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Hello my Friend. How can i change the Store Finder Admin Backend? I want to change it to German. Thanks.

Hi, you need to manually translate the files. The backend is for Admin only.

yeah but which files?

Hi, all of the files.

How can i change SMS with Whatsapp?

Hi, you need to call the whatsapp URL scheme.

Can you give me a help ?

Purchased this app! I will be leaving a good review soon :)

The app seems to run flawless so far. There are only a few errors I have encountered such as:

- App Crash, cannot upload Profile Pictures - Rating a store bug, when rating a specific store it is not updated, then, rating a different store works and updates, then, rating disappears, then previous/first rated store is updated

In a Store Profile:

Call icon, SMS icon & GoogleMaps icon work correctly. Edit: All icons work properly if they have stored backend data in the admin panel! :)

Facebook icon works, Twitter icon works (have not tested real posting for lack of personal social accounts)

All other features seem to be working correctly. I hope you can help me fix those issues and I also have customization requirements! Thank you :)

Hi, for App crash on upload picture, we will check on it.

On rating, it is updated but the rating will be visible once it refetched again in the server. We did this because we dont want to keep fetching on the server on small updates on the app. So for example you visit Categories > show a store > tap the store and shows the details > create a rating > then go back to categories selection. When you select again a categories and a stores are loaded then it will be updated now.

Ok, hi it is me again :)

Question 1: Is it possible to change the KM to miles and it’s showing the correct distance, if so could you please tell me what files to edit.

Question 2: Instead of the news feed at the front is it possible to show all categories as I think that’s the best way to show this app. if so, again could you tell me files to edit. :)

Question 3: in the next build, could you please add an option to allow users to upload a store. this would be the best-added feature going.

Question 4: the search radius could we change this to an input field, for miles, if so, again please tell me the file to edit :).


1.) yes possible but you need to edit all portion that it calculates km to miles.

2.) Yes, you need to alter the code in the homepage. It is a huge modification because news is called and you need to call the categories for that. Not easy modification.

3.) We are considering that but no plans as of the moment. in the new app we are doing it is included but it is different app. We will upload it next week.

4.) Yes possible but instead of slider you need to call textfield for that, you need to check the textfield that it is accepting numbers. Then you need to call it and fetch the content and add some validation. Again not easy to edit.

Ok thank you for replying. could you tell me what files to edit for 1.) :)

Hello mate, do you have the plan to add a button in the Home page? first view? to launch search activity?

best regards

Hi yes but we are still busy as of the moment.

hi, I am just wondering if you got my email, what I sent yesterday and this morning.

Hi we are evaluating the email.

Hello I need to test the back end. Also I am asking if the app data if multilanguage so if it is rtl then categories will be written in arabic if the device is english then categories will be writtern in english ?

Hi, no. The backend only accepts one language. We cannot add multiple language and decode it in the app. That needs decoding time and when we display in the list it will take time.

The easiest way to add multiple language is by creating a separate database for that. Then in the app add the localization of the url.


I have a question about how it works.

I already have a website that it is a directory. How does your app work?

How can i get me website categories and create categories in your app?


In which email i can send you?

How can i see a demo of backend?

Hi buddy, i cant delete some images, and im trying to add another ones at 640×640 pixels but it doesnt work (delete and show the new ones), i deleted the cache on my phone and also deleted and reinstalled again the app in my phone with no sucess

Please, can you specify the ideal size for thumbnail, and the ideal size for large photo? cause even if i add some new photos in the backend, it is not showing on the app

hi what you mean cannot delete photos? Photos are not deleted in the database but only flagged as is_deleted = 1. Large photos are any size around 1000px above. That depends on you. Just consider that larger photos takes longer time to load. So those photos who are flagged as is_deleted = 1 is filtered out and wont be shown under a store.


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ok, 2 questions I hope you can answer.

1 could you tell me how to place the google ad actually on the store listing.

2 Will you be doing support for PHP 7 on the PHP back end.

3 also I emailed you the other week, I still have not heard back.


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Hi any update on this?


bfnt Purchased

Hi MG, it has been roughly been 14 days from my last original questions on this. Could I have an update on it? I mean if you don’t want to share it on here you do have my email address.

Hi, you can email us for your concern. We cant type long process here on how to and to guide you. All technical assistance will be entertained via email. Thanks.

I have problem with load profile picture when I upload profile picture and back to profile page the profile picture does not load. i go to database and see the photo_url = http://***.comupload_pic/photo_59a9474778b9f.jpeg as you see there is no slash between com and upload_pic . How I can fix it?

I solve problem sorry I forget / in php file

Ok cool. We are about to say that.

is it possible to addon a user own submission of store? thanks

Hi, it is for freelance request only. email us here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com


bfnt Purchased

I am also getting these errors, in pre release.

Galaxy Note3 Android 4.4 English (United States) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: twitter4j.conf.ConfigurationBuilder

Moto X (2nd Gen) Android 4.4 English (United States) java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: twitter4j.conf.ConfigurationBuilder

Hi, strange. Can you tell us that is this debug or exporting signed apk? maybe you did enable the minify?

I have a problem. heretofore app just for once when we open the app load data and after that used cache information but now every time we come back to home from another page , all data load again from server that leads to slower speed and dissatisfaction of users. how we can set to use cache.

Hi, maybe because you havent called the Databinding in the SearchFragment. Is this your changes trying to add in the app?

what do you mean? I have the problem in import step.

Hi, send us your problem here. mangasaurgames@gmail.com. Including your problem on import step