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why you dont have it on on google play or provide som link to test it you should do that if you want people buy your app.

Good luck.

Sorry for it.. I included it on website.. but must change it.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=aultoon.stories

We removed it from google play. You can test demo apk on dropbox. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajt8fysbp8fyqrv/storiesforkids.apk?dl=0

Nice, Good luck with sales.

thanks a lot friend.

Hello/ Can I add new storyes to the app? App have admin panel (server side) or not?

Now you are allowed to add only 1 (one) story, which consists of 12 or less picture pages. It s built with XML, that means, it has no admin panel. But I am working on it, I will change design firstly, then will try to add new stories and push notifications.. (this is my update plan, but I am not sure what happens because this updating time can take weeks for me.)

Updated it.. Now you can add 3 stories.. And you can send push notifications..

Hi, I am interested in your app. Pre sale question… how many stories can we add to max ?

By default, now you can add 3 stories. But, If you want more, you can add much stories. (If you know a little coding)

easy to translate?

Of course.. It is so so easy. See editable texts in strings.xml file. Then edit them into your language. If you need any help, write me.

Hi, can we increase the length of one story? Example the number of pages for one story? Also to change pages, does it use an easy swipe on the screen or a arrow button to change to next page and go to previous page, etc?

For the drawing, does it allow to alot of colours? Can you do custom modifications at an extra charge?

Hi muadmz. Thanks for your comment. Adding new pages is easy. Add images to drawable folder and write it on java file. I will also work to add more stories. But I dont think to add next and previous buttons.

I looked in to the app, a great app so far. I’m pretty sure that many people (including me) will buy your app if you find out a way for us to add as many stories as we want (with as many pages per story as we want) Hope to see the update as early as possible.

Thanks for your comment. Updated the app template. Now you can add 12+ Stories. And you can add as more pages as you want. Included also a new video on documentation file to show how you can add pages and remove stories. You can check its demo again. Waiting your feedback and good wishes :)

There is no english language voice in the app. Please provide me english language voice mp3.

hi afrozkhan. thanks for your comment. we included some mp3 voice files and some images for our app’s preview. you must change voice files and image files of app yourself. for example; if you added a story of “bear and man”, you must search its voice on the internet or, you can record it via any voice recorder app. you can look our voice recorder app on our profile. if you need any further help, please send us an e-mail. thanks a lot.

Hi, I downloaded the computer for trial but I am constantly getting an error. What is the reason? APK problem? Thank you.

Could you send me an image of the problem, via e-mail on our portfolio?

The APK doesn’t work

because we dont sign the demo apps, “demo apks” not working after a time. could you watch its demo video? It s the same :)

i can change lang? and change stroy lang?

Hi onurtasdeler. Thanks for your comment. Yes you can change the language. Because, this is a picture based app, you can write the texts on images.. If you have any questions, you can write us… Thanks.

if it is not available on play store then it means that it is not a good app

It s available on google play, but I hided it. You can test demo apk version of it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ajt8fysbp8fyqrv/storiesforkids.apk?dl=0

hello i have downloaded the demo version, but the app is crashing. can you send me a link to a working one

Ok. Tomorrow I will try to update it. Thanks

Hi. Could you check it now?