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Is it possible to translate it to another language?


It’s possible to translate some of the static text through the code, but not stock names and details.


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the API is not working anymore. We are looking for alternative data sources to make the plugin work again. We can assure you that this is being looked at with the highest possible priority. Once we find a solution we will submit an update to Envato and you will get a notification.

Sorry for inconvenience caused, but please be patient and wait for an updated version.

Thank you.


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Can you delete my comment? I thought it was a private message!

sure, flagged it.

So I have ” No Data Available in Table” of the stock screener. Whats this all about? Please assist.


“Initialize, Error getting markets” – what can be a reason?

Do you have PHP error log?

Just guessing that PHP functions json_encode / json_decode can be disabled.

Fixed! Was needed to create and change permissions (set 777) to .json files manually

Ok, perfect. I would advise though not to keep the app files under root user, so that permissions can be changed to something like 744.

This work or not?

It works, do you have any issues with it?

hello ,

can i :

- Search a stock ticker instead of just filtering - add different criteria to fundamentals like Altman Z Score , ROE , etc - can i have historical values for ex , EPS trend , ROE trend and determine if trend is negative or positive -what i can modify in your script ?


no, such fundamentals that you mentioned are not available.

You can modify whatever you want as long as you adhere to the license agreement.

ok for sure we can adhere to license , but what else i can change those values to ? if i want to edit what you have already

I’m not sure which values you would like to change. Please explain.

All the data is taken from the API, there are no other fields, which can be added if that’s what you are asking about.

What data source do you use for the stocks financial data?

yahoo finance

hey i purchased this to add the api to the VSE i bought from you that stopped working and can you please explain where i can get the api to replace it

Does the stock screener not work?

hey the stock screener dose not give me api to correct vse product that’s why i bought it . i don’t need it if it cannot fix vse

Please bear in mind that all products are sold as a whole, none of the products can be decoupled into pieces for the purpose of using these pieces elsewhere.

Also if you have certain questions, which can influence your purchase decision please always ask before making the purchase as all sales are final and irreversible.

For any questions concerning VSE please contact us by email.