Discussion on Storyteller | Android Universal Video Sharing App Template

Discussion on Storyteller | Android Universal Video Sharing App Template

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demo app not working. not login work

write us a message via our profile page. we will help . send the error log.

Hello lovely app, please is this app allowed to have a messaging platform and a reward platform given to users that viewed Sponsored Ads? Thanks

Yes, we can make the reward system for you for an extra fee, please submit a ticket here :

Hello I am having a problem with uploading video, the problem is taking a long time to upload video and then shows error is this normal?

Yes, Please check you internet speed or your back-end, Its session getting expire due to delay, So ensure your internet speed or use small size video, then it will work.

is there a video backup or archive option for users? i may delete videos after a two years or so.

This feature is not available for users, but we can do it for you if needed. ;)

does this app come with control panel ? what if certain user were behaving bad on it ? can i ban them or delete there videos as admin?

yes, you can set a cell of a column calle isReported into true and hide bad users through the Parse Dashboard, it’s the database of this app. Users can report inappropriate contents/isers as well through the app

Hi presale question: Does this use firebase for authentication or is it custom backend code?

it uses Parse Server hosted on back4app, as stated in the Features section ;)

Hello, thanks for this awesome skin! I have one question, is it possible to limit the videos of each user to 10 or so? I have no android studio knowledge, but I am familiar with coding and using WordPress very good, I’ll be able to edit the skin, the categories of the videos..etc?

yes, you can do that with some custom code, and you can reskin this template as you wish (you actually should do that and should be familiar with Android Studio interface)

Great! Thanks for the quick reply! The custom code is a simple snipet or should I pay someone to write it for me? In any case are you able to help me with this? I am thinking to take the reskin road of 60$..

for customization requests please contact me through my profile’s contact form and i’ll get back to you asap

Is it possible to increase the video record limit to 1 minute?

Yes, although you may encounter a file size upload limit issue on a FREE plan on back4app, the max file size for a free plan is 20MB, if your 1-minute video exceeds that file size, your video will not be uploaded, anyway you just have to subscribe to a paid plan on back4app to remove that 20MB limit. If you’ll do that, then just edit this line of code into to allow 1-minute max recording time for a video:
public static int MAXIMUM_DURATION_VIDEO = 60; // 60 seconds = 1 minute

Hello. Is there a php base server for implementation?

Should we log in to for sure?

5GB 2000 video very small area

what can we do to accommodate our own server?

or subscribe for a paid plan on back4app to get more storage :)

Can I be present on my own server? inadequate space for such an application I think

you may check the official Parse Server guido to host it on your server, i’m not experienced with it:

Hey, where is the apk? Dropbox does not work

try it again, i’ve updated the link ;)

Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF


Do i need to make account on and put the credentials to this app? How many videos can be put in 5GB file storage? As it is mentioned that users can report inappropriate content, so how could i be able to review/delete that content. Actually this is newer concept and most guys like me are having too many questions for that.

Hi, yes you need to sign up on back4app. it may store around 2000 videos, and you can manage reported videos in your own parse dashboard on back4app.

super awesome!! This app can be used to make a closed group of people having same objective but Is there any way to provide access/registration to people after manual confirmation. There is huge probability that anyone without identity will post obscene content without any restriction.

Well, if that happens, like any other social network app, users are able to report inappropriate videos and make them disappear from the app, you must daily check your database for the isReported cells and watch videos, then delete them if you want and also remove the User from the User class if he’s bad ;)

My PC is very slow for the android studio

I’ve replied to your previous comment.

I have a problem. It is that I do not have an Android studio to edit the project and generate the apk. A question if I buy the script you can generate me apk for me?

Hi, the problem is that you need to reskin the app first, you cannot publish this template as it is, you need to change the Parse keys, configure the Facebook app, change name and app icons, splash screen and configure push notifications, so you need also a reskin job, which is a paid extra service. You may contact me by my profile’s contact form so i’ll get back to you with a quotation asap.

congratulation! doing good job keep it up.


Congratulations. Good work best of luck for good sale.


Great work, good luck with sales.


fantastic work, very cool ! i wish you big sales and a successful week :)



Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:



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