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How easy is it to add new stores?

It isn’t hard really, you have to edit a json file but it all comes down to copy pasting previous stores and editing the info. Everything comes in the pdf tutorial.

How simple is the user back-end? Is there some kind of management system?

This project uses storyboards which illustrates the flow of the app nicely.

Would you be interested in edit it for me? Making the way I need with the functionalities that is already in the app?

I am available for freelance work, if you are interested in custom development you can email me at toptemplates@outlook.com.

Hello, I am interested in your product but had a few questions. Are there already locations on the map or can I start from scratch? Can you change the pins on the map, if they are not restaurants? Lastly, do you have to put all information on a location; like number, email, etc, or can you just put what information you want? Sorry, I’m new to this kind of thing.

1. You can start from scratch and add any type of location you want, i just used restaurants to illustrate what the app can do.

2.Yes you can change the pins or any other icon with your own.

3. Things like email, number etc are optional so you can leave them out.

I am getting 4 errors when I did the first test. Are you available to contact with the screenshot?

yes, you can email me at toptemplates@outlook.com

Hello, I ve just purchased your app and i ve got an error at first building following the tutorial. I m using Xcode 8.2.1 : Error => Linker command failed with exit code 1(use-v to see invocation) Can you help to find out where this bug is from? regards

It all comes in the pdf tutorial, that error happens when you open “StoreFinder.xcodeproj” instead of “StoreFinder.xcworkspace”


Hi, presale questions

and the order to display the stores? how it works? based on geolocation? distance?

Does it have any push notifications? if not, how easy could be to add?

any plan for android version?

Yeah the firebase website has plenty of tutorials, this can get somewhat technical tho.

Hi, still doesnt have backend?

The app uses Firebase as a backend.

how many places i can add? 1000s?

I tested it with more than a thousand places and works perfectly fine.

any plan to update the code soon? XCode 10.2, etc?

Yes! I actually submited an update yesterday with Xcode 8.3.2 and IOS 10.3. You will get an email once it is approved.

For some reasons Envato is having issues with the recent uploads. Im re uploading it right now to see if it goes through this time. Buyers will get an email when it is approved.

Hi, when do plan to have Android version? Clients need to offer app on both platforms.

How many sales are you waiting for to offer Android version?

I don’t really want to put a number on it since I am working on other projects too and I wouldn’t like to let buyers down but recently a lot of people have been asking for it and Im considering it. However I think at this point I would create a new Store Finder template that works for both platforms.

OK, but don’t take another year considering it. Life is too short.

What was updated? I don’t see a changelog.

I’ll add a change log but mostly bug fixes and updated the project to Xcode 8.3.2


Info77 Purchased

How is this any different from Google Map’s Explorer feature? As Google Map app now showing all nearby businesses with directions, ratings and reviews… Please advice. Thanks

I’ve been asked that question before. Here is the thing, it might not differ from Google Maps too much but the huge difference is that this template is targeted towards people wanting to group certain places/spots. For example the owner of a fast food chain wants an app with his brand on it and only his stores on the map or someone that wants to upload all the gyms/museums/libraries in his area. It is a very versatile template.

Hi! How can I add / set Admob banners?

Hello. This template doesn’t have that functionality out of the box but if you really need it you can contact me at toptemplates@outlook.com.

Hi need help How to add app to Firebase. The Firebase environment has changed and instruction added to the app are incorrect. Can anybody explain how to upload app to the Firebase please ? Thank a lot

Hello, I just replied to your email.


Is it possible to connect the places with Wordpress (I’m using WP Job manager and Listable theme)

ANd about rating and comment at the same time (and show the rating and comment together?)

Is it possible to see the docummentation, to have an idea how to install it?

Hello. Unfortunately this template can only be used with Firebase.

I could change the comment and rating to be on the same screen but that would be custom development so it requires an additional charge.

Yes, the template comes with a pdf that explains step by step how to get the app to work.

Another Android one – Would you consider making an android one thats uses the same firebase database?

Hello. Yes it is something that has been asked before and maybe at some point I will if there is enough interest.