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i want to buy it. can you add sound objects in the story?

Contact on mail.

Hi there @ayanslab your script seems like it does not work with php version greater than 5.4. In my server, it shows http error 500 when i upgrade php version to any version greater than 5.4

If there is any specific server features requirements for php 7.2 please let me know.

Its work any version below 7.i f you have any issue then contact on mial.

The developer for this is very lazy, this thing has not been updated since Feb. 17. and it not working because most servers are running on PHP 7.1 or higher.

As soon as possible update..thanks

Hi sir, I have 3 or more license for this app including the one you costumed added small button for mp3 to play online story, now i see all my Android app use to work Current PHP version: 5.6 or … they do show pictures but no story text shows any more, kindly please update the app to work with proper PHP, Thanks in advance.

Yes as soon as update..thanks

Great, Thanks for the incoming update!


Hello, your script is the best but i have a question because i am still kinda new to buying of script. i published my app on Google play with the older version and i have posted over 100 contents before you released this new version. Please, do i have to repost or set up those contents again or there is i way i can import my contents to the latest script version. Thanks

If your app is good then no any issue. Just change minor design and add gdpr in android code

In this app admin panel are available for update the app

Yes this app with admin panel

Can we remove this images.. only story title are shown… Detail in screenshot.

Can I do it with your help or you will do this

One more thing latest story comes on topside or bottom side

Latest story come top

dear i am trying to upload php code in my hosting but its not working hosting says php file has virus

check this kindly resolve my error

Contact me on mail.

check email plz

Can you add image in the text?

Customization require contact on mail.

Hello interested to buy this app just have one question. Can this app work offline. Can users access all materials offline and how does the offline process work?


Yes work offline when user show story thats story only show offline first time load all data one by one via online

Author, u need to submit admin url soon

For security i can not give admin url

We need admin panel url demo

For security i can not give admin url

where is admin panel

See screenshot same as admin panel

Hi Sir, I have received email from google: is Adding the following line to the dependencies section of the build.gradle is sufficient? please share your word of knowledge…. ** dependencies { ... implementation ‘’ } * I try to see on stackoverflow this is the only link i got but this is for unity app, Thanks in advance Bro. ! * [Action Required] Switch to the Play Referrer API by March 1, 2020 Hello Google Play Developer,

We recently announced that we’ll be deprecating the install_referrer intent broadcast mechanism. Because one or more of your apps uses this intent to track referrals, we wanted to ensure you make the switch before March 1, 2020. After this date, new versions of the Play Store app will no longer broadcast the install_referrer intent after app installs.

Action required

Migrate to the Play Install Referrer API to track your app installs for the following apps and/or games. The Play Install Referrer API offers better performance, uses a secure communication channel between your app and the Play Store, and offers a more robust solution against spoof and attribution fraud. We know this change may require some additional work on your part and appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for being a part of Google Play.

OK thanks!

Fantastic, Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it!


Hello, I found your template and it looks perfect, the best design I have found but I have 3 questions:
  1. The images inside the categories, they look a little stretch. Is it something you can fix?
  2. You think it would be possible to download all data without need to enter each category?
  3. The search on the main screen can be changed to search the names of the stories? (Like the search inside each category)
Thanks :)

1.ok possible to change 3.possible

Can you update with the changes that are possible? Please, so I can buy it

Custmization require contact on mail.

I want to buy this app, but I want to make sure of some things: Are stories added online and shown in the application? And if yes, do you work without internet later? Is it possible to add sections? Are the stories a text and a picture or just text And why when running the application says there is no data until I try it

yes data show offline when you see any stories then show offline data

Why the app (apk On the application page) does not contain any story until you try it

may be some server issue so dont show