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Hi, can we or customers choose map service? google, yandex etc…

for directions? thanks.

you may do that, but you’ll have to know how to implement such map service or sdk in the code to replace the webView that displays the current Google map.

Only 1 image to upload per store?

Can we send push notifications to users?

Hi Team,

i have a query here,i have already used the latest version for this template however one issue here, for Iphone 5 above we are unable to take photos to submit the store. It will bounce back. is this because of bug?? if so, howto solve this problem?

appreciate your prompt reply, thanks in advance.

Hi, please check the Info.plist file, it must have a row called Privacy – Camera Usage. If it dorshave it, click on a + sign, scroll diwn to such option and select it. Then type something into it empty cell on the right: “This app needs to access Camera to upload pictures”.
Hope this helps!

night bro, issue with the new version. when rate a place the dots doesn’t work good. when try to tap empty dots this change to yellow randomly. peace!

ok, thanks for pointing it out, we’ll check it out and fix it asap.

Btw, easy fix: select each button, right-click on them (one by one) and remove their Referencing Outlet Collection in the black list. Then start from the 1st star button on the left and connect it to
@IBOutlet var starButtons: [UIButton]!
then connect the 2nd one and so on, so the array of starButtons will get the right sequence. Run your app and you’ll be fine.

can you do it on cloudkit?

no, because it requires a login/signup system that Cloudkit can’t handle in the proper way and Apple rejects apps then. Also this app must share the same database with its Android version, so it must use Parse SDK, which is faster than Cloudkit

Hi, When adding the image for the store does it have to be a certain size because when i add an image it comes up on the app as f i had never added a picture ?!

jpg is better, because its size in Kb/MB is always less than a png image.

{code server error.”} what is the solution to this because this keeps coming up on the simulator when i open the app

Have you replaced the App Id and Client Key strings in Configs.swift with your one ones?

I have added the stores but they are not coming out the app simulator i don’t know why this is ! I’ve also put the pending on false. is there something I’m missing ?

Have you replaced the App Id and Client Key strings in Configs.swift with your one ones? Have you submitted at least a first store via the app?

what about the gps coordinates? are them close to your current location, and have you enabled the app to use your location service? You can check it out in Settings on your device (the simulator doesn’t properly handle location, so you must test your app on a real device, also because the Simulator doesn’t have all locations, only a few major ones like New York, London, etc,)

http://i.imgur.com/zytlMJH.png i ve got this problem when i was build and run in my iPhone 5s

have you inserted an email address for the store in your parse dashboard? you should do that, the field must not be empty.

we’ll reply to your email.

Hi, My admob is not displaying and I could not found GameBoardVC.swift , I only replaced the configs.swift .

yes, there was a mistyped error in the user guide, the right file is actually Configs.swift. You must give time to Google server to process your new banner unit ID, it may take even 1-2 days, so try again tomorrow.

hey i download the last update and i have error xcode http://www.up-9.com/uploads/148570215163151.png

Hi, it’s bug from Apple with macOS Sierra, they haven’t fixed it yet, but we did :) check this video out: https://youtu.be/z2LemT1_LqA

I am trying to open the app but I am getting a Code Sign error, can you please help or give me some advice on what I’m doing wrong?

(Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1)

Hi, it’s bug from Apple with macOS Sierra, they haven’t fixed it yet, but we did :) check this video out: https://youtu.be/z2LemT1_LqA

is it possible to remove the google ad banner?

you’re welcome, we’re sure you’ll have so much fun with Xcode and swift ;)

its strange i followed the instructions again to delete the adbanner but its all gone to crap again haha ill send you a email so you can see how it comes up

We’ll reply to your email asap.

pre-purchase questions: #1-RTL Support, if not any plan to do so, if not any help or guidance for that? #2- If I buy the Regular License, and then I found that I need to buy the Extended License, can I upgrade? in other words would you refund the cost of Regular License in case that I have bought the extended one for example?

1. Yes, it supports RTL
2. You would have to privately contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll deal with that.

Great, I’m in. will buy soon. And thanks for the fast reply.

You’re welcome

good morning bro. how can i increase the 100 km limit? peace!

make sure your FB app ID is correctly set into the Info.plist file

thank you bro i try this. other question. how can I configure the app so people cannot have the same username? peace…again!

parse sdk already checks for duplicates so users won’t be able to sign up with an existing username :)

hi bro. question. i need to view all my stores not only stores near me. any help?. peace!

for customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form

Hi, how to modifiy the color of the app, im trying using storyboard but it doesnt appear options to edit the color, also it shows all the layouts (home.swift, login.swift, etc…) instead of one layout at a time

1. Please check this screenshots:
2. If you want top translate the app into one language only, just translate the red strings into the swift files and the texts into labels and buttons. Otherwise if you want to make it multi-langiuage with Localization, you need to do a more complex job, here’s a tutorial that may help you: http://blog.oskoui-oskoui.com/?p=8812 Otherwise please google something like “iOS swift localization tutorial”.


i followed your advice to change color on the top icons, and the categories background and it worked fine, but i cant change this part:

http://i.imgur.com/CKQzWk6.png ---------------- http://i.imgur.com/cQLybxK.png

i dont know if this is a default configuration for on selected action, this are the icons on the bottom part of the app, i tried to use the same steps for the up bar icons with no success

Please check this screenshot to change TabBar tint color: https://s14.postimg.org/3sueewelt/sample.png


im using the simulator to build the app, i created store using the simulator, also, i tried to input a store around this coordinates (wich appear on my simulator as location)

CURRENT GEO POINT: <PFGeoPoint: 0×610000223720, latitude: 37.785834, longitude: -122.406417> CATEGORY: DISTANCE: 50.0

I set the store to false on back4app, but still is not showing on the app simulator

is there a workaround, since i dont have an ios device to test the app?

Thanks in advance for your help

well, simulator is not like a real device, and if you don’t find a way to test the app on a real device, Apple may reject your app on submission, because one of the strict guidelines and recommendation they have is to always test an app on a real device, because the Simulator may fail on several functions.
Find a friend who can borrow you an iphone, maybe, and use it for tests, otherwise try to insert a Store in new york (40.7143528, -73.99291992) and when the app starts, choose New York in the list of locations offered by Xcode (in the console log, click the location arrow).

1.Hi i can see user can add store, so are they can delete their own store as well through app? 2. if i get both ios and android then just one backend for both right?

1. no, only the Admin of the app can remove stores from the database
2. yes, both versions can share the same database on back4app

if user wanted to delete their own store, then user should tell the admin to remove. so is that funtion available

No, because once a user submits a store it’s like a suggestion, the Admin is free to even not publish it for any reason, as it’s his own decision to even delete a published store anytime for any reason. Anyway if you want users to contact the admin you can still add contact info in the app description on the App Store

do you have installation server?

no installation server required for the database of this app, everything is handled by Parse SDK hosted on back4app.com, no php/mySQL required