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No, but you can copy it in a separate folder of your wordpress website, so it can be accessed as http://yourwebsite/screener

Please remove the link to your website as it’s irrelevant.

Hi, brilliant idea. One question though prior buying it: how triggers the data? Is there an API behind which we have to insert (eg. from an external stock exchange provider)?


Is it possible to add more than one
Could you please rephrase your question?
is it possible to add keywords?
Where would you like to add keywords? Please explain what you want to achieve.
no search function
There is a search if you click on symbol or company name filter icons
I want to insert 2 more plugins/widgets inside
It’s not clear how you want to combine them. Anyway, this can be done as a custom request for an extra fee. Please contact us through contact form to discuss it further by email.

Thank you

I’ve sent you an email right now.


Stonewolf Purchased

BEST stock screener! Almost perfect (nothing is perfect in this world). Not only the screener itself, but the work of the author together with 2 other plugins (stock market widgets and stock and forex market heat maps) which have been combined into the screener itself. BRILLIANT JOB! Thanks. My rate for this: 5 stars.