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Hi, good morning, I’m having a problem with the package link down. Could you resend another link to alyson.dj@hotmail.com.

Thank you….

Greetings, can you tell me if this app is configured with admob, both banner and intertitial ads? Thanks a lot

to add the radios is an xml document used, which is uploaded to a service on the internet?

Please help me , “GoogleService failed to initialize, status: 10, Missing google app id value from string resources with name google_app_id.”

it does not work when I install it on my mobile

@markO1337, Hello sir, can you help me, the admob not shown on my mobile since I’ve first purchased this App almost 2 years now..

Email me please: butchfyller@live.com.ph


darko84 Purchased

Hi How change color for string “welcome_small”? Thanks

The Music cover detection not function.. please help..

@markO1337, my website has new window pop up when clicking the link or image, but in the APP Stream Radio 2, the link was stuck and not open to the desired page.. Help please..

I have new problem, when the player buffering then I’ve try to stop and play the music was doubled rumble.. Can you fix it.. Thanks!

already fixed the problem, but I’ve sent a message to your email, Please answer me back on it. :)


adabisnis Purchased

I use Samsung Galaxy Note8 with Android version 7.1.1. When i running your demo app, then open another application like facebook, whatsapp or another apps, a few seconds later streaming off.