Discussion on Store Finder Full iOS Application v2.2

Discussion on Store Finder Full iOS Application v2.2

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I had told many times earlier that if you keep on just using objective c it will be go out of market. I told you. Should have shifted to swift much earlier. Just a suggestion.

HI, I bought the iOS version – but I need you to do a splash screen for this iOS version. I also need the Android Version. Will email you. Thanks. Johan.

Hello, just email us. Thank you.

These guys are AMAZING.

Theyre helpful. They always come back to you with a reply to your message request (be patient). Their work is excellent. They are probably one of the best teams on here. 5/5

Why did you remove the Android version? Do I need to buy new one?

It is temporarily disabled. You can email us here

Can I edit this app using a win10 laptop? or I need a apple one? If i need a apple one, will the newest M1 macair work with this app?

For iOS, you need Apple. For M1, apple still working on it but you can do it via Rosetta

Hello, I would like to test with the app demo, but no data is shown to me. Can you help please?

for android i mean.. :)

Hi, ok wait. We will email you to send a new APK.

Will you update this app?

Hi yes we are updating it.

hello can we see a demo of the back end?

i have, pls kindly respond asap

hello, this problems can be solve ?

ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage – New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability.

Hi yes the same, the difference is the build settings. You cant just copy over the build settings because the cocoapods handles the changes. We also remove some UIWebview usage to a new one. Twitter SDK was change to better unlike before and some minor fixes.

i dont know about a deep technical but it sound good, thank you for all of the best thing you support us. your rock !!!! thank you MGAppcelerator.

You are always welcome. Thanks.

Any word on the update????

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Email us here with your purchase code

ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage – New apps that use UIWebView are no longer accepted. Instead, use WKWebView for improved security and reliability. Learn more (

How much of a pain is it to correct this? Apparently the date was moved up from December to this past March.

Hello, email us here. together with your purchase code.

Hello- A few years ago I hired you for additional manipulations of the app. I paid you extra to turn off the ‘request to access/use your location’ prompt. I am currently updating my app to the most current version, and cannot find where you made this change. Can you please advise? Thanks so much in advance!

This is served. Thanks.


Can you add notifications to the application?

Adding onesignal services to the application

hi yes, just email us here.

Does the code come in SWIFT or just OBJ C

Objective C

in the app, in store view, the are buttons for call the store, sms the store, website for the store, and buttons for Facebook & twitter!

But i the backend, when I edit a store, where are no field for twitter og facebook link!

I have also look in Mysql database, and where are no field for facebook and twitter link for stores

who to use facebook and twitter buttons for stores?

use last version, clean install


there is no field for twitter and facebook. The url used to share for facebook and Twitter is found at

Since the latest facebook API does not allow anymore to prefill text to share, so the possible solution we can do is using URL. and redirect them according to landing page of your app.

hello, long time no see. i am using v1, after trying upgrade to v2, it seem the back end not support thai, when i input thai in the back end it display only ??????? but when i input an english it display properly.


yes we did check it.

We dont have any issue with it just make sure:

You say the table is set to utf8 but you must check the column too. It can be the case that the table is set to utf8 but the column is set to Latin1.

So you need to make sure the table is utf8 as well as the columns, field declarations. like store_name, store_address, etc

Sorry we turn your comment to flagged.

Try it again in our server. We adjusted our encoding. It displays correctly.

What we are saying is do what we say and your problem will be solved. The solution is provided above. You are not validating our fix. Instead you keep comparing.

thank you for quickly reply

Hi. Can you add push notifications to this, i cant find if there are any.

Currently there is no push notifications in Store Finder but you can email us here for freelance work.

E-mail sent to you

Hello guys, where I need to edit in the php script to serve images trough a CDN url? Example photo_url (served by): https://cdn.... thumbs_url (served by):https://cdn….

thanks for your help. You’re amazing.

hello, does Store Finder v2.1 can work with xcode v9 ? i have only an old mac that can not install xcode v11.

thank for your reply, but i just buy a second hand mac. and right now i can install latest xcode.

You mean you cant install xcode?

yes, thank you. i can using xcode11 right now.

Hi, it’s possible to change the scroll of the gallery in vertical way?

We used view pager for the images. You need to convert it to recycler view/ list view.

Hi guys, I like to set the weather to a specific city. I found your answer (5 years ago) about this topic. You suggested to edit the WeatherViewController.m in this way (as example)

NSString* weatherUrl = [NSString stringWithFormat:” @lat=%f&lon=%f&APPID= ”, WEATHER_URL, 35.9509f, 34.3011f, WEATHER_APP_ID];

well, I tried to do it but the app still to show the location on where I am with my phone and not the destination set. Maybe on the version 2.0 this set doesn’t works anymore.

Could you tell me how to do it? Thanks guys,

Hi, thanks a lot. on my WeatherViewController.m row 192 I have

-(void)startParsing { NSString* weatherUrl = [NSString stringWithFormat:"%@lat=%f&lon=%f&APPID=%”, WEATHER_URL, 43.270183f, 6.640986f, WEATHER_APP_ID];

However, app still to show on weather the location of the phone not the city in France.

What I can do? Thanks guys.

find this line:

for(CLLocation* newLocation in locations)
        _myLocation = newLocation;

then change to this:

for(CLLocation* newLocation in locations)
        _myLocation = newLocation;

    _myLocation = [[CLLocation alloc] initWithLatitude:43.270183 longitude:6.640986];

works like a charm! Thanks guys!


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