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Yeah well I’m not happy. I paid over a month ago for a sync solution, and now with the new updated to WC 3.0 still doesn’t work. It just spins and spins when I hit the sync button. I have no idea what it’s doing. It’s been going on now for 3 hours. I only have 400 products. PLEASE HELP!!!

Hello, please, send me an email on

Can not synchronize the price of the product? Only stock?

Hello, only stock, price is not supported.

I registered a product in the master store, but in the client store did not appear after performing the synchronization.

Hello, you must have same product sku in master and client shop.

But if I register a product in the master store, do I need to register with the customer as well?

Yes, plugin must be able identify product by same sku.

Hi, this is a pre-sales question. If I have 2 woocommerce shops in different servers, I perform a sales in my child shop, then will it update my master shop quantity immediately and automatically? Do I need to click “Sync”? I am just worried if there are multiple sales at master and child at the same time, how does the system knows which shop is updating the latest info first?

Hello, when WooCommerce change stock value for product, new value is send to parent eshop. Parent eshop send this value, to all connected shops.


We are having a problem with the sync plugin.

We have set two websites according to the documentation.

Can you assist?

Yes, please send me an email.

Hi, I do not understand, but sync doesn’t works for me.

Hi, I just purchased the plugin and had a question. If I have 2 shops; shop 1 with 5 of a product and shop 2 has 5 of same product. Would my master have 10 of those products and when shop 1 sells that product does the master than have 9? If not, is there a way I can use your plugin to sync products between store like my example? Thanks

Hellt, there is not way, how to do it. Master and others shops will have 5 products in stock.

I just purchased and setup per instructions. Does not sync. Only spins and spins.

Hello, be sure, that you have same sku for same products.

Yes, I have verified. It is now in its 12th hour and I only have less than 100 products. You said it could take a while. Is this normal?

Hello, please contact me via email

can it sync with shopify?

Hello, you can sync only WooCommerce shops.

Hello there,

Pre-purchase question:

1. I have 3 different shops(different languages, different domains, different servers). I can sync them all, unlimited shops are supported? Products with same SKU 2. I sync shop stocks with wpallimport with warehouse XML file. If the stock is updated in master shop through XML, will it trigger update on child stores through this plugin? 3. It works well with variable products?

1. Yes, but everything has a limit. 2. Plugin using update stock filer. So, if WP Allimport using right way to update stock, plugin will updating stock on all eshop. 3. Product variations have own sku, stock updating working same way, like simple products.

Thank you for your reply. What do you mean by “everything has a limit”? So will it work ? :)

PHP have a limits, server have a limits. When you connect 50 shops, there will be problem with lowcost hosting, because each change stock quantity means 50 http connects.

hello, i want to buy the plugin but i want to know a few things… 1. i have a master shop and i want to open a new one. your plugin open the products from the master shop in the new one? 2. if i change the product image or details in the master shop, it will Synchronized in the new store? 3. when someone make an order in the master shop, the stock will reduce in the new store?

Hello, plugin synchronize only stock level. Not images or text.

I have a pre-sales question – have you tried it with woocommerce composite products (composite products plugin by woocommerce)?

No, i dont.


For Stock Sync for Woocommerce, I understand the is syncing from master to childs and childs to master. Question: it sync between childs as well?

Thanks, Luigi

Hello, child shop sending info to parent shop and parent shop sync all child shops.


Pre-purchase question.

I will set up an online store based on the dropshipping system. Import the products from the supplier using XLS files, convert them to a CSV using Google Drive (spreadsheet). I matter about products in a simple way, I edit them and transform simple products into variable products. Example:

Products: White latex glove, black latex glove, blue latex glove. I’m going to put it as a variable product: Product name: Latex glove, I put the attribute Color and variables White, Black and Blue. I respect the SKU of each one with his Stok.

Does this plugin synchronize the stok of each variable?



This attitude of not answering and / or doing it too late gives rise to distrust in the support that can be obtained from this plugin. I have reviewed the comments and I see that the tone is the same: The delay.


Hello, plugin synchronize simple products and variation by sku. Every stock move is send to other shops, but product sku must be found. Sorry for delay.


I think we are ready to buy your plugin. But just to be sure we have some questions:

We have a website (A) We would like to use the admin of this site as our main site. Beside this site we would like to build 2 other sites (B& C). On these sites there will only be some products of the main site. One of this sub-sites (B) is in the main language, Dutch and the other is in English©.

Also we would like to use a wholesale plugin and a members plugin on site B & C.

Can you tell me if this is possible with your plugin?

Hello, plugin synchronize stock between all shops and indetifier is sku. Language and price isnt important.

Good afternoon Your plug-in synchronizes products, only between Woocommerce stores, or you can synchronize between other stores at the URL (not on the Woocommerce platform) I need a plug-in that can synchronize between independent stores, not necessarily made on the Woocommerce platform. In particular, the synchronization of the residues is of interest. Your plug-in can work this way?

Hello, only WooCommerce stores.

I would have purchased it if it could sync images, prices and everything else.

Hello, plugin sync only stock.


dj2d Purchased

It’s have been months I have stock update issues, I juste figured out why today, I was thinking my MYSQL database had an issue but no, it’s just this plugin !

Automatic update doesn’t work or work 1 time on 10 so I sell 50 units on a 50 units stock and still have 49 units.

Update manually must been done between 5 and 15 times before the right ammount is shown on the stock, refresh the page and old ammount is still there!

I regret buying this plugin.

Hello, can you contact me on I will fix this issue.


dj2d Purchased

Mail sent.


I want to syncronize a lot of shop with a one web master, but when I run “sync”, after 12hours the system are still loading…and I have only 300 products.

Why happen it this?

Plug-in doesn’t work well with a version of WordPress over 4.7? It is a old version.

Please, if this is the problem, it would be great that it was uploaded at the lastest version.

Hello, please contact me on, i have new experimental plugin version for testing.