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Hello, I’m having a problem, the streaming of the application stops every 10 minutes, and you have to press play again, how can I reconcile it alone?

Hi, there will be an update for this in February.


Hello, now this problem is greater, the application closes suddenly. Any update to the app? thanks

. Greetings, can you tell me if this app is configured with admob, both banner and intertitial ads? To add the radios is an xml document used, which is uploaded to a service on the internet?

Please help, “GoogleService failed to initialize, status: 10, Missing google app id value from string resources with name google_app_id.”

¿Como cambio de nombre a mi aplicación? no funciona. Termina de compilar normal, lo instalo normal. Pero no suena, sale ERROR. https://prnt.sc/ic3wmr

Hello, I bought the application now 7/8 months, and I can not find it anymore? can you send me the application?

Now the app stops or closes when a notification arrives. I would need to solve this app.


Hello, I bought a few months ago this app. I try to create a new project using Android Studio 3.0 and get this 13 errors without touching the initial project. https://prnt.sc/is9b5j

how to change text “tap to play” to logo play and pause? hudan.imyu@gmail.com

Please Resolve, why this error show ?

Error:FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Task ‘prepareReleaseUnitTestDependencies’ not found in project ’:app’.
  • Try: Run gradle tasks to get a list of available tasks. Run with—stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with—info or—debug option to get more log output.


Information:1 error Information:0 warnings Information:See complete output in console

My Email: szulfiqar786@hotmail.com waiting for your response

Stll not response, anybody here ????