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it is Swift based ?

Hi, Objective C.

i am trying to archive in xcode but i have this problem /Users/f/Desktop/StoreFinder/StoreFinder/StoreFinder-Prefix.pch:21:13: ‘FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h’ file not found

Hi, email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

You get this error when you have limited permission on a certain directory.

is it supporting 10.2 ?

Hi, yes it is.

how can i add sub-categories ?

Hi, can you explain a little more about call, email and SMS integration? That is can the user tap to call, email and send & receive SMS in the app? Please advise.

Ok sure. Thanks.

I have just purchased iOS Store Finder and will try it this week. Thanks.

Hi, ok no problem. Thanks for your purchase.

Any update coming soon. Would it still work on the latest OS

Hi, yes working on the latest OS.

does this work with the Android php back end?

Hi, both iOS and Android works on the same backend.


explo5 Purchased

Hi can you list all the files changed in latest update? thanks

Hi, it is in the Changelog inside the zip folder. Just redownload it again in the Downloads page.

hello how can i use the php back end admin and data from the android version of this app to work in this ios app?

Hi, just install 1 backend then use the same url for both iOS and Android.

I need help to change the name it is not changing to the new name still icon writing say storefinder

Emailed you already.

hey bro waiting for your replay I want to upgrade

Hi, please wait we will email you shortly.

do you do UI modifications? i need some how much is that?

is it possible to have it in footer bar instead?

hello please replay back i need to complete this app asp thanks

Hi, we emailed you already.

Is a single panel used to control Android and iOS or does each app have its own panel? Thank you!

Hi yes. install only 1 backend and add the URL on both iOS and Android. It can be done via single panel only.

Is there no panel demonstration available to get an idea of what the panel looks like?

I’m testing locally with MAMP. The new database is working. I have successfully added new category from backend.

However, I have started adding new stores and none of them are appearing on the app. I can see them in the database, just like the new categories I’ve created, but they don’t appear in app.

I can also see that the stores I deleted in the backend are still in the database. There is clearly a problem going on. Any ideas?

Just doesn’t make sense that I can add/remove categories, but I can’t add/remove stores.

Hi, go to Settings > Nearby Radius. Try adjusting it to greater value. Maybe your stores are too far and cant included in the radius filter.

Ah that should do the trick. I’m on a small island so the initial setting were far too big. Problem was my simulator still had me in the US :) Thanks.

Cool. Welcome.

Great product and Developer Team redy to go for an upgrade!

Hi, please wait we will email you shortly.

Hi, I am considering buying this. If I buy this and the android version, is there a way so that when changes are made, that they can be updated to both versions simultaneously? Thanks

Hi, you need to use Android Studio to edit the UI of the app. Xcode for iOS. If you mean data content, just use the same url for both iOS and Android to have the same content.

is it supporting iPhone x

Hi, yes iPhone X supported.

Hi Pre Sale Question:

1) Do the stores are automatically added? 2) What are the available SMS integration? And also call integration? How it works?


1.) Stores are added in the Admin Panel. This app comes with a PHP Admin backend.

2.)Sms is for contacting the store via SMS, Call is for calling the Store hotline number.