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Hello, thank you for the good product. I have one problem.

the link to the site is:

the problem:

of incorporating your javascript files will not work. Can you help me?

<script src=”http://domain.delib/js/mrj…..</script>

Thank you

Hi man, the map don’t appear :/

Do you have skype? We can listen with it, so the support is quick ;)

Thanks J.


I would like to buy this item, just one question please…

is there any way I can add “URL” of my stores to their description?

I have used the DEMO admin, and yes I can type it there but would the link work ?

in an other word will HTML codes work in the store description so I can have a button or a text linked to the different store page ?

Thanks a million

Hi man, sorry for my late. You can set the link like you want.


after installing everything seems to work fine… Unfortenately the maps stay grey (front end and admin) after searching for anything… Database works fine though.

What can i do?

Hi man,

maybe it’s problem about charset, or you don’t search with right words. Another problem can be the php configuration, the google map library goes to connect with google and it needs about a curl lib, some low cost server doen’t have.

For the right answer I need some url to view.

Thanks to choose me.

Link to the example page is:

CURL is installed… doesn’t matter for what we search…

If you need ftp please send your eMail-Adress…

Hi man, sorry for my late. Look you don’t set default location.

It would be better to detect your address and show you what is around you.

Hi, you should have my address. So I give you,

I cant change Image Marker?

Hi man, yes you can. You have two options: 1. set the marker for all; 2. set a custom marker for every location.

Maybe you can’t change because you don’t have permission on directory, I don’t know that. I would need access to your ftp server to say that with absulutely precision.



hi i bought your store locator, but i have problem. The map does not show in my installation.

what have i done wrong? what am I missing?


Hi Emily,

the script tries to auto set the path of library, so it work correctly with a domain like: www.domain.ext (that is a example). So, maybe you need to change some code, if you want i can give you some help.



Thanks, i still have one issue now. I set lat and lng in code but the map is still grey.? not sure what I am doing wrong now :(


I found your interesting system, but has a problem in case of several stores on the map, it does not allow to click next to the map “in the box where we survey appear in the search” go straight to the store we want.

How you’d have to click icon icon to find the store you want.

else, in your demo, put images in desciption and marker, but only description appeared, and also put values ??for zoom “only the value of 50% and also 50” and did not zoom at all.

Hi man,

Yes true, I accept. Usually I set up this implementation if customer want that. I want to be really honest, that is my first script on this market place, so it haven’t all, but i can always write a code for that.

If you will buy i will can change it.



Hi, if someone is looking for a Store or Category of Business in a particular City. How can he/she find it with this App? :-)
Actually what people are looking for is a App, which people can find the Address, Telnr(click-to-Call), Website link of a particular Business in a City, further info they can find it on the website of that Business, if it exist, otherwise they have to build one. I believe you can do it, with 2 textboxes, SQL-queries and just display the Info. in 2 parts, first Name Business, Address & Telnr., if they want more, Touch! the Second parts displays more info. such as Website link, Opening times etc.


yes it’s possible. I need only the time to develope it ;) But Yes… I Can :)



I want to purchase this but I have a some doubt.

1. Can I limit showing maximum stores on front page (Currently showing 7 stores but what If I add 50 stores and want to show maximum 5 store list on main page & search result?

2. In Admin >> Add new >> Description, Can’t use Name or b /> < /b > code. It will be possible to use this code?

to make things bold (I mean Basic HTML Codes)

Hi man,

1. In this moment you need to change the code, or implement, but isn’t a big problem i think.

2. I remove HTML code, because sometime the code it doesn’t take correctly, so i remove it, but i can remove this limit.



Hi, is it posible, make a href dinamical, by id in marker infowindow?


Yes I think, all is possible, but you need to write some code I think.

Thanks J.

Can I use this on a Weebly website?

Yes, sure.

Hi, just purchased the script. and I have one request that you mentioned above.

I need to use HTML tags in Description section. Can you remove the limit or let me know how I can do it myself?

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, D

Hi, I could try. I’ll write you via email. Thanks.

Hi, I haven’t received the script. Can you send it to me when it’s available? Thank you,D

HELP! Are you available to help today.

I know ive never had this issue before as Ive worked with you on new functions many times. I tried installing the script here and I am getting the issue with trying to add a new location and I get a grey screen! Ive tried different postcodes and it always shows a grey screen


Something is definitely not right as this link should show a map of london

I tried to see your page, but there is a 404 error :/

Dont worry about it, the client wasnt happy with the locator so it was removed


Have set it up – but map fails to show up!

Please see

What am I doing wrong?



Hi, I don’t know what is the error. Read the code in the example, here all work all right.



Hi, We integrated this plugin in our website,but it’s shows error message like “Sorry! Something went wrong.This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.” and in console tab shows like “Google Maps API error: RefererNotAllowedMapError”. In our documentation, I can see “Google API V3 that means you need no key, you’re all set” how can i resolve my problem??

Admin login details: username : admin password : 12345

Hi, sorry for my late. I don’t see error now, are you fixed it?


We wanted to understand if it provided the ability to search withing a specific distance i.e. Vineyard within 10 miles of Prague.

Does it provide the following capabilities.



I sent a message, please answer.

hi ,i cant show the map :


jhovp2 Purchased

Why map not show?

The browser hangs when i search in the map

*in the backend