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Hi bro,

Can i make iOS & Android with this item ?

Hello, I can see about adding volume control.

The number pages is controlled through a variable. Just set the variable to 15, 50, or 100 to control the number of pages.

The sample story is just a few pages because it’s just a sample. For anyone that buys this template, I would assume you would want to include your own story ;)

I can also see about social sharing.

I dont know Corona SDK, can i buy this item ? Easy for newbie ? I hope you can add some button like Windown Media Player (Time bar, Loop, Volume control..) on the bottom. I will buy maybe on next version :D Thanks for great jobs. Blessings

Hello! I feel that Corona SDK is very easy for any level, but this really depends on your level of experience with SDK’s in general. I would strongly recommend checking out CoronaLabs.com as they have great information about their platform.

Is there a way to do it to where the change of pages is on touch instead of arrows?

Hello! Yes, this template gives the user the option to swipe through pages or use the buttons.

does it come with admob ?

I really intended this as a paid for product in the app store, but if you purchase it, I’m sure I can add it for you.

Hi, sample apk pls.

Hi! The sample can be found at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thatssopanda.patthecat. I thought by putting this in the live preview, it would take you to the google play store, but I’ll make sure to include this in the description instead.

Story is a bit short, but I think this a brilliant idea for kids! Perfect book, GLWS :)

Thanks! I kept the story short because I figured others would be including their own.

The demo looks great. I’m a Corona developer and had a storybook idea baking for a few months. This will allow me to focus on the story and graphics and not worry about the interface. I expect to purchase once my story is complete.

Great job!


hello, may it start the pictures scrolling from right to left?

Hello, of course! It’s easy to make that change, but you’ll have to edit two lines of code. You’ll have to change slideRight to slideLeft. If you purchase this item, I can help you make that one change.

good work can I just bought it!

Hello, I am a buyer of your template. How do I insert icons for apps?

Hi, to load and play music, you’ll need to call audio.loadStream() and then audio.play(). Corona supports most types of sounds, but some aren’t. What format were you using?

mp3 file background music looping. where should I put this coding? in main.lua? another thing. I’ve put my AdMob ad units in main.lua id. But it does not seem to be any panel or the like. How do we know that it admob panel is installed properly? Hope you are willing to answer …

You should start the music loop on the title screen and not in main.lua. You won’t see any ads from admob in the simulator; you’ll only see it once you put it on device. If you don’t see any errors in the console, chance are you’ve done it right but you should build for device to double check.

hi, have admob?

Sure does!

AdMob was added on March 05, 2015.

Hi, I would like some customisation to the code. I’ve sent you an email. Thank you.

Thank you for the purchase. We are communicating via email now.

Hi, great storybook app and I plan to purchase it. For Admob, is it support for both banner and Interstitial? Thanks

In order for ads.isLoaded(“interstitial”) to work, it must be called after ads.load(). Did you make a change to call it before ads.load()? If banner is working and interstitials are not, I’m guessing this might be the case since interstitials take a bit longer to download.

Hello, Can you show me how to call ads.load() and where I have to call it so the interstitial will work correctly. I have difficulties on this. Everything is fine except for the interstitial. Thank you in advance.

Can you send me the code you are using so I can take a look? Please use the direct message on code canyon and include your ad ids.

the apps is in lanscape how do i made it into potrait?

Hello, you’ll need to change the settings in config.lua to make it portrait. However, just changing the settings in config.lua to portrait will not be enough. This template was made for landscape mode and you’ll need to adjust the menu, the pages, and quite a few other items. I believe you emailed me about this and I responded to you via email.

Hi, I love to buy this app but my storybook is in Portrait. How can you help ? I am not a developer..

Hi! Did you email me about this? If you did, I did respond. If not, please message me directly.

Very cool app. Is it possible to remove the vertical borders so that each image fills the whole screen? I’m guessing I would just use larger images so that it fills larger screened phones?

Hi! Yes, you remove the sidebars (vertical borders) and create images that are larger so it fits bigger phones.

Hi Daniel

How do I change the admob banner position to bottom center?

I tried changing from “top” to “bottom” at main.lua line banner location = “top” (line 37), but it didn’t work.

Thank you.


Hi Daniel, yes I’ve tested on a device. What do you mean by duplicate. I’ve sent you a private message with screenshots. Thank you.

Just noting on here that a private conversation has been started and the issue will get resolved.

Absolutely BRILLIANT code – it would be fantastic if the code included a button on the main page where you can start/stop background music :)

If possible, (and if you have time) could you email me on cnmeyer1980@hotmail.co.uk and let me know how to add this – I have tried via the method I noticed that you advised in a previous comment, however, unfortunately when I try this it doesn’t work?

But, again, I have to say, this is worth every penny, absolutely fantastic code, brilliant little app :) thank you very much fir sharing this brilliant code on here.

Cheers and have a great day, Chris

Thank you! Sorry for the delay here, but I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

Will you be updating this?

Hi, were you looking for a particular feature to be updated?

I am new to Corona but have a background in programming. Is there a way to play a custom sound on each of the slides / pages? would this be simple to achieve?

Sure is! You would need to load the sound – https://docs.coronalabs.com/api/library/audio/loadSound.html – and then play – https://docs.coronalabs.com/api/library/audio/play.html – based on the page.