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uis304 Purchased

Hello, someone has the code for static background .. can you pass it to my email luisgutierrez.087@gmail.com

Hoi Wenn ich die “fertige” app für unser Radio in den Store hochladen möchte, motzt er rum das die App mit den Paketnamen existiert.

Wie kann man das anpassen? Wäre schön wenn du Antworten könntest.


ist erledigt ;) habs hinbekommen. Das update was du machen wolltest, behebt das die Abstürze und android7 Problem?

hello mark, can give me last update with static background and logotype, thanks my email es : lt.developer.pe@gmail.com

I will send now.

Hello. Update to a larger version of 1.0?

Hello Mark, can you mail me also the update with static background and logotype, thanks! tim@timmeijers.nl

The new version will coming tomorrow or monday. It will in the zip file.


tommmt Purchased

cannot load webradio url is http://radio.orf.at/player/radioplayer.html?station=tir or when i click play doesn´t start the radio???

Please help, how to change logo icon and how to change background picture? my email: szulfiqar786@hotmail.com

The new version will coming tomorrow or monday. It will in the zip file.

Please guide me how to change logo and also background image

Hi, I have a problem with the application, I hit the screen several times, and it returns to play streaming again and after this it is heard as 2 or 3 times as an echo.

The new version will coming tomorrow or monday. I think it will solve your problem.

Hi, Im asking for static background version for a while. I didn’t receive any kind of reply. my email is support@tribalhost.net . markO1337 is you think I have to pay again or pay an extra fee, please let me know


Still waiting for your response…

Hi … how do I update to the new version …. i also need help: P Thank you

Cannot start compilation: the output path is not specified for module “Desktop”. Specify the output path in Configure Project.

I created the application … when I install it says .. the application is not Installed. what to do?


Peger Purchased

Hello MarkO1337,

I paid for your Stream Radio – Single Station. I have couple of questions.

1.It will be easy for me edit stream to application? / I never used Eclipse and Android Studio /

2. Will be possible add different fonts / I am from Czech Republic and we using letters ěšččřžýůú /. Right now on artist and song screen showing correct letters but in different font and bold. It should be some true type CS font.

3. Can be added info page and Facebook or Twiter? Will be easy to add to application?

Please let me know.


Hi Petr, 1. Yes, there are tutorial videos and a PDF in the description. 2. Yes. 3. Yes for Facebook and Twitter, you can find it in the description. Info page cannot be added. If you want to add this, it can be done by a pop-up window for extra fee.

Kleines Problem:

1. Auf nen S6 Android 7 stürzt App ab wenn sie aus dem Hintergrund geholt wird. es kommt dann die meldung app wurde angehalten

2. Es kommt mehrmals vor, das leute bis zu 50mal oder mehr dann aufm stream connectet sind? hab gerade 43 mal Dalvik/2.1.0 (Linux; U; Android 5.1.1; HUAWEI SCL-L01 Build/HuaweiSCL-L01) und einmal streamradio/2.0 (Linux;Android 5.1.1) ExoPlayerLib/2.0.2 von EINER Person.

Woran liegts?

Würde es gehen ohne großen aufwand viell noch ne 2te seite reinzubekommen. wie mein vorgänger gefragt hatte ?

Hm, keine Antwort? ;)

auf den Screen bei den Beitrag unter mir sieht man es auch

Could you write in English please instead of German?

you see more than one listener on the play button in the mobile app


Hi, please send me your email address and we will discuss.

Hello Mark,

Can you help me add push notifications to the app inserting?

i testing this with firebase and onesignal but i have always a error

my email; bendig.hannover@freenet.de

thx for your help

or can you me insert the onesignal? I’m always crazy about the multidex would be nice if you could help me

Wäre schön wenn du mir helfen kannst – denn wegen den MultiDex bekomme ich das OneSignal nicht als Application rein


COTOBO Purchased

Error:This Gradle plugin requires Studio 3.0 minimum i have this problem i need help

Update your Androis Studio version to 3.0.