you

pl. send proper error log

i get many errors in androidmanifest.xml

” cannot resolve symbol “tabactivity”” -----—webviewactiviy same all activity.

how to resolve this pleasE?

another probleme in android studio it tell me migrate to gradle!! how to do that please? im not android developper

your video tutorial is really not complete :(

pl. send proper error log

same here. I imported to Android studio and got more than 160 errors. such as Error:(47, 21) No resource found that matches the given name: attr ‘android:actionModeShareDrawable’., etc. Please help.

hello can i get a refund please ? no support no asnwer for all questions and only want to repair errors by asking for money and custom job


tell me please why app crashes after closing?

pl. send error log

If I buy the product will have full and sole right over it? Which license meda the game as unique in my country? Could you give me step by step translate into Portuguese for Brazil as I edit my interests?

pl. send DM

not open in android studio ? try to migrate to grdle fails….? any suggestions?

Hello, I know about app, I wonder one thing, I have a music streaming site, like to have an app to run all my music site in the app, this app allows this? Would have a premium support for this?

i cannot get this to work in Android Studio or Eclipse. Need Refund.

send us error log

Dear wpnova, i want change ID interstitial ads? Thank you;

Follow this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMzfhZJLpIM

Under string.xml you can change your interstitial id

hi how do I delete radio & podcast ?? I just want to add streaming mp3 only

Under Tab activity comment this two lines


RadioFragment.class, null);


ScanLocalMusicFragment.class, null);

Hello, i try to import to android studio 2.1 but not working, is the any import for android studio?

pl. send error log

how do i change audio streaming file i.e mp3?, is there any plugin required for wordpress?

it’s in app based contents. no admin backend

if i buy it how do i add music ? if there is no admin panel?

How do i to play from pls?

why may app can’t play automatic to the next podcast on rssfeedplayeractivity?

Does it support lyrics? If so then I will buy…