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Hi! The widgets stopped working all of a sudden.

Request URL:* Request Method:GET Status Code:400 Bad Request


We apologize for the downtime and really sorry about that.

The plugin itself works properly, however the Yahoo YQL service (which is used to retrieve market data from) experiences some serious issues, which affect a lot of people, not just users of Stock Market Widgets. Some discussion on this is going on here, but there is no official reply from Yahoo as to when it is going to be resolved:

Once they resolve the issue, the plugin should get back to normal. Unfortunately there is no short term solution for this issue and there is little we can do, but wait until it’s rectified on Yahoo side.

Thanks for your patience. We’re hoping to have it back soon.

P.S. As of 11:55 AM Pacific Time the data seems to be loading fine.

hello, i’ve gone ahead and uploaded the files of the stock market plugin to the ”/public_html” directory of my website ( And also edited the “header” file through wordpress and added the codes mentioned in the pdf file between the <head></head> tags, but the plugin does not show still, any idea how to solve this issue? Thanks!

The one that you bought is not suited for Wordpress. If you have a plain HTML website, then it will work. On the plugin page it’s stated that it’s not the Wordpress version.

ok i see, so i just wasted money on a plugin that i won’t use. Thanks!

Well, what we can offer is that you buy the Wordpress version of the plugin and we will refund you for the regular Javascript version. Does that sound like a deal? We do want that you use it for your project.



zokoni Purchased

Hello, purchased your widget right now. Looks really good… But, can you please provide in your exemples folder your exemple demo page with all style options at once? I.e all 4 grid options? Don’t getting backed with my uploaded CSS. Thank you.

Hello, the demo page uses Semantics UI framework. Because websites can use different frameworks it’s not provided with examples, otherwise the framework files can cause other potential issues on the website. You can easily build a page using provided examples.


zokoni Purchased

Hello, o.k understand, but anyways, can you please tell me know how to put 4 currency widgets in only one row? Thanks.

This is possible with CSS, please check this stackoverflow thread for example:


The stock market widgets suddenly stopped working again today.

Is this an issue with YQL again? is there anything we can do on our end to get this up and running again?

Hi, yes it’s YQL issue again. It should be resolved by now though. Unfortunately there is little we can do if the YQL service doesn’t work. The plugin is dependent on it as the market data provider.

Good day,

Thank you for this great widget. I am having difficulty in putting the stock symbol search bar in my wordpress HTML. The intention is for my user to type in the symbol and for the stats of the stock to appear on the page. How would I go about to put in the search bar?


unfortunately it’s not possible to put symbol search control to your website, it’s available only for demo purposes and is not included in the plugin.

Thank you for your response. Is there a premium that can be charged for this add-on or is it technically just not possible?

It’s technically possible, but it requires customization. If you want to get a quote on this custom job please contact us through profile page.


i just purchased your stock market ticker. I downloaded it and when i try to unzip it, I get an error message saying “Unable to expand. Operation not permitted.”

Is there an issue with the zip file? I’ve never had this happen before.

Hello, there seems to be an issue when opening the archive on Mac. Could you please contact us through contact form and we will send you the corrected zip file? Apologies for inconvenience.

Hi, I just purchased the widget and the .zip file will not open??

Update: Problem solved. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the update.

Can I call one of the javascript functions to refresh the quotes? If so, which one?

Before we can provide further support please send us the plugin purchase code. Thank you


i just purchase this product and followed all instruction provided in document file of the zip.

when i copy and paste the text from an example page, all i keep getting is a line of ()()()()()()()()()()()()(). please help.



please send a link to the page where you added the widget. We will check what’s wrong.


I have purchased this plugin from which only 2 widgets where important (for me): stock market ticker and currencies ticker. Both where combined that way to get a full information while checking companies data. I have to say that the author knows what he’s doing. A brilliant job. My rate: 5 stars.

Thank you!

here are the links:

one with partial design details; example page uploaded to server

i added all files as instrusted.


that fix the problem on the example page provided by you all; i believe i have some provlems in my line of code, ill reveiew and reach back out if i have any other question. thanks so much for timely support.

that fix the problem on the example page provided by you all; i believe i have some provlems in my line of code, ill reveiew and reach back out if i have any other question. thanks so much for timely support.

Great to hear the problem is solved. Let us know in case of any further issues or questions.

I would be grateful if you could spend a moment and rate the plugin with 5 stars at:

Thanks in advance.

I have a problem because the plugin shows bad data, one time is good, one time show bad price

Seee this, one time show good price, i refresh and show bad price (probably yesterday price)

Can you send me this new, cause this plugin not work

You will have to buy the premium version first and then submit a refund request for this plugin. After purchasing the new version please send me the purchase code, so I can approve the refund request.

To submit a refund request follow this link:

I hope it will refund to my bank account (card). And i hope it will work, or i rly send videos and all, to stop selling this scam plugins.

Refund is approved, it should return back to your bank account.

Please remove the purchase code from the comment above as it should be kept in secret.

Thank you and sorry for inconvenience caused.

will we beable to get data from the dow jones index anytime soon?

Hi, thanks for your inquiry. . We will add it in one of the next releases, however I’m not in the position to give you an exact timeline yet.

Good day. I am interested in your widgets. I have some question, please. These widget works in https webpages. My web page only work with https. It is a pity not Madrid stock exchange. Regards.

Hi, yes it does work with HTTPS. If you have a WordPress website check the following plugin, it has some support of Madrid Stock Exchange:

I finally bought this product. But it does not work with my page because my page is hosted on and does not support jquery neither can I upload the add-on folders. I can upload widgets to my page but only supports https. Is there any way to place your widgets in hmtl format ?. Greetings.


jQuery is an absolute must for this plugin, it won’t run without jQuery and the main application JavaScript file. I suggest that you move from to a regular hosting, which allows uploading custom code.

Hi Does this script has the ability to add more stocks or forex crypto currency like Bitcoin?


what do you mean by adding more stocks?

BTC/USD quote is supported, but not others.

Can you confirm this will defiantly work as an embedded html code within a WIX website? I am building one on behalf of a client, and so far, have had no luck being able to find or add a successful ASX listed summary of my clients symbol. Need to know before purchasing. It is https code?

The plugin requires custom CSS and JavaScript, it will not work with just HTML. So I’m afraid you will not be able to use it on a WIX website. Better use WordPress to build websites rather than WIX.


I just bought the jquery version of this plugin and it simply is not showing up on my WordPress site.

I feel like I’ve wasted my money. Would it be possible to purchase the WP version and refund the jQuery version?

Please and thank you. I’m currently trying to implement your stock ticker widget, however it’s always static. Any idea’s why it’s not flowing on the front end? It works flawlessly in the WP backend example and other ticker widgets work properly.

(the top ticker is not your plugin, it’s a different one but I would like to swap it out with yours for ease of use for clients)

One more question: There doesn’t seem to be a WP setting or documentation for animating the numbers in the box widgets?


can you please put our ticker widget on the front page or some other page, so we can check why it is not scrolling?

There is no number animation feature in the WP plugin, it was only implemented in jQuery / Javascript plugin.


Hi. How do we change the rounding settings with this module? The figures are not matching yahoo finance. e.g your widget is seeing 0.03 when yahoo finance is showing 0.0336

What symbol do you use?

I can double check, but I suspect that the value received from API is already rounded, in which case there is nothing you can do really.

POTN is the symbol. We need a solution to this.

As I suspected the data comes already rounded:

In this case it’s not possible to increase the precision.

Supported SET,mai,TFEX,BEX (Thai)?