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Yes. Its for me.


Great you like it. If you have any doubt dont hesitate to contact me.


is there any field in the admin to separate each product available to a particular shipping location.

for example, i can create several shipping location(region), and when adding a product, there is option to select which region has that product? so that when user select that region, only such product are displayed

Hi bukola

What you are asking is a magento core feature. I can update in next release to work as website instead of store views and then you can filter the products with product website option (see image).


Boas SilverStoreS

Is it possible to enable this only to customers landing on the wrong store?

I have a .pt, .es, and .com (international) stores.

PT customer lands on .com , extension detects by geo IP and displays the information (the user then selects the .pt store).

PT customer lands on .pt , extension detects by geo IP and doesn’t display anything.

PT customer lands on, extension detects by geo IP and displays the information. (The user can now choose the store).

FR customer lands on .pt, extension detects by geo IP and shows information (this user should select the international store).

This would avoid correct users seeing unnecessary info and promptly help users on the wrong store to the correct store. Also, is this SEO friendly? I imagine it is as it is in Lightweight I don’t think crawlers would get the popup

Hi Phones

In this initial release, the geoip isnt supported, but we have it planned in future releases.

With geoip, some of desired feature will be possible.


i have country wise store. it will be work like that? customer select store for country. like, Pls advice

Hi andstyle

The extension returns all store views to an entry popup. In this initial release the costumer have to select it manualy. I have plan to include geoip (based in visitor ip, a specific store is advised or similar).


Hi. Didnt have chance yet. Sorry.

Will this work for my situation? In my magento installation I have created two websites each with one store. I had to do it this way because I want to be able to allow customers to shop in two different currencies. You can only specify the base currency at the website level. Having two currencies in two different “stores” means having one base currency and then the other currency is displayed converted, but the customer still gets charged in the base currency which I did not want. I think this is confusing as the amount charged will differ slightly from the amount shown on the product. So, will this work in this sitauation … multiple websites?

Hi, the extension dont work that way. For that purpose we must change some lines of code.

For better understanding of your needs could you provide us the stores url’s?


Hey SilverStorS, I have the same request. I have two stores with its Subdomain and two different currencies and prices. I would like to have a popup in which there are two country images which they click regarding their country. It then should remember which country they are in a cookie or something and direct them to the correct store. This popup should popup again when they visit the store.

Would this be possible and how? Thanks.

Hi TheRuff.

Give me some hours to reply because we are fixing some servers urgent problems.


Can you give me your email than I can send you demo links that you can see what I mean. Just dont want to post them here.

Hi! is it compatible with 1.9 CE ?

Hi. Didnt tested. But I think that should work. Will try today. Regards

Thank you. Please test it because i need it for a project :) Let me know about , Alex

Ok. Will test tonight.

Hello. Your extension looks great, what i was looking for for a long time. One question, it shows STORE VIEWS? STORE? or WEBSITES available for selection? I am asking, because I have created multiple website, because each website is like each region… And customer need availability to select websites, not Store views or Stores. Thank you Regards

Dear Developer, also wanted to ask, if there will be opportunity to use not only Store views, like now, but also Websites, will it be possible to add Flags for each website, like now for Store views, and second is, will it be possible to manually call this page for selecting country? For example, if customer wants to change region… Thank you.


Yes, all is possible. Just need some time among all other projects to do this.


Hello. I have just sent You e-mail to Thank you.

can we select the store and then order from the store and then this order details goes to the store cc admin ?

Hi. This a default function of the Magento Stores. Stores views must be assigned/created via admin “Manage Stores” panel.


Is the GeoIP redirection part of the plugin completed yet? This is exactly what we need based on the link you posted Please let me know as wed like to purchase it.

please let me know.. it’s working right now.. i want to buy.. i want also see the demo. plese send me any live url. or connect me

hi im interesting in buying the extension. but the demo shows nothing as in thr screenshots. please provide a correct URL. my requirement is a mandatory selection of store view on landing page. the requirement is a little urgent. please resppond asap

Hi. Sorry for this trouble. I will update demo in next hours.

New demo at For demo purposes, popup will always be displayed in every page. This demo feature can be disabled in admin. Regards

Demo not working.

New demo at For demo purposes, popup will always be displayed in every page. This demo feature can be disabled in admin. Regards

Thanks for the quick resolution. Does the extension only link to the store views or does it also create a store view for itself ?

Hi, the extension “reads” the stores configurations and display the store views or display by groups stores. Check demo and change configs to see the output. Regards

Nice Work. Good Luck With Sale