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You have some great looking apps on here. Would you be available for hire for custom work?

yes, because i’m on vacation until the end of the month :)

Ok. Thanks. If you could, let me know if you can do the task described. I need to align a developer as soon as possible. Enjoy your vacation !

I already replied to your email

Hi, is it possible to post photo’s as well? that will be great.

Not at all if you’re not an experienced developer, and I’m currently not available for freelance work.

I hope you can add the image and text feature to make it more like a real social network app. If it is not really difficult.

it’s difficult and it’s not the original concept of this app.

Can you provide me the cloudkit version of this app?

No, sorry, for a couple of reasons:
1. Apple will reject your app because they don’t want users to be forced to login via iCloud account to use the app, stupid reason but sadly true :)
2. I no longer own the CloudKit versions of my apps

are you available for any customizations? email?

for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form. thanks