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it is Swift based ?

Hi, Objective C.

i am trying to archive in xcode but i have this problem /Users/f/Desktop/StoreFinder/StoreFinder/StoreFinder-Prefix.pch:21:13: ‘FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h’ file not found

Hi, email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

You get this error when you have limited permission on a certain directory.

is it supporting 10.2 ?

Hi, yes it is.

how can i add sub-categories ?

Hi, can you explain a little more about call, email and SMS integration? That is can the user tap to call, email and send & receive SMS in the app? Please advise.

Hi, nope. Commercialized templates are those who are using WIX or any third party app generator. This template is not affected as long as you change the branding and app name. Do not attempt to submit the same app with the same logo and the same name in the AppStore. It will be rejected.

Hi, thanks for confirming that. I will email you for freelance work.

Any update coming soon. Would it still work on the latest OS

Hi, yes working on the latest OS.

does this work with the Android php back end?

Hi, both iOS and Android works on the same backend.