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How easy is it to add new stores?

It isn’t hard really, you have to edit a json file but it all comes down to copy pasting previous stores and editing the info. Everything comes in the pdf tutorial.

How simple is the user back-end? Is there some kind of management system?

This project uses storyboards which illustrates the flow of the app nicely.

Would you be interested in edit it for me? Making the way I need with the functionalities that is already in the app?

I am available for freelance work, if you are interested in custom development you can email me at toptemplates@outlook.com.

Hello, I am interested in your product but had a few questions. Are there already locations on the map or can I start from scratch? Can you change the pins on the map, if they are not restaurants? Lastly, do you have to put all information on a location; like number, email, etc, or can you just put what information you want? Sorry, I’m new to this kind of thing.

1. You can start from scratch and add any type of location you want, i just used restaurants to illustrate what the app can do.

2.Yes you can change the pins or any other icon with your own.

3. Things like email, number etc are optional so you can leave them out.

I am getting 4 errors when I did the first test. Are you available to contact with the screenshot?

Hello, I ve just purchased your app and i ve got an error at first building following the tutorial. I m using Xcode 8.2.1 : Error => Linker command failed with exit code 1(use-v to see invocation) Can you help to find out where this bug is from? regards

It all comes in the pdf tutorial, that error happens when you open “StoreFinder.xcodeproj” instead of “StoreFinder.xcworkspace”


Hi, presale questions

and the order to display the stores? how it works? based on geolocation? distance?

Does it have any push notifications? if not, how easy could be to add?

any plan for android version?

Yeah the firebase website has plenty of tutorials, this can get somewhat technical tho.

Hi, still doesnt have backend?

The app uses Firebase as a backend.