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Hello, can this software be used for multiple accounts? Such as saas setup with the extended license? Any payment option? Ever considered adding phone app?

Yes,saas model can be done. Payment for store creation is already available. We will consider creating mobile versions in future. Please send us a ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net regarding any other queries. Thank you.

hi is it possible to disable animation please ? :-(

sir please send us ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

hum, very angry , support is bad very bad

Hi, replied your ticket.

ok, i;ve tried to play a bit with your script, even on the demo i see some errors when i try to access invoices

i still dont understand HOW are the invoices created since i dont see an ad invoice buton

is this product live or is in some sort of beta release?

Invoices are created automatically.When a customer creates appointment.

Hello this code have thousand issue, and no update since january. support is missing. so please refund me please.

Hi there.our developers are consistently working to fix any issues. If you are facing any problems,please send us a ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

the custumer register do not support emails .com.br

Hi, can you send us a ticket. We didn’t face any type of issue like that. Thanks

dbcinfotech – You have not updated this code/demo since January. When can we expect to see an update on CodeCanyon?

Hi, we are working on a update. It will be available soon. Thanks

Hi. I am about to buy this product, but there’s one question. When can we expect an update to be released? Thank you.

Hi,Later this month.

Is there any SMS template option? What’ll be sent to the customer and will it be only the reminder or booking as well?

If you want this kind of features you need to customize the script.


Pre-purchase questions

When an event is generated which is its default state? Stores can add new stores or work only administrator? Stores can see other stores system? Where the available store hours are set, because I have not seen in the demo. Customers are added from the back end or administrator must register ?,

please send us a ticket at http://support.dbcinfotech.net

Hi, Pre purchase questions:

1 – is there any way to include a secretary login to be able to manage the schedules of the employees?

Example: I have an employee who is responsible for marking the schedules of other 3 employees. then through the system it could select the date and time, and also select which employee schedule that is marked.

Sorry for the bad English, I’m Brazilian, rs

Hi,No still there is not.For this you need to customize it.

Question pre purchase. If I buy now, updates and corrections will have to buy again or will be free?

Hi,No updates are free.But you have to renew the support pack to get developer support.Thank you


denyjav Purchased

I have some questions about e- mail sending functionality at the time it signs up an appointment: 1. Where and how to set up information about the e- mail sending server ( SMTP ) ? 2. The e- mail will be sent at the time that signs up the appointment or the day reserved for the appointment ? 3. Who will receive this email? The sender or recipient , or both?

Taking advantage of this message , I would like to know as well as adapt getting the time function and date , when you realize an addition of commitment , in which the date and time set by the time I create an appointment, early 5 hours show whether the actual time of my region . It has something to do with time zone? Where do I set ?.

Already I sent my support ticket by email. just check


denyjav Purchased

I resolved all my doubts that launched earlier, excete that was the datepicker translation . To translate into Portuguese the datepicker . Help me. It’s that small calendar which helps in choosing the day and the month commitment .


denyjav Purchased

You do not even respond . Just say they are analyzing ticket. I quit!!!

Extremely sorry for the late reply. I was sick for last couple of weeks. I am fixing it ASAP. What is your ticket number. Thanks

Hi team! I want to book a room. All fine. But I want to make it more expensive on weekends (the same article or room in this case).

Also I want to offer three periods of time, every day, Morning, Afternoon and Evening. (Can be shown as From 10:00 to 12:00 and… so on, intervals).

And every Interval would have its different price.

In total, the same room, but 6 different prices, depending the day of the week and the interval of time chosen.

Do you think I can do this with the plugin? Thanks in advance!

hello. i would like to buy script, but i see a lot of errors in demo. could you upload last and well working version as demo?

Hi, can you mention us the modules which is showing error? Thanks

Hello, I am encountering some problems: - I logged as the store owner, and created an employee. The registration was made with an excessive delay. After the registered employee not listed. But logging as admin employee appears in the list. - I have not found a place where I can register the services available in the store. Awaiting return thank you

I am disappointed with the support !!! They do not respond by e-mail and does not respond here on page

Hi, we were on holiday last week due to eid vacation. Can you provide us your ticket number so that we can look on the issue ASAP. Thanks

send an email again


mikgab Purchased

Hello I send to you several emails can you please respond

HI, replied your email. Thanks

What do I need for you to answer my emails?

I did not have any support, I want my money to be returned.

hi i am interest of buying it but first i would like to ask if the administrator can add a customer from back the end ? because i couldnt find a way to do it at your demo

Hi, currently store owners can add customers for their store. We hope to include the admin functionality in our future updates. Thanks

It has almost all the features I need but have few questions before purchase:

1. Is there a frontend booking form generator for customers to book appointment on a website?

2. Does it use Twilio API for SMS reminders?

Hi, right now there is no frontend. 2. It uses twillo to send notifivation after a booking is completed. Thanks

Will it be updated? I am waiting for SaaS features.