Store Finder - Find stores around you - Swift 4 / Xcode 9 / IOS 11 / Firebase

Store Finder - Find stores around you - Swift 4 / Xcode 9 / IOS 11 / Firebase

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Note: Store Finder will receive a big update soon. The social sharing feature is not working on the current version so keep that in mind if you plan to purchase.

With Store Finder you can find places around you, check their photos, phone number, email, ratings, comments and much more. No accounts required!. You can add new stores in a minute without releasing new updates. The app uses Google’s Firebase as a back-end. The project is universal, this means it will look beautiful on any IOS device. Perfect for chain store owners or anyone trying to create a useful app for their community. We envisioned it as a “restaurant finder” but you can add any type of location you want: hospitals, museums, gyms, you name it!


Store Finder Features:

  • Geo location: easily find stores around you
  • Routes: Get to the place with help of routes
  • No accounts: this app doesn’t require account creation for anything
  • Ratings: let your users judge quality!
  • Reviews: hear what your users have to say
  • Favorite: make a list of favorite places
  • Share: easily share on Twitter or Facebook
  • Email: users can send emails to the store owner
  • Phone: call the store with one tap
  • Description: add a description, opening times etc
  • Pictures: content is king, show your users what you offer
  • News: Keep your users updated
  • Website: add a link to the store website
  • Display your content beautifully

What you get with your purchase:

  • Xcode project, ios-10 ready, written with the latest release of swift
  • Clean commented code
  • Storyboards, auto layout and size classes
  • Sketch file with every asset used on the app and the design
  • A pdf with 20 pages of high quality documentation for non programmers on how to set up the app
  • Our support, send an email with your issue and you will get a reply in less than 24 hours

What you can learn from this template and the code: (for curious developers)

  • How to use Firebase as a backend
  • Populate tableviews
  • Load different types of data
  • Program animations
  • Set mapkit locations
  • Customize your apps
  • How to save data to Firebase
  • Create custom views
  • Make apps look great
  • Cache Images


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If your users are NOT going to pay for it, you can purchase the Regular License.
If you like the quality of my product and you are happy with the purchase please consider rating and leaving feedback as it helps me improve my product.

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