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Hello, i’ve added several stores that belongs to the same Shopping Center but can see only 1 of them. Can you help fix this? Thanks

Hi, email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com. We will check your server.

Hi, I have uploded the PHP files to my server OK. How do you upload images for stores? I cannot see Upload Image option. Please advise. Thanks.

Hi replied you already in the email.

Hello my friend, The new xcode update has many bugs. Can you please fix the errors with an app-update? thank you very much

Hi, Our latest submitted build were updated to newest settings. Actualy it is not error. It is warnings.

okay thanks. I will let you know if my app is accepted by apple.

Hi, yes it will. We just sent new app to them and they accepted it using our Store Finder app but different branding.

1) how to add Push notifications?
2) how to download the news text, not a link?
3) how do I add Google Analytics for count views?
4) how to close some sections for inApp purchase?

Hi, email us here because your questions need futher modifications in the app. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

pre-purchase questions. 1 – Is possible multi-language?, we have content in 4 languages (Spanish, English , Italian a French) 2 – can we custom icons and colors? Thanks


1.) Yes, Add localization on the Localizable.strings to support Spanish, Italian and French.

2.) Yes, Touch only the resources folder for changing icons and UIConfig.h for the colors.

Hello, if i buy both android and ios versions, can I use the same backend? Will it work?

Also, is login necessary for a user to use the app? Can I disable it?

Hi yes both version uses the same backend. We just include both backends on both item for user who wish to buy only 1 platform. Just put the same url on both Config.h and it will work.

No need. User can use the app even if it is not logged. They cant just leave ratings or reviews if not logged.

Hi Bro

I was able to do localization for the app in two languages but how to make the webview (news) in two languages? is it hard to do it?

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There is an easy way doing it. Email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

hi, after loading my backend on the server. Each button returns me this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_encrypt() in /var/www/app/application/Extras.php on line 18

How can I solve? Thanks and congratulations for your apps :)


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Hi there, I want to update the apps. ios and andorid and also php, could you have some tutorial arrund ther to share, thanks

Hi, you need a complete migration for the project file and the php admin backend because the latest project file where migrated to work with latest OS. So simple data changes like few files wont make it work.


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Ok, great, if something wrong happends let you know, regards

Ok sure. Thanks.