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Hello, please can you send me the link to the change log to view the latest updates as I have been looking but cannot find it.


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Hi dear,, I am facing a issue for Purchase return when i try to return it showing this massage “purchase x edited older than 3 months” it the system already 1200 Days I enter. Then i try to with MySQL I follow this ALTER TABLE `sma_settings` CHANGE `disable_editing` `disable_editing` SMALLINT NULL DEFAULT ‘1200’; still same issue i make 0 old again same i need to return my dad stock please solve to me asp Thank you

Group permission, not added. Unable to view warehouses. When adding new group.

Hi Tecdiary,

I was curious to find out is there any chance to sync offline and online data or not. So I search here and find there is no option like that available. But in one comment you mentioned that you are thinking to add it in future, so should we expect to see it in next updates?

Thanks for your awesome platform. Ramin


Is there a setting through which user can add transfer only from his warehouse.



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Hi dear, you did not update you bulk import excel sheet all the field, then how can I use excel file for bulk import, then it’s useless I am taking about Secondary Name, its very long time before I was informed then you sad next update we can solve please update it,

Unable to add a product when using rc3.2,14. Have installed it a dozen times. The page just loads and goes back to add product with the fields populated. Same thing with adding another owner/admin.

bleuwildrose I have the option you need to be able to work with offline terminals. I have developed a mobile application with many options and that only works with the sma w pos. I am interested in having several people try it and then be able to market it. Please write to my email if you are interested nelybencosmeg gmail.com

On add new product, if you use a scan barcode on “Product Code *” You recive a error Message. “No product found” and another error message on head of page


i’m not able to login.. i have 2 users .. i remmber 100% password, but i can’t login to any account.. even when i request to reset password. it giving phpmail function errror please help


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There seems to be error with the stock (qty) amount in product report. The system seems to have changed 3 pcs of “Simcan OTC Black L” into 3 pcs of “Simcan OTC Beige L” by itself… No such amendment has been made on these items, only transferring between warehouses, but please see screenshot of total for all warehouses. What is the solution? Must I create an amendment to add 3 pcs of black and remove 3 pcs of beige? Thank you in advance!


hello, can i use this in local machine and then after full setup can i delivered to my shop computer with the same purchase code. is it going to work in other way? please let me know, i really appreciate your work. Thank you.

Hey, I have a suggestion, When I am Purchasing something, There is an ADD PRODUCT Button, After click that button we redirect to the ADD PRODUCT Page, and when we add a product it’s redirect us to List Products Page. If it could redirect us to the ADD PURCHASE Page and adds the newly added product to the Purchase list, then it could be more more more WOW!!

can u fix this issues :
  • If the customer has paid more than the invoice amount in POS, the system does not calculate the customer’s reports. But if the customer pays less than the invoice, the system calculates this in the customer reports.
  • I do not have a sma shop and I do not know how to delete a slug field because it does not support Arabic.
  • If I add a user group in a non-English language, the system refuses to add a new user group.
  • How can I print invoices in sales, not points of sale? There is no print button in the sales without POS.
  • Why when I return a sale in the sales list does not appear in the list of returns in the list of returns
  • Why can not I add the value of the purchase during the purchase order and not add payments. There is no Payments field during the purchase process.
  • what means disable editing in setting ??
  • I use the Arabic language and I find it not very good and very small in the script, and i have another font file in ttf format, how do I change the fonts in this script، i want this font u can download from here https://fontlibrary.org/it/font/droid-arabic-kufi

    thank you…

  • I’m trying to install SSL I took the FAQ steps 1. Update base url from http://yoursite.com to https://yoursite.com 2. Set $ config [‘cookie_secure’] to TRUE But the result was just a blank screen Even with active SSL Everything else went blank


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    Hi, how are you? I contacted you by whatsapp but not replied yet, Maybe you are so super busy now. May I know when is supplier portal will be available? As you may know that with this supplier portal, We can get purchase request by our supplier directly. Supplier can manage purchase. Purchase order tracking. I also will be happy if paid request are need it. It is not complicated, just make: 1. Portal for Supplier 2. 3-5 pages, (dashboard, account, purchase order, payment, message) 3. Supplier can do tracking for each of their purchase order.

    *front end is fine too.

    Thank you so much Best regards

    Author can your stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module work with out already existing online store (Magento 1)


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    whats this ? why its show?

    I want add barcode number before product name in pos sales receipt like Manual sales receipt . can you help me for ? this is very urgent customization. example :- #1 100001 – product name1 ( variant )

    2 100002 – product name2( variant )

    can i have code and where i need to add this code product_code ( i tried all possibilities )

    MANUAL SALES RECEIPT https://prnt.sc/igg0g5 POS SALES RECEIPT https://prnt.sc/igg1f1