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How can I set the vertical spacing on my invoice? at the time of printing the margins are very large

You can set the browser’s margin to 0, otherwise you will need to modify the view file (themes/default/admin/views/sales/modal_view.php, view.php and pdf.php) Thank you

Hello I want to purchase that script But i have a question… Can i use this for my medical store … No item expiry and batch option? Tell Me please

No batch but item expiry can be enabled from settings and set the expiry date while adding the purchase. Please try the live demo. Thank you

Hello I would like to inquire about some things about my experience of the beta version 1 – I want to add a category within the sizes (for example, water) there are 3 large sizes at 5 / center price 3 / small price 1) What is the way to add sizes for each item and each size at a specific price 2 – Problem with printing I want to connect 3 printers 1 usb and 2 network What is the way to skip the preview show invoice and print after entering the amount directly Thank you

Please answer questions؟

after i installed, why site always offline ? i click the refresh button but its useless. can you help me ?

What do you means by offline? Is it on live server or local?

anyone wants free support just mail me on elitetechug@outlook.com will be happy to be of help thanks@ Tecdiary for the good