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This is a list of addons created for wowonder. :-)

1)Import and Invite Gmail Contacts

2)Facebook Invite Addon For WoWonder

3)Social Share Pro (whatsapp included) For WoWonder


5)Stop Spammer-Fake Registrations

Can you create this kind of feature ?

Disable change username Change the permalink url Disable delete post Disable edit post after specific time Add minimum character for status update add no index to the website Automatically convert link into Total Likes = Total Reputation Disable for general hashtag, hashtag can be used with specific hashtag name only Add trending topic based on hashtag

This add-on is updated for wowonder v1.4 and uploaded on codecanyon,And,after review process,update will available for download within 48 hours.Thanks!Have a Nice day!:-)

Good Morning, To use the addon you must create a whitelisted? As our programmer, it would be impossible because of the areas with particular servers. Could you help us?

Thanks, Lailton Sabino

Yes,My friend.I can help you!If you never mind.please send me cpanel or ftp details along with your website url link thorough contact form and also list of emails which you want to add in white list :) or send me list of emails which you need to add in white-list.I will send you modified version of file :)

Hello after I have installed this plugin, you can no longer register.

Why ask for help. My site

this addon protect your website from spam attack and also from unauthorized users.First you need to configure it.Please check documentation and follow steps.It will resolve any issue :-)

does this work like stop forum spam does with an onlineblack list

By using this add-on,you will able to allow only whitelist emails and even able to create secret private ntworking website!

does this work like stop forum spam does with an onlineblack list

Hello dear please can someone help to install this ad,i tried invain

Yes,I can help you!Please send your website Url and ftp or cpanel details,Please send details here>>


Please tell me how can I UNinstall the plugin (Ads Advanced For Wowonder )


Please take help from author of that plugin!

I have installed your plugin. It works fine. But when you create a new account with fake email there is no info about it.

Yes, I know. But if email is not on the whitelist there should be some info for user. I can see only question mark


I should be able to see that

You are a spammer etc etc. How to enable that function?

Hello friend,you forget to add language key!Plz open documentation,all steps are explained in details with help of screenshots!

I have one wowonder installation which is about to be launched and one more to install soon. My question is how bad are spammers for wowonder? If they are as bad as in Wordpress then I will purchase your extension. I am brand new to social networking platforms so I would like to understand how bad this problem is for me in the future. Thank you for your time. I appreciate your taking my question. ACrowe

Spammers are bad for almost each and every social networking script including wowonder!They use disposable or temp. email id to bypass verification process which is great headache for all website owners! This add-on protect your website from such attacks and reduce such spammer activities!

Hi, Good idea for your Addon. But to be really efficient, it would be better to create a blacklist. Lot of users have other mail provider that gmail, hotmail elses. So I have a spammer with a particular provider ( and I would like to blacklist him…

Whitelist is better option than blacklist!Because there are many temp email service providers which spammers use.And, it’s very difficult job to add all such services in blacklist.

Hello Author,

It is possible to set one email option? e.g.

How Whitelist work?

Please reply

Yes,It’s possible!

What is the use of this if we already have email verification process?

Please read description carefully, spammer use fake disposable,temp. or fake email ids to bypass email verification process and create fake account on your website and post spam.This add-on is helped to reduce such attacks.