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Updated to latest version the worst update I think you have provided even pos is not working and other features are not working in this update

oh you mean 3.2.8 caused these errors? :( The demo is updated and it is working fine. Please describe the issue in detail to that I can check again. Thank you

Error installing script:

PHP Fatal error: session_start (): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: sessions) in /home/opera895/public_html/sistema/system/libraries/Session/Session.php on line 143

how can I solve that?


The POS don’t finish the sale….

I have updated the demo to v3.2.8. Please test again. Thank you

I want to buy your product but I want to know sooner if it supports more than one store?

Please try demo again. There is warehouses feature that can be used as stores. Thank you

I mean having cash registers open by store at the same time

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function calculteIndianGST() on null \app\\controllers\\admin\\Sales.php line 454 It happen when add new sales in new update 3.2.7

Any solution?

Please update to 3.2.8 Thank you

Integer Quantity 1 – https://ibb.co/n3HtPv

Integer Quantity 2 – https://ibb.co/k9EJra

Decimal Quantity 2.5 – https://ibb.co/dtR9xF – Decimal Quantity 2.5 (Why Showing Paidup or Due Amount) Feature or BUG?

Version 3.2.7(Fresh Installation) Please Help

Also when i turnoff on-screen keyboard It will appear again in case when i choose “Add More Payment’ during partial payment

also why update tab is removed in v3.2.8?

Hello, POS Print window after payment finish is not working, is totally blank!!!!

Please test it again with v3.2.8 Thank you

Hi There.

I’ve played around with you Script. great job.

just a pre sale question… are you looking to implement feature to record activity of customer, e.g. Phone Call, Interests etc..

I am sorry as there is no such plans yet. Thank you


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Hello I have this message :pos print error

For Windows: (Local USB, Serial or Parallel Printer): Share the printer and enter the share name for your printer here or for Server Message Block (SMB): enter as a smb:// url format such as smb://computername/Receipt

smb://acer-PC/PB-A11P Miniprinter


Have you installed the item locally?

no online

and i change printer to Epson TM-T20 and same Erorr : Unable to connect to socket, please make sure that server is up and running fine. ??


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Hi, how are you? It has been a year by using your script without priblem, but now our inventory getting bigger, first problem is all inventory failed to load in Product List, because it almost 300,000 pcs of products. Do you have any idea how to load all product on the product list table? It is OK if I choose 1 warehouse only, because only 50,000 pcs of products, is shown perfectly, but it cannot shown when I choose All warehouses (without choose any warehouse). Please help as soon as possible because my business is always busy, thank you so much and have a nice day

Can you provide site and server details so that I can check?

Dear Tecdiary team, when you update tax reports..Because its the only thing which I found missing in this system. please add the future..


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i would like to use the system in school but dont to use money in the pos, as client will school workers, but i will use money when purchasing or get supplies from a company please. contact me in felix@savvytexmariness.co.ke

I don’t add expense in pos

How can i show product custom fields in POS Popup modal?

hook me up with a pricing for multiple codes per item and alarm per customer

example if customer bought this month 2k i need an alarm to stop selling them or make discount to it.

thus why if a salesman had a warehouse for it why it can see the another items of the other warehouse and sell it?

When return done on bill reference it locked and can’t be return again… that’s create problem if client come again to return more items on that bill. so how can i fix this issue you know the client wants to return again how i find solution to this issue and what can i do ?

hi what does this means? Array ( [type] => 4 [message] => syntax error, unexpected ’.’, expecting ‘&’ or variable (T_VARIABLE) [file] => /home/ajyparts/public_html/sma/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/functions.php [line] => 232 )

i am using version PHP 5.5.13 on the cpanel where i want to host it, this is the latest. please advise