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Hello There are difficult to add location of the phone Is there an automatic location identification in php addstores.php

Yes, You can search location in add store. mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com for more detail.

i have problem with download, what can i do, even when i try, the download not complete

Please, try different browser for download code.

i try, there is an error in download link

OK,,, every thing done done, thank you


kastony Purchased

Hi, I’m getting a Could not cast value of type ‘__NSCFString’ (0×19ec66f18) to ‘NSMutableArray’ (0×19ec67490) when I try to open a store. Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance Antonios


kastony Purchased

found it, had to add store images.

ok. Mail me if you have any other issue on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Can I change apps color, logo , name ?

yes, i provide PSD with package, you can change in psd and reflect in app.

one more question before buying :p , did u use swiftyJson / Almofire to parse the json API ? pls let me know . Coz I am using CloudKit as my backend , these question might help me. thanks .

No i don’t use almofire


htngoc Purchased

Hi, I’m new member. I bought this app yesterday. When setup app, i have some problems and sent you 2 email for help. Please help me the answer. Thanks you.

ok sure, i will reply on mail

Is it possible to change the project I only want admin adds stores

What changes do you need ?

I want the user does not add a Store .

installed easily, both php and xcode ok. When I run and build, I see category and news data, but do not see any stores. When I do a JSON fetch they work from the dashboard… just not in software.. any ideas?

It is a stable version for swift-2. I sell application for Swift-2 only. Swift 3 will take a time may 1 or 2 weeks.

Awesome :) Great app!

Thank you

when updating the code, a bug in iOS 10

5 to 6 October

how many more days to update?

Sorry for delay.. its updated now. you can download updated version from your download page.

Any luck with working version for swift update ?

Yes, we are working on it. you will get update once we released


gostgy Purchased

im so sorry that but i want to download 1.1version but i can’t find that. can you let me know how to download that?

Sorry once you update the code you can not go backward until you don’t have that code. and i can not provide v1.1 because it cause error with new configuration as it is old code. for more detail you can mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com

Admin Panel URL : http://storefinder.freaktemplate.com

Username : demouser@gmail.com

password : 123

Note : This is a demo admin panel and served the purpose of testing only. : You can not edit or delete anything on this server. : You need to upload php script in your own server.

I need password for script

Username : demouser@gmail.com password : 123
This is username and password for script on my hosting server. for your hosting server (You can find this information in purchase package)
Username : admin@gmail.com password : 123

Hello, how are you ?, I need to ask you some questions before buying the application. For surely I need advice to add new features, image editing, etc. And I wonder if that service apart flanges. Because need to buy the two app for IOS and Android, but first I need to know these issues. You got some mail contact to communicate? Thanks

hay how are i can’t login using admin@gmail.com and 123

to the admin panel

Username : freaktemplate@gmail.com Password : freak@123

Hello, I sent you an email but I don’t have a response on your part. About the bugs on XCode. Regards, Julien S

I place the dates that i m on vacation for these days. i will resolve Xcode error very soon

Hi. Sorry about this comment but your app is not working. i am not happy to buy this app. Newrok problem,data problem,user edit is not working,i can not register new user…...

Did you have set .htaccess file properly, mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with cpanel details i will check

thank you. i fixed it.

Hi, I have few questions: 1. The database script that was provided is missing data, is there way you can provide me the database dump of the demo admin site? 2. While the authentication table has 2 users, but I can’t login using both users on my admin panel…the login page loads successfully and no error connecting to the database 3. how does the iOS App connect to the site? the constant file only has the site URL without the username and password to connect or WS call

....Again the demo data script will be awesome to have! Thanks!

Hi, would you please provide the PSD file? the link provided in the documentation isn’t working Thanks!

send you mail please check

Thank you! got it 1 other question: I think we’re missing the Facebook login steps, where are those steps? in the project Info’s URL types there’s an fb url but how do we integrate Facebook login with this app?


thanks for this nice code please i can’t add new admin and store map have java error and i cant add new store also for add store and user registration not working

i don’t think you have purchased the package yet

sorry i bought android version

Message me on android version please

Can you add push notifications for new news?

yes i can customise, mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com


momjaf2002 Purchased

Hi for registering error for both source code apple and android


momjaf2002 Purchased

and bought both source

mail me on freaktemplate@gmail.com with details i will resolve your issue.

I send it to you pls check