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TolVeasna Purchased

Do you haveERP system and HRM system softwares?

Hello, Sorry there’s no ERP and HRM system for now. Thanks

After adding POS module and installing PHP POS Print Server (Windows Installer) purchased from your website can we print the bill without browser pop up ??

Yes, you would be able to print without browser popup/print dialog. Thank you

Can I integrate Simple POS which sold by you into this stock manager and still your PHP POS Print Server (Windows Installer) will work right ?? Because I am in need of a custom POS page for retail sale.

No, the database schema is different. Thank you


mameen Purchased


While I select and try to export excel file under products list; I get this message: This site can’t be reached The webpage at http:/domainname.com/admin/products/product_actions might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE

Can you give me advice please! Thanks.

Please try it on live demo and if it works fine, then the issue is your install and you can check server error logs for details. Thank you


ajuman Purchased

Can the items be sold according to the item’s expiry date?

No, there is no such option. You can check the available inventory accounting methods from system settings. Thank you


ajuman Purchased

Thank you Can this customization services

Hi, Tecdiary!

1. After testing the script that installed on a subdomain. I would like to delete my installation from the sub domain where present installation is active and would like to move the script to a permanent domain later on. Please advise me with possible ways ?

2.How to reset the entire database to the default.?


You can move the item as you do any other website like wordpress, please check the documentation that is included in your download. There is no option to reset database, you can re-install the item. Thank you

please explain the method to move the subdomain to a domain as the present subdomain already registered with you !

Hello, you can simply install script to main domain just like subdomain. Thanks

Hi, Is there any option that email automatically send to due customer ?

Hello, there’s no such option available. Thanks


irfan25 Purchased

Hello.. I updated to version 3.4.4. When i add the new customer in POS, it directs me to another page where we again need to add the customer details.


irfan25 Purchased

actually when i upload the database from v3.2.13, this problem comes.. How can i check it?

Have you updated the database as mentioned in update instructions?

I purchased stock source Advance Manager with Point of Sale Module. Now I want to upgrade to version 3.4.4, but I forgot my password and email log into codecanyon.net to download the source code for the new version. I want to support to download the source code for the new version. Thank you.

Hello, please send us purchase code with username of Envato to our email(support@tecdiary.com) with this comment reference. Thanks

I purchased both the script and Shopping Cart Modules ,Installed it .

Initially i want to add product categories and brands, i went through the document but failed to get the way adding . how do i do that? is that “Add Purchase by CSV” method first? where to start first? Help me please ! Thanks

1. I cannot add product category, brand,product units etc , all disabled, Something is wrong. check this GIF >> https://i.imgur.com/CA4FhYx.gif

2. when importing products details by CSV file ( 3 products as per sample format) i am alerted with an error massage as “Unit code does not exist” . but i observed the unit code exist as “pc” >> https://i.imgur.com/yO7JtCm.gif

Please.. I need help.

Thank you.

Problem solved .I traced the place.

:-) Good luck.

Hi, I have a problem with register closing. If I sell worth £500 during the day and there is one sale return worth £100. When I close register for the day, it does not reflect return and total comes up £500. Can you help to resolve?


cc01 Purchased

Hi, Can I select where the barcodes start printing from on the A4 sheet of paper? i seem to waste lots of labels.


manithtsd Purchased

What is wrong with this report? https://imgur.com/a/0lxhVHY

Hi Sir, On the shop if the quantity is 1, when adding to cart it shows out of stock. How to fix it

Hello, are you sure you adding cart quantity 1? and also please repeat steps on our demo and let us know if you face same problem. Thanks


noukumo Purchased

hello, the option to import product via csv is not available for users added as Sales. How to do it, it’s very important for me

Hello I am inquiring about the mentioned product and have some doubts regarding it.

Can we run it locally using XAMPP or WAMP? or do we need internet for it? or if we are using locally then it is mandatory to buy PHP script for paying you extra $10 for print server of $10 How do we connect or integrate barcode scanner to software and what type of barcode scanner do we need to have purchase? You also mentioned that some software such as SHOP & APIS MODULES. SHOP & APIS MODULES are also need to buy. Please guide us as we want software for school uniform store and we want POS system for our store so that billing system will be easier for us. Also we want stock management so that we can have a watch on the uniform dresses.

So according our need please tell me how your software is going to help us and does it fulfill our need. We just want to make billing faster and inventory management.

I want to purchase this software again but need 3 customization 1. Product barcode 4 new fields 2. GST Billing- seperated to CGST and SGST 3. staff name-commission on every billing with reports… Will it be possible….Pls Revert with your customization charges

Quantity becomes almost double suddenly. I added quantity before purchase. But how can I make my quantity perfect now?

Hello, please repeat steps on our demo and let us know if you face same problem. Thanks

I want to change the warehouse quantity. I update quantity from phpmyadmin product table. but warehouse quantity doesn’t change. and after make a sell the quantity decrease from warehouse quantity. how can i change warehouse quantity?

Hi Team, I purchased this item and want to upgrade now, how can i download latest version? i forgot my envato account details. But i have username and purchase code.

Am I able to install this on my sub site to test and configure before I install on my live site?