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Hello, my application is working properly, but when I add a new store and upload images, the image does not appear.

and one more thing, maps don’t display anything. I have followed the tutorial

We checked your server. You placed it in the photo url field. The photo url field will display for image viewer. The thumb url is for the thumbnails like in the list in the app.

I try to upload image link :

I want to send u screenshoot form my app. where I can send the image

I bro, i can’t login for admin (LIVE SERVER URL, Username, Password.txt), guest is okay.

Hi, you can use guest, then create a new account. Then remove the guest account after. before removing the guest account, make sure that the new account you made is accessible.

Hi guys, i would to like to set a specific location on the weather with this coordinates: 48.856788 2.351077 I suppose I need to edit Could you help me to set this? leave the answer here, may be helpful for others. thanks!

there is no admob and sms,,why are you decieving us..too bad..if you dont add it i will need my money

There is Admob. Did you setup your AdMob Account? To change go to Config.jav look for BANNER_UNIT_ID

There is an SMS, did you add SMS number in the Store Details page? Go the the Admin Backend, Edit a Store and provide a SMS number.

We are not deceiving you. Check you setup.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for keeping this updated.

I am a little confused. I have set up a test site and used the key from Mapbox in the config file, as stated in the help docs, you are now using this instead of Google Maps. However, on the test app it is showing a blank map with Google written in the bottom corner and in the build.gradle file it is still asking for a Google Maps API.

What should I do?



Yes, I did a complete new install of back-end, added Mapbox key to Config.php. But the build.gradle is asking for resValue “string”, “google_maps_api_key”,

Oh looks like you re confused.

Mapbox is only for Admin. This is because you need to signup now to get $200 free credits. Now this is good but some of us who dont want our credit card details flying around in the internet so that is why we updated to mapbox.

For mobile app, still we are using Google map as this is not affected and completely stand alone in each devices.

Ok, that makes sense now! Thanks for clearing that up for me. Keep up the good work.

what is the size of the apk?

Hi, 6.9MB

Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user

The issue is you did not assign a user to that database during database creation and database user creation. Head over to your cPnael under MySQL Databases section then scroll down below on assigning user and database.

Thanks ! Hope to test !!! Merci

Hello I have a problem. 1. The map works correctly before uploading it to the Play Store. 2.I upload my app in the play store and the map stops working

Hola tengo un problema. 1. El mapa me funciona correctamente, antes de subirlo a Play Store. 2.Subo mi app en la play store y el mapa deja de funcionar


Please help


can you email us here.

the images if they are uploaded to the server, but they do not appear to me


open Config.php in the backend. look for ROOT_URL

ROOT_URL = "";
ROOT_URL = "";

you can send me the previous version, it worked better this does not load the addresses in mapbox, since I live in Ecuador and do not map this area yet

hi. i get “failed to get data” in the app. i sent you an email. Regards.


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Hello! Your project is excellent, now I am working with Android Studio but I want to eliminate certain things such as stars, the number of images, etc. But when I delete it in the XML and it starts, it does not allow me to enter a post since it will remove me from the App .

Pd.: I tried to comment it in XML but it still generates an error

Might you help me?

Thank you.


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Hello friend, I am looking for the news module that is under “slider” since I would like to put the news module in its place … But I can’t find either one, could you shake my hand please?


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Sorry, I want to change the news module by the categories

Hello, this may sound a stupid questions but how can i hide the extras,weather and featured. Where can i put android:visibility=”gone” ? I tried, but still appear. Maybe i put it on wrong place. Hope you can help

Go to res > menu > activity_main_drawer_logged.xml res > menu > activity_main_drawer_not_logged.xml

Look for the entry you wish to remove and add the following inside the <item> tag

Hi I am interested on your product. Kindly let me know what will you provide and how does it work. Thank You

Hi, we provide the app source code and the backend.


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how to support turkish language? I want to change turkish alphabet. pls help me.

Hi, Go to res > values > strings.xml and translate the text inside.


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One question… No more updates for this??.. Latest version is from Jul 20, 2019…

We havent hve time yet to issue an update in CC but you can email us to get the updated code. Please send together the purchase code.

attach files in chat? sales stats backend for client?


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What are the changes to the latest version?

The changelog is found inside the zip file. From there, you can check which files were updated.


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