Discussion on StoCookie jQuery plugin - Cookie Law Compliance and Custom Notifications

Discussion on StoCookie jQuery plugin - Cookie Law Compliance and Custom Notifications

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good work, nicely done ! wish you big sales ;)

Nice work wish you big success !!!

Is this SSL friendly?

I didn’t personally tested on SSL, but I i’d say yes. It’s a simple javascript plugin to be included in the same domain of your site.

Nice work. Good luck!

Owns a auto-close after a while without having to click ok? If so, do you have any examples?

There’s the option “close on window scroll” with a small delay (not in the online demo)

Hi, nice script, works well, but the closer should NOT set the Cookie! Only the OK Button. How can I do this?

Hi, and thank you. There’s the mode option, which can be: ‘cookie’, ‘session’, or ‘always’. Use the setup-manager provided, you will find a dropdown menu with these configuration options (not visible inside the online demo)

I know this, what I mean is, when I click on the Closer x the banner should come again, as Long as I click the OK Button. Now I have the mod ‘cookie’ and when someone click the closer, he click the banner away but he had not said ‘I am OK with Cookies! ! I think this is not EU law conform. Only if the user klick on OK, the banner should not come again!

Ok, sorry, it’s because I’ve seen a lot of times the statement “closing this window, or going on with the navigation you are implicitly accepting the cookies”. But with a small edit you can avoid the cookie and use the close button just to close the banner, please send me a support request to get more info.

Hi, I have a pre sale question. Is this plugin able to stop all cookies until the user accepts the use of cookies? Regards & Thanks, David

Hi David, the script doesn’t block the other scripts, but has 3 callbacks: added, removed, accepted, so you can possibly load additional scripts after acceptance.

Hi, Does your plugin do multiple language detection, for counties with more then one language?

the plugin itself no, but you can initialize it with diffferent messages after detection.


where is the button to decline cookie and leave de website ?

Hi, please download again the item, I’ve just published the version 1.3, with some new options to define the button “decline”, and a new callback if that button is clicked.


this is good but not sure about one thing. This is is to only use by my site or anyone like site visitor can create notification for their own website if yes then is there any way to download this.

it is to only use on your website, the guests can just read and agree the message.