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Excellent Work! :-)


Do I need a Multisite installation for this? Will this work with independent (Non- Multisite, independent domains) Woocommerce installations?

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply.

Just a quick clarification. I’m about to purchase this.

1) My master shop has all products. 2) My child shop is a new woo commerce installation with 0 products.

a) Will this plugin sync all products from master to child upon activation?

b) Will this plugin sync new products created on master to the child?

Hello, plugin synchronize only stock, not exporting products. You must have products in shop.

[Presale question] If i have 2 or 3 website in different language how does it work ?

Products are connected via sku. Language is not important.

bought it ;)


I’m having trouble error when activating the plugin, such

Ok, but first i must finish synchro for products variations.

When I install the is still an error can help me?

Send me your email on

hi! i have a question. does the plugin work with a localhost demo woocommerce and a online woocommerce store?

Sorry, but this not possible.


Mao9000 Purchased

Can you please confirm that this plugin auto syncs inventory qty’s after initial sync has been made. thanks

Do you have set consumer key and consumer secret correctly? Is WooCommerce Rest API enabled?


Mao9000 Purchased

yes, all is set correctly. I even removed everything and set up again.. same result.. I get the synchronizing products, then All Done Close button. when I check the child store, there is not change to inventory. I double checked the sku’s to make sure they match.

Ok, send me an access to i will help you.

Nice product ;)



pascala Purchased

It will not work. It’s keep syncing. Can you please help?

Hello, do you have latest version of plugin? 1.0.2? Have your product for sync same sku? Its important.

Hello, I believe I have version 1.0 of this plugin, downloaded from CodeCanyon after purchase. I see in the plugin changelog on this site that 1.0.2 supports variable product synchronization, can I get a copy of that version please?

Hello, please send me an email

hi… have a multivendor site (rehub). have clients to mini hotsites (just for control stok to phisic shop), like a woocomerce and same products have in master site (10 products/page per clients ). If have multiple minishops, and diferents SKU per product per client, can be a syn – just to manage stock central?

No, products must have same SKU.

You got a typing error in product name (if not purposely), maybe a correction should help to increase sales. BTW great idea and work!

Thank you!

What’s about Woocommerce 3.0 ?

WooCommerce 3.0.0 compatibility will be next week.



NinaHoang Purchased

I tried to Synchonize between both my websites, and I waited 6 hours. It apparently didn’t work. I have about 500 products.

Master WC 3.0.4 Child WC 2.6.14

I checked both products, and they didn’t sync.

Please help.

Hi, we have one website but three shops will this work with stock levels at each shop and when they make an order online with their shop it takes the stock off there?