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nice work mate . good luck

Thanks. :)

How I can add new books? Are there a backend? What I need to add a new book (psd, mps3…)? Thanks.

You can add new stories easily with drag and drop menu images to homescreen with StoryBoard. After than you can add a new ViewController and a swift file.. and reference pictures to it. That s all.. You need only jpg/png image files and mp3 (optional)... Thanks for your comment.

fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

Thanks :)

Are there a backend?

No backend. You can add pictures to folders on xcode project, so that it can show them offline..

do you have customized service?

It s so easy to add stories on app. So so easy. You dont need customizing service.

Support xcode 8 ?

hi kkusd. thanks for your comment. Imported code to xCode 8 and swift 3, and tested on a device. It gives no error on virtual device. THANKS.

Appstore link?

Hi touhidwib. Authors, generally dont upload to Appstore for some reasons. And we too. We didnt upload ios codes to appstore. We provide videos for demo of ios codes, and apks for android codes. Thanks for your interest.

Any update for Swift3? Please advise. Thanks

This version already works with xcode 8 and swift 3. Thanks.

Is using adbomb required? I don’t want ads on the app. Also, will it work for an ipad? Can the pages be landscape view only? One more question :), can we change the user interface easily? Thanks!

hi.. Thanks for your comment. Admob is not required, you can remove it blank on swift files. It works fine with iPad, but not as good as iPhone. Portrait mode is recommended, Landscape mode can also be used but not recommended. User interface can be so easily edited, as all your needed files are on main storyboard. You can edit it with simply drag & drop.

code support xcode 9 and swift 4?

hi kkusd. thanks for the comment. Of course it works with iOS 9 and swift 4. If you have any other question, please write to us.