Stone Merge - HTML5 Puzzle Game (Construct 2/3)

Stone Merge - HTML5 Puzzle Game (Construct 2/3)

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Stone Merge is a simple and fun casual HTML5 game, it’s a game combination of Tetris and 2048 game with Drag and drop control.
Drag the rock into another one with the same number and color. After similar rock combine, rock color and number will be increased. Merge them into a bigger number!

This game has been developed using Construct 2 (r262) and Construct 3 version are available, only use c2runtime, since this game using third-part behavior called LiteTween, and this behavior are not ported yet for Construct 3 runtime.
Main Features:

  • Easy to play.
  • Beatuful graphics.
  • HD 720×1280
  • Sound and music
  • Easy to modify
  • Auto generated level list
  • Localstorage to save game data
  • Small file size
  • Events are optimized
  • Documentation
  • Construct 2 and Construct 3 file are included

Used Third-part Add-ons
Construct 2

  • LiteTween (Behavior)
  • Spritefont+

Construct 3
  • LiteTween (Behavior)


- Game Assets by ververver - Music by Eric Matyas
*Note: You need Construct 3 build service to generate APK (Android) file, so active Construct 3 subscription is required. you can use third-part compiler like cordova or phonegap, but is out of what i can do for item support if this game have a bugs or problem with other compiler.