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Hi, I want to exclude Tabs like “Category” from home screen. what can I do?

Yes, But only from home screen. I want only three tabs on home screens like “Recent”, “Featured” and “Favorite”.

You can remove it in PagerAdapter

Ok Thanks :)

i have an question. i wanna purchase this app. when you launch the next update with sub catagory, comment and like?

yes all class

oh no, you have do wrong way. Android studio allow you change package id just in the file. So don’t need change physical of class Following this tuts

check your mail please

Hello, How much does it cost to customize the app and install for me?

The application is dope but the CMS panel is basic.

1. Can you add an option for pushing notifications with links and images?

2. Can you add an option to share YouTube videos? Like a special category for videos on the app?

How much will that cost?

it cost about 150 usd for total Thanks

Will that include the regular license or extended one?

it is customization fee. Contact me to Skype Lrandom92 to discuss more. thanks

when you launch next update?

Where can i find admin panel demo?

hi i just bought this. I tried to install the admin server on my host, but it keep giving me internal server erorr. everytime i input data in my install/index.php

already sent. from

I replied you Thanks

thx it’s working now

i like your design app but i see typo favoriest needs to be favorites i want to buy but can i change language?

and is also possible to create custom ads so no admob or google ads just custom

problem solved :)

i wanna say something i tried dating apps on codecanyon and they all dont work BUT THIS APP WORKS author is very good friendly and gives support im happy with this app awesome app works great-—-

thank you very much Best Regards Luan

i want to buy your app .But i not know about developing. if i purchase this app then i need buy hosting server ? If yes, which is the best and low price to buy server.

this app not support firebase Firebase is fast but the cost of firebase is too much(it larger than a hosting much) you know. Also firebase pagination have problem Thanks

which package i need to buy on godaddy for ur app. I am totally new to this so please help me.. thanks

you should use deluxe package Thanks

Good day, I would like to know the total cost of the installation on my php server and also that they give me the signed apk and ready to upload it to the playstore.

the cost is 50 usd thanks

I’m interested in the installation and the apk to upload it to the playstore, can you give me an email so you can tell me what is the deposit procedure and everything else ?. Thank you.

This is my email Thanks


pimpi Purchased

very nice app great work i love it

thank you bro