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I want to purchase but i need the user and owner to have the ability to can we add a warranty check for items ? is this available?

i just purchased it im sure you will help i had a great experience with simple forum im sure youll get me through this :D

Also im on godaddy i uncommened the line in htaccess but when i click on pos settings i get an error 500 – is currently unable to handle this request.


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there is problem in Products Report when i use AVCO the problem is i buy products and its cost is 100 and sold some of them and i buy the same product and change the cost to 150 and sold some of them the Products Report show me in stock in hand wrong cost – i think the AVCO give me the average but it is not working please tell me what can i do – and if the AVCO will work in 1st of month i want to it to work any time

this system have multi rack per 1 warehouse ?


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i put cost method to AVCO. – I added new product . – Go to purchases: – Added purchase for this product: QTY=10 , Cost = $35 . – Added another purchase for same product: QTY=10 , Cost = $25. which is the last cost entered. But cost [ ( 10 x $35) + ( 10 x $25 ) ] / 20 which is equal to 30 $ the problem is in stock in hand should be in AVCO = 570 (19 QTY) How to solve that? Do I do it in a wrong way?

my shop place does not have an internet. now, i want to use this POS system at least 3 computer? so i must buy 3 quantity for this item??

and also, this system, is it support ALU? it means short word for product. for example, mineral water, i have done key in the barcode,description and the price, so if customer want to buy it just for one quantity, i just enter MW,and the item will displayed at POS system just like i have scan the barcode..

sorry my bad english…


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ajax function not working in pos. :(


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Hello, I’m trying to install this on my machine I put my username and purchase code after all steps done (checklist, verify, database, site config) i get this error “Error while validating your purchase code!”


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hi i add code in view.php in folder pos.

<?=lang("total_items");?> <?=$this->sma->formatQuantity($inv->total_items);?>

above total, that code add total item in my invoice.

but in RC3.0.2.22 show correct sum of all item in 1 invoice, can above 127 total items and in RC3.0.2.23 show miss calculation, can’t exceed 127 total items.

and i got the problem. in RC3.0.2.23, database table: sma_sales – column total_items (tinyint with value 4) – i change this to int value 11 and problem gone. in RC3.0.2.22, database table: sma_sales – column total_items (int with value 11)

can you check it please. because i see total items maksimal always 127 items in my database and my invoice. if i alter table sma_sales column total_items same like RC3.0.2.22 (int with value 11) would it make trouble?

Thank You


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@admin – You should setup a forum on your website to actively report bugs. It will be much easier for you to look and fix them quickly.

Also having a suggestion forum would be good too.


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Can you create a Categories report that shows TAX per category? I need this for my accountants.


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Also in version v3.0.2.23 the receipt does not automatically print when using the web browser as in v3.0.2.22. So when I complete the payment for a sale, the print window automatically launches in the older version (v3.0.2.22), but in the new version I now have to click on the print button of the receipt page to print the receipt. Can you fix this?


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how can i add sale on back date using POS


ubrox Purchased

i mentioned earlier that when i add sale on earlier dates it shows the sale on that date but profit always shows on today’s date kindly provide the code to solve it as i am waiting for this update to get this solved

Tecdiary necessary fix this bugs in new version for download (code canyon) why in demonstration this is functionaly perfect.

1° View and edit products crash not return data

2° Adjustments Report crash not return data

Console Log: RESOURCE: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Observation: I believe the problem is in the Controllers folder.

Test local using wamp 3.0.6 64bits and also online host, in both with install clean and browser with clean cache.

How can I change barcode style to Interleaved 2 OF 5? or is it possible to increase barcode width?

Bug: POS screen, cancel button not working for owner account

Hi, i would like to buy this item but i have products with variations (color, size) and when i add a sell, the product input add automatically the first product variation and dont allow me to choose between them or change the selection before register it so i have to do it manually or its a bug? Thanks in advance. ill be waiting your answer to buy or not the product, sorry for my bad english!