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Hello. I have an interest in your project. But I would like to know the PHP interface. Thank you.


damas Purchased

hello, when wi-fi is off (no internet connection) if you try to route a store, the app close, (Unfortunately, storefinder has stooped. ) can you help ?

Hi, ok we will check on it. Thanks for reporting.

Would be great if users could add locations to map via the app for admin approval and flag bad listings for admin notification, and also have ability to see map of locations on a website front end. Feel like these features would increase purchase interest dramatically. Thanks!

Hi yes actually we have prepared a new app for these. It is a different version but alot of functionalities added. Please stay tune. First release would be the Android version

Hi, I recently update google play services to the last version, now I get error at momet to build APK…. Android studio is keepin warning that getMap(); is deprecated so I search on google and found I need to use getMapAsync() instead.

So I change this line 364 on DetailActivity.java from: googleMap = mapFragment.getMap(); to googleMap = mapFragment.getMapAsync(this);

And it says it cannot be applied to anonymous.java.lang.runnable

Also on public void onMapLoaded() { line 378 I changed it and same error.

Please send me a fix, I really need it to build my APK with somes changes I did.

Thank you.

Hi actually we used that and it is deprecated because it is changed on higher version. The reason is we need to carry support for lower version. Using higher version on the map will make us the target build to higher version and will not be a backward compatible.

Is it possible to hire customization to add a product list to each establishment?

Thank you, purchase effected, I will contact you

Welcome. Ok let us know. Thanks.

I have write you an email. we cant build any application. there was any problems in android studio. please check the mails and write us.

Hi replied already. the fix is eaasy.


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Hi … what version of SDK to use to compile and mime summer compatible?

SDk should be 26.


bveneri Purchased

I can not run on android 4.2.2, what do I need to do besides add the SDKs?

Hi, it should be installed in 4.2.2 because the minSdkVersion we specified is 15 and the targetSDKVersion is 16. You can email us here your APK and we will take a look at your issue. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

I’m having this message error: resource android:attr/colorError not found.

Hi, can you email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com


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It does not work for versions below 5.0. I would like to resolve this. I want to buy the IOS version, but I wanted to resolve this issue first.


bveneri Purchased

Congratulations, solved.

Hello, 2 questions please:

1- how can i change the color in the php admin panel, the default orange color for another?

2- to change the language to spanish is directly in every .php document?

Best regards

Hello, thanks, the thing is, i had already changed that in custom.css but i didnt saw any result, but it was a problem of the caché of my browser, since in another browser it looks correct, with the new color.

Thanks a lot buddy, saludos

Just the other question, to change the language in the php admin panel, ¿do i have to change directly the words language in every .php page? for example in home.php

Hi, yes you need to change it every .php file. We havent integrated it with our latest app features that you only need to touch 1 file for it.