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Hello, pre-purchase question for localization of multi-languages 1. Is the localization string inside the iOS app? 2. If so, after app is uploaded to App Store, if I add/modify content from admin panel, should I modify the localization string inside app and upload the App again to App Store?

Thank you


1.) Yes

2.) There are some clever way to do it aside from reuploading the app everytime you add another translation or data translation. You only upload the app once, you can translate the app to different language but a little modification needed to be able to show also the translated data from the server. You can email us here for custom work.

Thank you. I have sent a email to you.

Ok we will check.

Hi MGAppcelerator,

How do I call to the second image in the array? I duplicated the code that exists throughout the app, but it’s showing the same image.


Photo* p = _arrayPhotos nil || _arrayPhotos.count 0 ? nil : _arrayPhotos [0];

Photo* p2 = _arrayPhotos nil || _arrayPhotos.count 0 ? nil : _arrayPhotos [0];

if(p != nil) [self setImage:p.photo_url imageView:_headerView.imgViewPhoto];
if(p2 != nil) [self setImage:p.photo_url imageView:_headerView.imgViewPhoto02];

Will the solution above work for SearchResultViewController.m?

In this example or another,

Photo* p2 = _arrayPhotos != nil || _arrayPhotos.count > 1 ? _arrayPhotos [1] : nil;

Also, thank you for your fast response!

Yes. It will work.


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mcrypt_encrypt() is deprecated :( Can we get updated php scripts for the backend on php 7.3 please :)

We havent added the update yet for iOS. But if you bought the Android version, the backend there is already updated and we remove the mcrypt usage to another non PHP libraries dependent encryption.


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I try to build the project by using my iPad for test, the Xcode shows the GoogleMobileAdsSdk version too old! How do I update the SDK by following the website ? I can’t find the “GADApplicationIdentifier” value to update the key.

Actually not useful. Not all logs written in the Xcode are errors or missing. It is just a debug log.

You can download the update here by simply overwriting the libraries.