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Discussion on Stories - Laravel Creative Multilingual Blog

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I want to buy it, but have you any option for multiple author??


Sorry, we don’t have this option. All posts need to be published by admin.

I am testing your demo version, when some paragraph inserted to CKEditor from MS word file, some extra span tag and styling added. it make a lot of problem to write blog post. How it can remove it???? 2nd problem is unable to insert link in to a image. how can i do it

I check it, after insert link into image, image customization option not shows, only link shows

my requirement is when i insert some in editor from MS word file by copying, it will paste only with

tag. It is possible. I will style it in CK Editor later


We will re-check this issue.

Please add maintenance mode in next version

Because while I setup new site need to customize many things and the lincese already activate on production hosting not available for testing. So while preparing many customize on production need enable maintenance mode

please advise I need to use url friendly as endode for example


why % has remove


I think your permalink has special characters, so it’s URL encoded.

You can edit your permalink in post form, remove special characters.

If it doesn’t work, please create a ticket on our support center and give us access to your site admin, our dev team will check it for you.

thanks, it’s work. I just Turn off permalink automatic URL translation into Latin

Hello, i m wondering your script to buy but i found a problem or bug, i see that its not possible to change the permalink for multilang posts, all langs have the same permalink, its possible a quick fix it and have a different permalink for each lang keeping the relation in the hrflang links? Thanks


We can’t use a different permalink for each language. It’s just added /en, /fr… into the URL when switching language for now.

Hello, I have an existing website. I want to merge your product into my site and its dashboard. Is it possible?


This is a stand-alone script. It can’t work with your current site.

Hi there! We updated to the latest version and we face issues with articles:

1- If click edit on an article, the text no longer there.

2- We can’t copy paste article we wrote on word docx to the content section.

Any fix will be very grateful.

Thanks :)


It contains special characters from Word, so it will be removed due to security issues.

We can help you disable special characters filter if you create a ticket on our support center . It is not a good way, your site may not be protected, but you can use format from Word.

What kind of special characters are you talking about? Example please.


We are using Laravel Purifier to clean unwanted tags / characters.

It’s better for security and it’s recommended by Envato.

Check the list allowed HTML code here:

Could I customize the header and footer to follow the design of my website?


If you want to change the design, you have to customize our source code to change front theme as you want.

We don’t encrypt source code so you can change anything if you are a PHP developer.

It doesn’t work Please check and support me

We have replied you on Ticksy.

Plans to make a SaaS version?


Sorry, we don’t have this plan for now.

Hi dear Botble, thanks for great script. Can you please advise how to embed the mp3 into the page, please. Fyi, the media not accept mp3 type. Thanks.


Please create a ticket on our support center , our dev team will support you in this case.

Thanks botble, unfortunately, my support license is just expired and unable to submit ticket… it is okay, will hope your dev consideration to include the mp3 for page in the future update… thanks very much again.


We will consider it.


I love this software!

Tell me, does it support multiple authors like wordpress? because if it does I WILL buy this code now!

Do you plan to make this multi author in the future?


We will consider it.

Hi, if you make it multi author like wordpress, you sales will go up insanely. I am ready to buy, but no multi author, so i cant use it.

Hi, 1. Can I put adds in the home page or post? 2. Can I disable author profile?(In your demo, it’s located on the right side in travel section, in Home page).


1. We don’t have manual placements for now. If you use Adsense, try to use auto ads.

2. You can disable it in Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets.

I want to prevent other users from editing articles. Currently, even if you set the role to blog only, you can edit articles of other users.


Sorry, we don’t have this option for now. It requires code customization.

When you give permission Blog, that role can manage all posts.

I have multiple writers write articles, but it is a big problem that I can edit other people’s articles without permission. I’d like to fix it immediately, but can you tell me the location of the target source code because it will be fixed?


Sorry, we don’t have this option. In our script, other users are also admin, they can manage all posts.

If you want to change it, you can modify file platform/plugins/blog/src/Tables/PostTable.php

Do you preserve responsive Ad spaces support for ad codes (ex: Google Adsense)?


Sorry, we don’t have this option for now.

You need to use Adsense auto ads

Just add ads script in Admin -> Appearance -> Custom JS.

First of all, hello, google gave me a script code for ads, I need to enter this code inside the <head> tag, how do I do that?


You can add it in Admin -> Appearance -> Custom JS.

Thanks for reply, I wonder if your cpanel installation service includes an additional fee?


We are providing free installation service on cPanel hosting, you don’t need to pay addition fee if you need installation service on cPanel hosting.

After spending more than 5 hours and saving the article I wrote, an error message appeared and everything disappeared. Why is this?


Can you give me that error message? What it said?

I’m not sure what wrong, I think it has something wrong with installation, your session expired before saving post or your post contains special characters so it can’t be saved into the database.

How can we use google ads on it there is only custom ads option ???


Stories script doesn’t have AdSense manual placement option.

You need to use AdSense Auto Ads

Hello, What are the options of having my own custom design? a fully custom theme for frontend?


You can customize our theme in /platform/themes/stories if you want.

We provide full source code, no encryption.

It’s based on Laravel 8.x so you need to have Laravel coding skills if you want to customize our script.

Hi, We would like to need customization in this script. Please check our both customization, later on we will add more customization. Will you do these customization and what will be cost of the customization.

1) Need to change the footer style 2) Want to add a custom ads slot on every page. When creating a new page we can decide the position to put a custom ads slot.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sorry, I’m too busy with some updates and existing projects so I can’t provide customization service at this time.

Please hire someone to customize our script. They will need to modify our theme in platform/themes/stories.


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