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Hello, I still have the problem with the installation of wordpress :( I have been waiting for how to solve it, could you help me? You have sent me a code for the .htaccess but I really do not know where to put it, in which case in root or in place? In the same way I did several tests but none works. Thank you,

Hi, maybe give us FTP access and we will look at it. If the wordpress configuration cannot be altered then we need to make the Wordpress site to be grouped in 1 folder and just make the URL rerouting.

Very good the app, would be much better if you can add the state of transit of different countries, greetings and good sales …

Hello, can you send me instructions of how can i rename the package name in android studio, because i want to get in android market… i have send you message in your gmail.

Hi, emailed you the steps.

Hi, presale questions

1-i just checked your apk, it is possible to go directly to the ads? cause now it shows a banner and some news stream, but i will prefer to open directly on the nearest location of the device.

2- the color of the app can be changed easily?


1.) Yes possible that needs code modification.

2.) We use theming for that and it can be change easily but for images that cant be handled by theming we did it by applying the color using Photoshop. So we guess if want to change that you will need to update the files too in the resources folder.

Ok, so the code modification for go to the nearest store directly? its difficult, or you can help me with that, i will need your both versions, ios and android.

best regards

Hi, just a little of work and cannot be done by few codes. We just charge small on the changes on the home screen.

Hi , can you send me how to convert it to RTL Completely , also what i need to change to be able to get it into the google market

Hi yes it is.

So I Need to know how to do it , also , I am thinking if you can add a functionality store registration like user registration , that will place the store in the database waiting for approval to be shown in the finder for public , can you add this functionality ,, my email is anwar.elsherif(at)gmail.com please send me

Hi, you can email us here please. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

URGENT: the pictures of the stores and news that we added are not showing on the app end. Kindly let us know how to solve this as soon as possible.

Hi, check your Config.php if the ROOT_URL end with a ”/”.

For example:

ROOT_URL = “http://my_server.com/admin/”;

Or check the upload_pic folder for read/write permission or CHMOD 777

Hi, we’ve tried them both but the pictures are still not displaying.

Hi, can you send your server url in our email for checking. mangasaurgames@gmail.com

Hi i want game like This https://goo.gl/aQPS3B Thank you

dear my team i need to buy this app please can you install me the system at all because i don’t know with how to user android app and other steps if you promise me to make me all and show me how to install i will buy

Hi , i am back after health problems , i need your help with some freelance job so i prepare a order and i send to you, Thanks :)

Your welcome.

Hi, you have a email from me. thanks :)

Hi, yes we are evaluating it now. Please wait. Welcome.