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Looking forward to being able to add large quantity of data (~3000 records) in future releases

Hello. I haven’t tested it with such a large amount of records but there shouldn’t be a problem. Let me know if you run into one and I will gladly help.

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks a lot!

Is there a way to import records?

I have over 10,000

At the time there is no quick way to import. The only way I can think of is if you wrote some custom code to put your records into a json file then upload it to your Firebase database.

Hi, great script and it is good that you used Firebase. This could be a serious App.

Any chance that there would be an Android version?

Hey thanks! Yes if this one gets popular enough I plan to create an Android version and make a bundle.

I added the plist file to project and when I run project I get following error: d: framework not found Pods_StoreFinder clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

I am using Xcode 7.3.1

Hello there. Could you please e-mail me a snapshot of the error to toptemplates@outlook.com so I can start helping you right away.

Thanks for assistance. Problem was solved by your suggestion!

I really love the app. It has a clean, uncluttered look. Easy to navigate and intuitive UI. Looking forward to ability to search via categories. Or even better to add a tab showing the categories. Also would like the user to be able to navigate from their current location to the selected place. Finally an Android version would just be so awesome. Great App with great potential! Thanks!

I plan to purchase it but I have a couple of questions.

Does it work in xcode 8.0 and swift 3 ; How easy is to get the stores from an Api that I have made in php ;

Thanks in advance

Hey there. If you open the project in Xcode 8 it will for sure have some syntax errors because it was made with the previous release of swift. However next week im going to upload the updated version ready for IOS 10. If you feel like it you can buy it now as the update is guaranteed but you could also wait until it is up.

If you can program php tools I don’t think it would be hard to write an exporter to json. You can write a script that takes the information of your api and exports it as a json file, this way you could upload it directly into Firebase.

Xcode 8 & Swift 3? Does the update is out?

Hello. I have been really busy but the update is in progress and should be ready soon.

The update is ready now.

This apps use data maps of Apple Maps or Google Maps

It uses apple maps.

Hi does it support push notifications? For example it can tell users there are x number of stores in local area. Also where it has store text I’d just want to show an offer – text or graphic. Is that possible?

At the moment it doesn’t have push notifications, might implement that in an update. As for the text, yes you can use it for whatever you want.

Hi, is it easy to add push notifications to this project please? Many thanks.

Firebase has an easy way to integrate push notifications but the project doesn’t have a tutorial on it or provides them out of the box.

Cool, thanks!

Hi, is possible use languages in this app?, we need content in spanish and english

Hello. It is possible to add languages to the app, however it doesn’t come in the tutorial and the process is not that simple. Also the content that gets downloaded from the database can just be added in one language.

Hello !

Very good job, love this app! I got one question. How can I change the default view selected by the Tab View? (now, the “Home” screen appears first, but how can I make for instance the “Map” tab appears first?)

thanks! Bastien

Hello, thanks for the comment, Im glad you like the app. To change the default tab go to the swift file named “TabBarController” and there you will find a line along the lines of “selectedIndex = 1”. To change to the map, change the 1 for 0, to change to the news change 1 for 2. I guess you get the idea with that. The name of the file might not be that exactly but goes along those lines. Im away from my computer atm so I can’t check. Let me know if you were able to change it.

thanks for this quick answer! I found the line in the AppDelegate! It works as expected ;-)

Hello, can I change the order of stores by date ( newer first ) instead of alphabetical order?

Hello, unfortunately that can not be done because stores have no date attached to them, however it would be very easy to implement, might add it in the next update.

Hello. Do you have admin tool (web or app) to add content to firebase?

Thank you. Are you planning for Android version soon?

I wouldn’t really say soon but if it gets popular enough I would really consider an android version.

Once your app become comprehensive (iOS + Android + Admin Panel) you will get good sales.

hi, have you managed to make any of the planned updates yet please? Many thanks

At the moment the list is alphabetically ordered.

Can it be changed to order in a many the user decides on?

Sorry for late reply, unfortunately no, the list of stores is only ordered alphabetically. The good news is the routes feature has been added.

has android version ?

Hello, at the moment it is only for IOS.

Hi, As registration is not necessary to evaluate, can a user punctuate more than once an establishment? Many thanks

No, the app allows only one comment and one rating per store per user.

Would be great to see the addition of a simple feature in the app for the user to send the app owner details of a location to add. After that and the promised updates, the app would be complete then I think.

Yeah not a bad idea, might add to the list.