Stream Radio - Multiple Station

Stream Radio - Multiple Station

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2018.03.16. Bugfix (music auto stop), UI patch
2017.11.02. Android Studio 3 compatibility and GUI update
2017.01.20. If you got a google policy notification, please read this.
2016.12.10. Notification and track title detection function integration.
2016.10.20. Android 7.0 and Music codec update.
2016.06.28. Cyrillic charset update.
2016.06.27. External xml data source, codec, search function update.


Demo APK

Custom android based online radio streamer application. It’s can stream lot of file formats.

  • PLS (for the users)
  • M3U (for the users)
  • MP3
  • MIDI
  • AAC LC
  • AAC+ (AACP)
  • AAC ELD (enhanced low delay AAC)(Android 4.1+)
  • AMR-NB
  • AMR-WB
  • FLAC
  • Vorbis


  • External .xml online data source (with free online file storage)
  • Radio track title detection from metadata
  • Android notification
  • Search function
  • Supports error handling for network problems or bad streaming urls
  • Checks network availability
  • Easy volume control (with side button and touch screen too)
  • Special animated background
  • Supports background play
  • Supports interruptions and resumes playback (eg.: getting phone call)
  • Supports headphones being inserted and removed (radio stops when headphones removed)
  • Listing radio stations on separate page
  • Add default radio stations (the phone read from your custom list)
  • Users can add custom stations (local data storage)
  • Animated buffering
  • AdMob integration
  • Android Studio & Eclipse project
  • No programming skills needed (video tutorial link in the zip file)
Demo APK
  • What you get

  • Full Android Source Code (Eclipse and Android Studio version)
  • Step-By-Step Video instructions (youtube link in the documentation)
  • Step-By-Step documentation
  • Demo .apk file
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