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Hi How to change the text color in the story screen?

Go to project > res > color open this and change color here…thanks

Hi can you plz show me some demos of this app or some other colors because i like the app but i dislike the color and thank you ;

you are such a good buyer Hell no i need to see before i buy that if you want me to :P

Hey i have more thing i have been made a mini software for your app data base it make adding new story’s and category’s too easy . so you show me some color idea and i’il give you my software for free to put it in your app folder :D

Contact on mail.

App is nice but lacks design… why dont you work on it. You will get nice Buyers. Me too

Thank you so much ..if you interested then tell me I do that for you ..

Do u have iOS version ?

No sir but if you want then contact me mail..thanks

i want to buy this app , but i want to know the ads demo . can you give me ads banner and interstitial show demo ?

I just bought a “storybook offline”, I felt confusion in making categories and linking to content. please guide. thank you

Follow document properly step by step …thanks

can you make this pap for me I don’t know any coding

Yes yes please contact on mail. Thanks

I can’t import the files into Eclipse correctly. I follow the steps of the document and I get some errors. What I can do?

Follow document ,more info contact on mail

still update? can use upload pdf?

No no if you want then modification require contact on mail..thanks

When the interstitial is showing up? only the banner ads that is showing.

Exit app showing

Plz dear update it to set images in stories .Thanks

Plz contact on mail

plz i want to purchase your code but i want to ask u how to change the database??? because i have just purchased code from someone but it supported sql and php language .i m used to change database with sqlite manager.thks

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still supporting? if yes what about android studio version? Thanks

Yes support android studio version 1.5 and above

Thanks, last question before buying your code: is it possible to add search in the story, i mean not in the chapters name? if yes i will buy it, and you will send me an android studio code with search inside story? Thanks again

Hello now only search chapter

Hello Author, This is a very good app. I want to purchase it. But I want to know if you can make some customization or edit a little bit. Below are what I wants:

1. I see the interstitial ads only load on exit, but I want interstitial ads to show while user read the app or use the app. I want interstitial ads to load time to time ..like 1 minutes interval. I don’t want interstitial ads to show upon exit. I wants it to show while user use and read this apps story.

2. When the apps open there I see few category, and when I click on any category it redirect me to another list of category, and when I click the list of category it opens the description. But I don’t want this 2nd part which is list of category. I just want the category which show when apps load and than when we click on any category it direct go to description…instead a list of category again.

Hope you understand what I wants, if not please feel free to massage me and than I will explain more.


Its possible contact on mail

hi send you an email, please check.

if its totally offline how would you using admob on the app? dont the admob works with internet connection?

Without internet not showing admob

Presale question: With this application can you create text and images eBooks with search option?

Please contact on mail .

When is the next update? The app code seems to be old

Contact on mail

do you have version ios

Please conatct on mail.

android studio project??

No but after Buy contact on mail