Discussion on Store Finder - Find stores around you - Swift / Xcode 12/ IOS 14 / Parse

Discussion on Store Finder - Find stores around you - Swift / Xcode 12/ IOS 14 / Parse

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Is there a projected timeline or release date for when you will be updating this? Thanks!

Aiming for first week of February

Thanks, appreciate the great work! Anticipating the update.

need google paid api ?

Hello and thank you for checking out my template. No, this version does not use google maps or Firebase for the backend, the upcoming update will use Google maps however.

google map too expensive for start business please use other free map api

You might be right, I will look into alternative options that I can include.

Hi, I would like to buy this app but i have some questions before to buy it, 1) DO you have google analytics integrated in this app in order to follow what people are doing on it? 2) Is it possible to filter by the opening hour. 3) is it possible to add more data than only google maps data such as adding some extra shop which are not on google maps ? 4) is it possible to use geo Localisation in order to get the direction from user address to the Hotel address Thanks

Hello, sorry for the delay. 1. This app does not contain google analytics out of the box. 2. No 3.Yes 4.Not out of the box but can be implemented

Thanks for your reply should we need to add store manually or is it retrieve from google ?

This template has its own backend so all stores have to be added manually

Good luck with your sales

Hi, im not familiar with mobile platform, but how possible this could be converted to PWA concept in webbased ?

The purpose is just meant for user to explore and post nearby store and enable review / likes dislike…. the concept of yours is great, simplicity of this developer is good too (

THank you


I am not very familiar with progressive web applications, I know how they work but I don’t develop non native apps. However I have seen much more complex apps made into PWA so I imagine this one could be converted as well.

Thanks for reaching out!

Great Template! But I am having issues adding places and Categories even after following the documentation. Was having an error which I managed to resolve after updating the pods, unfortunately in the backend whenever I try to add a new place/category through a new row the backend throws an error saying “Connected Databases are read only”. Thank you for your support.

Never mind, I cloned the Database incorrectly. Thanks! Amazing template 5/5

Glad that it’s working for you and thanks for the rating.

Hi, thanks for the instructions. I’m trying to compile and getting an error:

Template/StoreFinder2/Pods/Parse/Parse/Parse/ParseClientConfiguration.m:129:61: Incompatible block pointer types sending ‘void ()(ParseClientConfiguration *__strong)’ to parameter of type ‘void ( _Nonnull)(id<ParseMutableClientConfiguration> _Nonnull __strong)’

Hello there. You happened to purchase my template a few days after the release of the new Xcode update and iOS 14 so that is why you are getting errors. No worries, I am working on it and I will have an update ready in no time. Please email me to so that I can send it directly to you.

Is it swift ui?

Hello there. At the moment, SwiftUI isn’t truly ready for production applications. This template uses UIKit.

hello , im happy working with your application great work , i ran into a problem which is the search bar isn’t working well ,it can only start searching your places when you hit on order places button ( hitting by name or by distance it will start the search ) i would like to ask you for a help on how to fix this bug so the search bar works normally , thank you

Hey there, just replied to your email.

hi is it possible to use places api from google or apple instead of adding each place manually in back4app so it can supports widely range of stores ?

Hello. It is not possible, the app uses only Back4App as a back end so you would have to add them manually.

How hard is it to implement a show directions to map by Waze and Google maps?

It isn’t too hard but you need to know Swift programming.

Hi.. i have bued this and done some changes. Is there any easy way to integrate notifications to this project. I´m very new to program apps.

I’m glad you got them to work. If you need a counter for notifications, that would be custom development. About the translation and the map, I can help you with that but I will have to send you some pictures so that you know what to change. Email me at so that I can help you out.

will there come any android app

I will make an Android version but it isn’t under development yet.

Any update on the new version?

Hello and thanks for your interest. The new version is currently under development. I don’t have a release date for it yet but It won’t be too long now until it’s ready.

any android version?

Hello and sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see the notification for your comment. At the moment, I only have the IOS version available but an Android version is in on the list of things to come.

Howdy! A+ work on this! I have a tiny question for you -

Is there a moderately easy way to display the phone number, email, website for locations in text form instead of with the circle icons?

Hey there, at the moment there is no easy way to do that but I’m working on a big update that includes some design changes. One of those changes is replacing the icons for text.

Awesome! I appreciate the speedy response from you, and the fantastic work you’re doing. high-five

Another small question for you, I’m sure you’ve been asked already, but is there an effective way to sort locations by distance from the user location? I got it to work a couple times, but it stopped working for some reason. And the ability to search. :)

There is no way to do that at the moment but it is another feature I will add to the new version, same with the search function.

Another Android one – Would you consider making an android one thats uses the same firebase database?

Hello. Yes it is something that has been asked before and maybe at some point I will if there is enough interest.


Is it possible to connect the places with Wordpress (I’m using WP Job manager and Listable theme)

ANd about rating and comment at the same time (and show the rating and comment together?)

Is it possible to see the docummentation, to have an idea how to install it?

Hello. Unfortunately this template can only be used with Firebase.

I could change the comment and rating to be on the same screen but that would be custom development so it requires an additional charge.

Yes, the template comes with a pdf that explains step by step how to get the app to work.

Hi need help How to add app to Firebase. The Firebase environment has changed and instruction added to the app are incorrect. Can anybody explain how to upload app to the Firebase please ? Thank a lot

Hello, I just replied to your email.

Hi! How can I add / set Admob banners?

Hello. This template doesn’t have that functionality out of the box but if you really need it you can contact me at

How is this any different from Google Map’s Explorer feature? As Google Map app now showing all nearby businesses with directions, ratings and reviews… Please advice. Thanks

I’ve been asked that question before. Here is the thing, it might not differ from Google Maps too much but the huge difference is that this template is targeted towards people wanting to group certain places/spots. For example the owner of a fast food chain wants an app with his brand on it and only his stores on the map or someone that wants to upload all the gyms/museums/libraries in his area. It is a very versatile template.


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