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biny Purchased

How can I restrict the height of the rows of product display list to a fix height let say 40px.

snapshot here: https://pasteboard.co/GX6fk65.jpg

irfan25 Purchased

Sir, I have one suggestion for future updates. In pos if there are multiple users on one counter can it be possible that we assign every user a pin code and when he press payment button, the software ask for pin code. It will help to identify who have made the bill and his name can be seen on the bill also. Thanku

why after install i don’t use ????

Http error 500, what can i do for this?


Olexto Purchased

its very slow loading my system, where is this demo system hosted?

Hi, I have a suggestion, If we can set the individual product discount excluding tax amount…. And one More: While we are returning something there should be an option to sale another products with the return so that a customer can exchange his/her sold product with another.

And yeah… My previous suggestions also: 1. SMS Integration, 2. Individual tax for sale and purchase , 3. Bulk Payments 4. Separate Color Option , 5- GST R1 & R2 Report, 6- Customized Invoice and Bar Code Label

And What about This one: I have brought an item at a price of 950 – It comes with GST 5%


When I sale it on 1050 (Above Thousand) the GST will be 12%

- This is actually the rule of Indian GST,

You can automate the tax rate by giving an option to increase the tax rate with the increasing product price or can separate the purchase product tax with sale tax.

Hope you are understanding :) Thank You

And Can you give me some hint , how can I create an Android Application for this?

I have update to v3.212,But returns permissions doesn’t work, when I open list returns page and select warehouse button and Page jump to dashboard

v3.2.12 Did not increase inventory when add return

v.3.2.12 so many bug, I regret to upgrade the system

v.3.2.12 ——》where is add payment option on the return tickets


ZOUMRA Purchased

Hi, when i installed smoothly stock manager advance with pos module v3.2.12 in local server ( easyphp) for testing before installation on my server hoster , all installed smoothly but after installing not able to see the login page. I refresh page many times nothing !!. PLEASE HELP

Can you have the categories listed above the product buttons in the POS view instead of having to click on the categories button and then click on the category ?


FOUAD17 Purchased

Problems when you add a product in Arabic like (عصير الربيع) You come up with a wrong message and I can’t complete the product addition The problem in slug *


biljo Purchased

I have purchased a new version today . Added item name both in arabic and english. but when I download the pdf, the arabic text is different from what i enter.. I think something related to encoding i think.


Olexto Purchased

What is the best hosting service for this system?

When will you add sms integration?


andhyreeza Purchased

Hi I want to ask, why daily sales can not have the same results with daily profit/loss report http://prntscr.com/hluth6 (daily sales report, and this true) http://prntscr.com/hlutt0 (daily profit/loss report , and this not true)

Can get help fix issued? Thanks


blowsoft46 Purchased

i was using that on a server that got crashed, i am now willing to st it up again, now what to do with purchase code as every installation require purchase code?

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Coder 500 errors occur Please make a correction.

[12-Dec-2017 14:20:24] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) in /www/sma/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/functions.php on line 232

Hi, I use wamp / and easyphp both of them same problem, i can acces to localhost page of server but i can’t acces to the project ( sma ) i tried a lot but cant figure it out, i fix the server ip to exmp : 192.168.1.* they show me the localhost of wamp , but when i try to acces sma the adress return to in place of 192.168.1.*/project-name and say that refused to conect what should i do?