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Hi my app has been rejected by apple!

From Apple 5. 1.5 LEGAL: PRIVACY – LOCATION SERVICES Legal – 5.1.5

Your app uses background location services but does not clarify the purpose of its use in the location modal alert as required in the iOS Human Interface Guidelines.

We’ve attached screenshot(s) for your reference.

Next Steps

Please revise the NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription value in the Info.plist to specify the intended purpose of using the user’s location while the app is in the background.


For additional information and instructions on configuring and presenting an alert, see the Requesting Permission section of the iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the Information Property List Key Reference.

Hi we replied in your email. It should be a detailed text inside .Plist description for NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription.

Tell the user how it wish to use the location. This is what we used always.

MY_APP would like to use your location. Background sevices allows you to show nearby stores. Continued use of GPS running in the background dramatically decrease battery life.

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I have an issue.

App is great and edited. I have launched in TestFlight.

All was working great and everything showing perfectly, until I added the 7th store and then suddenly it refuses to show, any more I add after will not show and no matter what I search, even the postcode of the actual store, it will not show. Is this common, is there something you can assist with?

Maybe this is an issue with the backend instead of the app, as it was working perfectly before.

Thanks in advance :)

Yes, this is in the backend problem. Common mistakes on this is the formatting done by copy pasting. Send us in our email your server url and we will look for the problem on the data. mangasaurgames@gmail.com