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No, but you can copy it in a separate folder of your wordpress website, so it can be accessed as http://yourwebsite/screener

Please remove the link to your website as it’s irrelevant.

Hi, brilliant idea. One question though prior buying it: how triggers the data? Is there an API behind which we have to insert (eg. from an external stock exchange provider)?


Is it possible to add more than one
Could you please rephrase your question?
is it possible to add keywords?
Where would you like to add keywords? Please explain what you want to achieve.
no search function
There is a search if you click on symbol or company name filter icons
I want to insert 2 more plugins/widgets inside
It’s not clear how you want to combine them. Anyway, this can be done as a custom request for an extra fee. Please contact us through contact form to discuss it further by email.

Thank you

I’ve sent you an email right now.

BEST stock screener! Almost perfect (nothing is perfect in this world). Not only the screener itself, but the work of the author together with 2 other plugins (stock market widgets and stock and forex market heat maps) which have been combined into the screener itself. BRILLIANT JOB! Thanks. My rate for this: 5 stars.


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How do I add Mexico Stock Exchange?

Thank you!


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Any idea how to get company details in spanish? I’ve located the line in the script but don’t know what to replace it with

Unfortunately there is no way to get the company profile data in Spanish, it’s only available in English.

Hi, a couple of questions:

1. Can I filter stocks using a specific criteria? For example, “market cap larger than” or ”% change of 50-day SMA smaller than”. If not, is it possible for a developer to do it?

2. Are Buenos Aires Stock Exchange data available? Is it easy to add or does it need extensive coding?

3. Can the app be “easily” translated? (Meaning I just need to translate strings)

4. Can the screen be embed in a Wordpress page or it must be installed in a non-wordpress dir?

Also, I’m looking into the virtual stock exchange, maybe you can answer here if it supports the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange or it can be coded into the VSE?

Thanks for your time.


1. Yes, you can filter by any available column, just click on the filter icon right to the column name. Here is an example for Market Cap:

2. Buenos Aires Stock Exchange data is available, we will add it if you purchase Stock Screener.

3. Well, not easily, you will have to change text strings in the code.

4. It can be embedded into a WordPress page through an iframe. So you basically upload Stock Screener to some folder and then load its index file through an iframe. It works like this on several clients websites.

Yes, if you purchase VSE Buenos Aires stocks will be added for free.

Please let us know in case of any further questions.

Thank you

how to do we make money from this? Is there any predefined ad slots?

You can add leaderboard ads above and below main table with data.

Hi, One final pre-sale question: I’m thinking of extending the script to include more technical indicators, can you tell me what raw data is available? I’m interested in making formulas using RSI, Stochastic, DMI and Volume.

Would you quote me how much would cost me to add some custom-made things?


there is no more data available, other than what you see in the application. It will be difficult to add technical indicators since the app displays the most recent market data, rather than historical quotes (which are needed to calculate RSI and other indicators).

hi FT , any plan to build in Android ?


no plans at the moment.

Are indian exchanges supported (BSE & NSE)?

Unfortunately no


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Can you support the AEX?

Hello, yes it’s possible to add AEX for an extra fee. If interested please contact us by email to get a quote.

Hey can you add (borsa100 – istanbul) ? if you do im gonna buy it. write to me please

Hi, it’s possible to add for a small extra on top of the license cost. Please contact us by email to get a quote.

Thank you

Hi, I like to purchase this and use this as part of wordpress, may I know how can I integrate the stock screener to a wordpress site?

Will purchase if there are documentation/guide to aid me.

Sure, here is the contact form:

Is it possible to include the stock screener as a wordpress template?

Indian NSE BSE SENSEX, COmmodity ???


I bought your stock screener plugin and I love it. Is there a good way to responsively embed this on my site pages? Or should I just put it into an iframe?

Also when I click a row to fetch the data the graph image to the right of the data is not showing. Check it out here:

and here is a screenshot of the issue:

Last thing, is there documentation for this plugin (i can’t seem to find any)?

Did you purchase it from a different account than “CIDesign_Media”? Please provide your purchase code for verification.


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When I view this stock screener on mobile devices, most columns dissapear without an option to scroll to see the data. How do you resolve this issue? Most of my visitors visit from mobile devices.


the columns are transformed into rows on mobiles, they don’t disappear, so you can scroll and see all data (depending on the current tab):

What is new in update?


Where did you get 1 year target price? Is it calculated based on metrics or someone’s forecast , or provide by Yahoo Finance?

It’s not calculated, but taken from the feed.

Hi, we have purchased this plugin and after we update the list for AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ we get an error saying: Error getting markets



how have you updated the list, i.e. what exactly have you added/removed?

Really like the app. It seems like the stock names are getting truncated to 28-30 characters. Is there a way to remove this and just display the full name?

Unfortunately no, because the stock names already come truncated from the API.

Can we put ads on website? Is it open source?

Yes, you can add ads above and below the main data table.

Can you add a search bar on homepage to limit the amount of stocks displayed? eg. input 1-25 stock symbols to only display them on homepage stock screener.

There already is a search by stock symbol / name – if you click on the filter icon.

I need support (tutorial?) for installing my download using Wordpress iframe plugin. Please.


please see this FAQ:

Let me know if that helps.