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Please i want to change the background, can you please help me out? thanks

Please write to: mark.bus.it(at)gmail.com

i have to pay for this app only if you make posible , when you minimise this aplication and do somehting else in your phone , it will show in also cover album song artist and title in notification area bar , like :



Is it possible to add multiple webview pages? For example, Facebook, Twitter and website of radio station.


I can add, but then the page loading is slowest.

Thanks! I’m interested. I’m going to buy it. How can I add more tabs?

Hello! I want change background, can you help me?

email : info@dosceny.ru


You can find the background image in the res folder. If you replace it, it will be change.


I bought one of your products and needed a small customization.

When the current radio is playing, is it possible to show a list of upcoming audio?

hi. i m testing your app- before to buy. how can i do to conecct with facebook

You can paste your facebook url to the code. Then it will open to the app second page.

how can I change the background? please email me: anatoli.railean@gmail.com

just the background

Background with ot without blur?

yes, I want to change it to a different image

Hi, is it possible to use a url like this: https://archive.org/download/audiomlbible/ instead of radio station?

Yes, the online mp3 is compatible with the app.

How do I use online mp3 in the app? Could you please tell me where to put the online mp3 url? Thanks!

I am having difficulty with your code not stopping the audio when an event like a phone call occurs. How do I go about ‘fixing’ this issue?

How can use it without license? _

I have a license. How else would I incur the issue?


jmesrine Purchased

I need the version where admob is not on top of volume button… maybe admob underneath the volume. with some instructions I think i might be able to modify it. unique11210@gmail.com

jmesrine Purchased

markO1337 I modified activity_main.xml and bump up the third include to 100 layout weight, then I add a 50dp paddingbottom to the second linearlayout in main_last.xml…. i got this http://imgur.com/a/oCcNG .... should i be worried about anything, or will that work..


jmesrine Purchased



jmesrine Purchased

i still didnt get a respond from you via here and an email I send you. Im going to ask for a refund.

If I buy you help me put 3 menus? FACEBOOK – TWITTER – INSTAGRAM – CHAT (URL)

I want to change the background to a different image, not a blurred logo. How can I do this?


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Hey there, I’m somewhat new to android and I was wondering if there is something similar on this app to iOS in app purchase to remove ads? So a customer would pay $1 to remove ads. Thanks :)