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good . but me i want another . can you make the chat off i want to stop the system chat like facebook and i want just simple messages

Thanks.But sorry, I’m not available for freelance work.For any custom work,you can contact sngine’s author: http://codecanyon.net/user/zamblek

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Hey Author ,,

I have purchased Sngine script + some of the Plugins ...(top script ,well done author)

Just an Idea —what about some sort of plugin for ” Likes” + “Share” dedicated for “Sngine v2 – The Ultimate Social Network Platform”

“Sngine Likes ” ( thumbs up or thumbs down )

Just a thought ! ( I would buy it ,,if its around the same cost as the other plugins you have. )



Hello friends,

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Good day, Is it possible to use ” Support for Stop Spammer Registrations Addon For sngine” also for wowonder? If not, May you send me a link for the wowonder stop spammer or inform me when it is done to purchase it as soon as possible. Regards

May you send me the link when it is uploaded

Yes,I can :-)

Stop Spammer-Fake Registrations is Addon For Wowonder is available. :-) Please check this link for more details: https://goo.gl/EUoKk3

Hi I wish to buy but this is only white list. I want only black list. Is it possible to do black list only?

you need to add email domains in whitelist!It will save your valuable time!Adding email in blacklist is headache because list of such email domains is big!

Ok, Question: I have to add every Email Service I want white listed for AS I tried your plugin I get all emails as spammer shown if there not in the white listing ….even my own from my domains I have …


spammer warning message is used to discourage them from doing same act again!You can easily change this message with your own custom message!All related info. is given in documentation!