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I bought this plugin as it said it covers the listings on TSX, but when I enter the company’s Stock name it does not accept it and the ticker remains blank.

I get the error notice: The following stocks were not found (and were automatically removed):

Is there a specific way that I can tell the ticker to check the TSX for this listing?


can you please send a link to a page with the widget or short code you are using, so that we can check?


I will need to send that to you privately – can you relay your email address please?

I need to display this table:

Kindly share the code. The plugin is installed on the website but i don’t know hot to add this.

Yes, there are also other options like “Dynamic Stock Charts”, “Virtual Stock Exchange” etc. Do you expect it all to be the same product? If we put a link to Google there would you expect that Google is a part of Stock Market Widgets?

It’s a different menu item and different page (URL). The website has many products. If there are other pages on the website it doesn’t mean it is related to Stock Market Widgets.

Unfortunately mistaken purchases can not be refunded if you have downloaded the item. Please read the Envato refund policy.


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and this is not a mistaken purchase, it’s a deceiving product demonstration.


Bought your Stock Market Widgets plugin today. But I’m new to Wordpress. I want to embed financial information on posts (ticker, price, some financial data, and a line chart with the stock price) for individual stocks. For instance, I’ll write a post about Apple, another about Microsoft and so on. How can I embed company-specific info on individual posts? Can you explain step by step how to do it?


please check the documentation folder, there is a setup guide and examples, how to embed financial data into pages and posts. If you have any questions afterwards please let us know.

Thank you.

Hi. Bought your Stock Market Widgets. However, it seems that the widget is unable to show stock prices from countries like France, Germany and England. For instance, I need Danone’s stock quote (from Euronext Paris) but when I place its ticker within the html code (BN) the widget just displays the characters N/A, without further info and, obviously, no quote. Is there a way around this? Your Codecanyon page states that Paris is one of exchanges from which financial data is retrieved.

Hi, for Danone please use BN.PA symbol. To get the correct symbol you can use our demo page:

Hi, How do you install and configure it!

We installed the plugin but there are no plugin settings or anywhere obvious we set it up.


please check the documentation folder for setup guidelines and examples. Let us know in case of any questions.


rowtham Purchased

I would like to round numbers to two decimal places (e.g. price should be $340.60 instead of $340.6 ). How do I do that via coding?

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the above. Can you please send your version of sm_widgets.js and sample HTML markup you are using, so that I can check that locally, understand what’s going wrong and advise how to sort it out. You can send a private message and I will reply by email. Thank you


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So here’s my final workaround solution for my issue. I immediately added the following “if…statement” after you define callbackFunction on line 269:

if (typeof callbackFunction !== "function") {
     callbackFunction = smToFixed;

Here, since I need callbackFunction to be a function (and not a string), I assign callbackFunction the smToFixed function, therefore averting the TypeError.

Can this be cleaner?


rowtham Purchased

Your solution works like a charm. Thanks for your help.


rowtham Purchased

I’m manually adding HTML code to a page. I would like to link text to a Yahoo details page. (e.g. If I click on the ticker symbol, it takes me to Yahoo Finance the corresponding page the ticker symbol is associated with). Is that possible?

It’s possible if you add a custom formatter function to sm_widgets.js as follows:
function smLink(symbol) {
  return '<a href="'+symbol+'">'+symbol+'</a>';
Then you can use it this way:
<div class="sm-data-property sm-symbol" data-property="Symbol" data-callback="smLink" />
And to make it work you will also need to modify the sm_widgets.js, line 280 as follows:

Hope that helps.


this plugin can display Currencies ticker on wordpress?

but in live demo page no preview Currencies ticker??

Just added one at the bottom, please take a look now.


I contacted you a while ago to assist me with refreshing the ticker, in order to make the tickers update every 5 seconds – I recently moved my site over to SSL and a whole host of small issues have become apparent because of this.

I’m going through one by one amending the problem areas but I’m unable to correct whatever the fault is with the ticker as I’m unsure how you got it to work initially.

Please can you take a look at the issue and see if you could correct it?



can you please re-send your website URL and the original email thread, so that I can follow up on that?


I have forwarded you the string and updated login information.


Bought, and then installed Stock Markets Widgets 7 or 8 days ago on my new website, which is still under development. Quotes are not being displayed. What’s happening?

Hi, it should work now. The issue was caused by upstream data servers (YQL) not responding. Going forward we strongly recommend you to upgrade to Premium Stock Market Widgets plugin (, which is resilient to such issues. Thank you

Respected Sir,

I am from India and i would like to buy this plugin. Can i get the stock market of India from this Plugin. Please help me regarding this.

Thanking You.

Regards, Vamsi Krishna.

Hi, unfortunately Indian markets are not supported yet.

UPDATE: stock market data from National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exhange will be available in the next version of the Premium Stock Market Widgets plugin (, which is due to be released in 2-3 days. Only limited data will be available though, specifically stock name, last trade price, absolute change, percentage change.

If you have any questions please let us know.

Need to share the website link privately. How to share?

The plugin tears the entire wordpress page in mobile mode. What to do?

??? Are you there to provide support?

HI there, Our stock market widget doesn’t appear to be accurate and seems to provide a different value every time I refresh the page.

Any thoughts as to why this might be?

Right, got it. Please don’t remove it for the time being, so we can re-create the same style. How can we send the template for the new plugin when done? By email?

Should be in your mailbox now.


Does the plugin pull in news about stock indexes like the S&P and the DJ etc?

Best, Nick

Hi Nick,

yes it should pull the headlines for these indices.


i buy this plugin,

i have it on my site:

But data dont refresh

Please don’t posts comments everywhere, let’s continue the discussion on the relevant plugin page.


Hi, I lost the setup guide. Can I get a new copy?

Hi, just download the plugin again from the Downloads page:

If I am using the Stock quote widget which field would give the latest price?

Is there a way of displaying when the feed was last updated?

just seen this in an earlier response – now resolved!

How often is the LastTradePriceOnly value updated? is this at least once every day?

It is updated every time the page is loaded in the browser.

As I understand, use the Yahoo Finance feed you need to have a lisence to re-distibute this information? Can you please confirm that the plugin is covered by this. Thanks

The plugin is not re-distributing the data, it’s not an API which takes data from one place and provides access to it to other people.


are you trying to include the plugin into one of your WP themes?


Yes it’s a client website, they’ve purchased via their own account but I’m implementing for them.

Thank you

All right, then they have to purchase a different plugin:

Because this one is no longer supported.