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Hi aulton . this game seems like fun . good luck buddy

Thanks a lot. :)

^^ my pleasure

Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks a lot :)

android studio ?

Thanks for comment. :) Buildbox can export only for Eclipse. I didnt try Android Studio, but you can watch tutorials for it. Here an example tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyh7s9xIi4k

apk not working bro

So much thanks, I didnt notice it. Could you try now again?

you have nice app here…looking for match 3 game before i come i across you app…could you kindly consider Jewel Miner version of pokemon go match 3 Catch Monster like this https://codecanyon.net/item/gotcha-monster/17429226?s_rank=2 cos pokemon go is top of the chart and topic of game everywhere

yeah you are right and i highly agree with you that i suggest match 3 game Catch Monster like this https://codecanyon.net/item/gotcha-monster/17429226?s_rank=2 me cos i believe they might band pokemon go soon on store

Sorry, but I cant understand what you mean. Which other languages you speak? :) I guess, you want me to make a game like gotcha monster. But I cant build it from beginning. Because he used another software for it. And also we dont have time to build it. We are working on 2 different game templates. You can buy that friend’s template if you like it. :) If you want another thing, send me an e-mail, on my profile page. :) Thanks.

sorry for my english…thanks for your replys

What can guide his tutorial in eclipse ?

Our video tutorials show nearly all the customer’s need. From beginning, to the end.

For replacing Character And what backround can use the eclipse ?

For replacing character, or background, you can use any image editor app.

HI, Very good template and I am interested to buy. Before that I have few questions so can you please answer them

Is it iOS 10 compatible ? Can you provide Xcode project ? Can you provide Chartboost & Applovin ad integrated as I don’t want admob ? What types of design, separated or sprite sheet ? if sprite sheet then how many are there ?

Let me know soon as I am finalising template to buy here.

Thanks, Vinod

Thanks for reply, but you commented on wrong item. IOS 10 devices can download it. You can buy this buildbox template and can edit all ads. Buildbox is compatible with Chartboost and Applovin ads. Buy here: https://codecanyon.net/item/stone-age-rider-game-template-with-android-and-ios-codes-and-buildbox-file/18722130

Can I reskin it using Android Studio or Eclipse? Because I don’t have license of BuildBox

Yes. Of course, you can reskin with eclipse. But buildbox version is highly recommended. Thanks.

this is not working. i have reskined twice , but it is not working again.

I sent mail. Thanks

okey he fixed. this is working. great job