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nice work mate . good luck

Thanks. :)

How I can add new books? Are there a backend? What I need to add a new book (psd, mps3…)? Thanks.

You can add new stories easily with drag and drop menu images to homescreen with StoryBoard. After than you can add a new ViewController and a swift file.. and reference pictures to it. That s all.. You need only jpg/png image files and mp3 (optional)... Thanks for your comment.

fantastic work, wish you big sales ;)

Thanks :)

Are there a backend?

No backend. You can add pictures to folders on xcode project, so that it can show them offline..

do you have customized service?

It s so easy to add stories on app. So so easy. You dont need customizing service.

Support xcode 8 ?

hi kkusd. thanks for your comment. Imported code to xCode 8 and swift 3, and tested on a device. It gives no error on virtual device. THANKS.