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i dont know ho to edit the app i like your work if you can edit for me i can buy

Does it work on eclipse IDE?

Ok, thank you :)

Hi i would like to change the package name any tip you have?

Hi. You can change the package name in file “main-app.xml” and recompile the game

if i buy it , how can i reskin it plz ?

You need to edit source file “main.fla” and change graphics here

Hi. Can we integrations AdMob?

I don’t know

which programs i need to recompile.

Adobe Flash CS6 or higher and AIR SDK

Does this work with android studio?

bad how to, not even good explanation how to make this work. how to add files to flash cs6 how to edit add new Graffics and how to export to APK.


It’s a joke? My task is to make all source code was well commented, but I can’t to teach you how to become a programmer. Maybe I need also to buy computer for you to compile the APK?