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Cool app Guy ! Good luck with sales !
If i buy this app could i add you on skype if i have some questions ?

Hi !
Yes you can add me of course, my Skype : moncocopilote

Great code :) I just added you on skype, i have some questions for freelance work !

How is the stores added? Xml file on server but can images also be pulled from server so you can add everything without updating the app in iTunesconnect?

In case of different cities does it have any “Within a 10 mile radius” option?

Hi ! The update is online ! Now the user can see his location on the map.
Have a good day :)

Ok great! Lets say that i want to add a store to the xml. Is there any way i can do that through a Wordpress for example?

My thoughts are like this:

App is live. I have a webpage with a WP install. When a user/store signs up for my webpage their content, name adress pic phone nr etc, goes into the xml file and the app will show them.

That is how i imagine this would work.

Is it someway to do this? Would it be possible?

Hi !
Everything is possible !
You have to create a plugin for Wordpress who create a feed with the store info.
Update a little the Xcode project and it’s done !
Have a good day !

does it comes with backend?

Hi !
This app works with a XML file, you put the file on your server, update the link to the file in your xcodeProject and it’s all !
To make an update, just update the xml file.
Have a good day !

Does this link in to with Maps to give directions? Or have a find nearest to me using Location Services?

Hi !
For this app you have to different map :
– the map for the single store who display the path between you and the store.
– the map for all the store who only display the user location and the store location.
Have a good day ! :)

Hi, great app!!

Before buy it. It’s possible (and not too much difficult) create a screen before the stores to determine categories of stores?

Could I complete information of each store? (like web, offers… )

Would you give me support to do it??

Thanks a lot

Hi ! thx men :)
Yes you can do it with some times and some skills on iOS development.
Sorry i can’t help you on it, i don’t have time this month.
Have a good day !

is it have directions from current user location to the place location ?

Hi ! yes i post a comment here when the update is ok !
No i’m not going to make categories and sub. add me on Skype if you want to talk about freelance : moncocopilote
Have a good day !

The update is online – watch the new screen

awesome, i will add you on skype: my skype is : Twaa9l


As well as stores, can it be used for restaurants, Banks, Businesses? etc like a business directory app?

Hello !

– Yes of course ! You just have to change the text for your business :)

Have a good day !

Hi! I was a buyer of your work! Again excellent! I have a question before you buy – 1 – can I add my new stores, pictures and descriptions to them, and to specify them on the map from the server? For example, if my application is already in the App Store, and I need to add new information, then I will be able to do it without updating the app store? 2 – I need to each store description insert html code, it allows the user to get a discount. This is possible in your application, what would he read html? here is an example of the code I use is <!- SaleTex-> SALETEX consultant – online sale <script type=”text/javascript”> (function(){ var sd = ‘js’, sw = ‘saletex.ru/forms/02/20/220/saletex.all.1402656656.js’; var sb = document.createElement(‘script’), cs = document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0]; sb.type = ‘text/javascript’; sb.async = true; sb.src = ‘http://'+sd+'.'+sw; sb.charset=’utf-8’; if ( cs ) {cs.parentNode.insertBefore(sb, cs);} else {document.head.appendChild(sb);} })(); </script> <!- /SaleTex-> Thank You

Hello !
– You don’t need to update the app on the App store to add store OF COURSE :)
– No html but you can add this, just change textview with web view on the app !
Have a good day !

Hello Sir!

Quick question, say I buy this code package, and set it up appropriately, will I have any trouble getting it into the Apple App Store? Just curious if they will reject the submission due to the app being constructed around a template.

Also, is there anywhere I could see an example (even a screenshot) of the XML file, I am uncertain if I have the knowledge to manually add locations on my own as I have 0 experience working with XML. Thanks!

Well I already bought the App, its awesome thanks! PLaying around with it right now in fact. When I update the XML file is it OK to add new fields like <ownername>John Smith</ownername> , or do I need to update this elsewhere too?

Again this is awesome! Thanks!

Hello !
– Add me on skype : moncocopilote !
Have a good day :) See u on skype !

Quick question, how do i edit the Home, Store, Map titles at the top? i searched the project for text and im not getting results. Are they on the storyboard? im not familiar with the new “storyboard” approach in xcode.

– Open MainWindow.xib
– Click on each Custom nav and you can change the name on top of it !
Have a good day :)


Can i hire you for modifications?


Hello !
Add me on skype : moncocopilote
See u on skype !

ok i send you an invitation!

Any plan for android ?

Hello !
no plan for Android now.
Have a good day !

I bought the code, but when when I keep the test with the app.xml pointing to the site of moncoco.fr. Any change, the app does not load content in the home.

Hello !
– We just test the app and all run fine !
– Can you give us more details ? iOS version ? which iphone ?
– Or add us on skype : moncocopilote
Have a good day !

Got this error.. File is not in the folder.

clang: error: no such file or directory: ’/Users/........../Storeo/Storeo/Storeo-Prefix.pch’ clang: error: no input files

After appname change, do you have a guide for what to change?

Hello !
– Add me on skype : moncocopilote
Have a good day :)